Management Of Post Mortem Pregnancy

Author: Daniel Sperling
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Management of Post-Mortem Pregnancy examines the legal and ethical difficulties surrounding such post-mortem management.

Fetal Medicine

Author: F.A. Chervenak
Publisher: CRC Press
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Nevertheless, the history of postmortem Cesarean section demonstrates that
since antiquity the fetus has been a patient, in the sense of having the right to be
treated, in cases of maternal death. In the past decades, sophisticated medical
technologies and organ transplantation programs have changed our view on
death. These advances offered new options of treatment also for cases of
maternal death during pregnancy. Perimortem, and not postmortem, Cesarean
section was ...

High Risk Pregnancy

Author: David K. James
Publisher: Elsevier Health Sciences
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Postmortem. Examination. (See. Chapter. 25). When antenatal treatment has not
been either possible or successful (e.g., stillbirth or termination of pregnancy), a
postmortem examination of the fetus and placenta is potentially important to
reduce the percentage assigned to the idiopathic category and to facilitate risk
recurrence counseling.

Death Posthumous Harm And Bioethics

Author: James Stacey Taylor
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 0415518849
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... of women who wish to retrieve semen from their dead partners so that they can
posthumously father children,9 in the context of discussing the management of
postmortem pregnancy,10 and to ground objections to using the dead as
research subjects without their antemortem consent.11 Yet although the Feinberg
-Pitcher account of how the dead can be harmed has had widespread influence
both within bioethics and beyond it is mistaken. Before moving to argue for this
conclusion, ...

Fetology Diagnosis And Management Of The Fetal Patient Second Edition

Author: Diana Bianchi
Publisher: McGraw Hill Professional
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... 924–925 major structural malformations, 20t minor sonographic markers, 20t
nasal bone sonography test, 15–16 natural birth prevalence of, 921 noninvasive
detection of, 919–920 postmortem photograph, 922f in pregnancy, management
for, 922–923 sandal gap, 923f second-trimester serum screening, 19
sonographically detectable malformations in, 922t sonographic findings, 921,
921f spontaneous abortion or stillbirth in, 922 surgical treatment of, 924 treatment
of newborn with, ...

Manual Of High Risk Pregnancy And Delivery

Author: Elizabeth S. Gilbert
Publisher: Elsevier Health Sciences
ISBN: 0323085105
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Polyuria in diabetes mellitus, 210 Population groups at high risk for genetic
conditions, 89t Positioning changes during intrapartum period, 629, 630f fetal
heart rate and, 84 Post-term pregnancy, 660 diagnostic testing in, 665–666
etiology of, 660–661 fetal and neonatal effects of, 664–665 incidence of, 660
maternal effects of, 663–664 medical management of, 666–667 normal
physiology of amniotic fluid and placenta and, 661 nursing management of, 667–
669 pathophysiology of, ...

The Right To Die

Author: Alan Meisel
Publisher: Aspen Publishers Online
ISBN: 0735546657
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40 (2016): 407. Blood Transfusions Filkins, J. ''A Pregnant Mother's Right to
Refuse Treatment Beneficial to Her Fetus: Refusing Blood Transfusions.'' DePaul
J. Health Care L. 2 (1998): 361. Brain Death Bernat, J.L. ''The Whole-Brain
Concept of Death Remains Optimum Public Policy.'' J. L., Med. & Ethics 34 (2006
): 35. Diamond, E.F. ''Brain-Based Determination of Death Revisited.'' Linacre Q.
65(4) (1998): 71. Gregorian, A., ''Post-Mortem Pregnancy: A Proposed
Methodology for the ...

Mayes Midwifery

Author: Sue Macdonald
Publisher: Elsevier Health Sciences
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management, 763–764 active, 763 third stage, 763–764 multiple pregnancy, 761
shoulder presentation, 892 signs and symptoms, 762–763 types of, 762f
placentation, 821 plasma osmolality, 399f sodium, 399f urea, 399f plasma protein
-A, 322 ... 948 stigma, 948 posterior urethral valves, 703–704 postmortem
examination, 962–963 coroner's postmortem, 963 organ donation, 963 postnatal
care, 544–545, 594–596, 725–734 aims of, 725 caesarean section, 848 content
of, 727–729, ...

Gallstone Disease And Its Management

Author: M.C. Bateson
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
ISBN: 9400941730
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Pregnancy A positive association between gallstone disease and pregnancy has
been described by epidemiological studies in England”, Sweden”, Italy ",
Australia”, and of North American Indians” and Caucasians”". No association was
found in living subjects by three North American studies” and an English study”,
nor in two series of postmortem examinations”. Thus, the evidence is weighted in
favour of an increased risk of gallstone disease associated with pregnancy.
There is also ...

Current Therapy In Equine Reproduction

Author: Jonathan Pycock
Publisher: Elsevier Health Sciences
ISBN: 1437713009
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See Mare, prebreeding examination of fertility statistics for, 53-54, 54f, 66-67, 66-
67f high-risk pregnancy management in, 65-66, 65-66f hormonal testing in. See
also names of specific hormones granulosa cell tumor ... See also specific
conditions, e.g., Retained placenta postmortem oocyte collection from, 293, 310-
311 postpartum management of, 455-457 prebreeding examination of ovaries, 4-
5, 14-15, 56-57 uterus. See Uterine diagnostic procedures vaginoscopy, 55-56,
56f, 108 ...