Author: Bert te Wildt
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Von Höhlenmalereien zum Cyberspace: Medien sollen dem Menschen dienen und nicht umgekehrt.

Social Dynamics 2 0 Researching Change In Times Of Media Convergence

Author: Nadja-Christina Schneider
Publisher: Frank & Timme GmbH
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Introduction For centuries Indian families sought help from relatives, marriage
brokers and later newspaper advertisements to marry their sons and daughters
off. They relied on kinship and caste networks, on marriage bureaus and on “
word of mouth”. However, the global media age has opened up a whole new
world of possibilities and renders a new dimension to the Indian matrimonial
market's medialisation. The first India-based websites dedicated to matrimonial
matchmaking ...

Practical Laryngology

Author: Declan Costello
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As with medialisation laryngoplasty, the concept of permanent injection
laryngoplasty is similar in that the goal is uniform medialisation of the paralysed
unilateral vocal fold. The substance used can vary with surgeon preference.
Commonly used substances are autologous fat, silicone paste, calcium
hydroxylapatite and the historical Teflon paste. All have undesirable properties,
which make injection laryngoplasty less precise in achieving an ideal and
reliable medialisation.

The Corail Hip System

Author: Jean-Pierre Vidalain
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During the arthroplasty, with the technique used, we observed a medialisation of
the prosthetic centre of the hip relative to the anatomical centre of the native hip.
On average, there was a medialisation of 7.6mm of the prosthetic centre of the
hip. This medialisation of the centre of rotation reached a maximum of 11.8mm in
this series. It can therefore be said that placing the cup on the floor of the
acetabular fossa leads to the automatic medialisation of the acetabulum by 7.5
mm on ...

Issues In Bone Joint And Orthopedic Surgery 2011 Edition

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(2010 MAY 3) General Hospital, Jeju: Lateral closing wedge osteotomy with or
without medialisation of the distal fragment for cubitus varus Scientists discuss in '
Lateral closing wedge osteotomy with or without medialisation of the distal
fragment for cubitus varus' new findings in osteotomy. In this recent report,
researchers in Korea conducted a study “To compare treatment outcomes after
closing wedge osteotomy and plate fixation for cubitus varus deformity
undertaken with or without ...

Greene And Mathieson S The Voice And Its Disorders

Author: Lesley Mathieson
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
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Table 10.22 Medlcosurgical treatment options in the management of unilateral
vocal fold paralysis Voice therapy: - trial for 6 months + - proceed to other
treatments if voice remains unsatisfactory Phonosurgery: - medialisation
laryngoplasty to move the paralysed vocal fold towards the (laryngeal framework
midline by inserting a silicon or cartilage wedge surgery) Injected implants: -
increase mass of paralysed vocal fold by injecting collagen, Teflon, Gelfoam or
autologous fat Ansa ...

Pediatric Airway Surgery

Author: Philippe Monnier
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Intervention. Tracheotomy for UVCP is indicated in the case of dyspnoea or
persistent aspiration. Even if vocal cord mobility is not restored, improvement in
the voice does occur over time because of compensatory mechanisms [28]. Vocal
cord medialisation should be reserved for older children and adolescents when
speech therapy has not proved efficient in treating dysphonia. Preference should
be given to autologous fat [51] or human-derived (Cymetra® collagen) [12]
materials, ...

Principles And Practice Of Lasers In Otorhinolaryngology And Head And Neck Surgery

Author: V. Oswal
Publisher: Kugler Publications
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Zeitels et al. (2002) found in a prospective clinical trial that patients who did not
require resection of muscle did not require phonosurgical reconstruction in the
form of an augmentation or medialisation. However, deeper resections often
resulted in an incomplete glottal closure and a tendency to generate higher
airflows during phonation that led to a deteriorating vocal function associated
with aerodynamic leakage and a loss of epithelial pliability. Such patients are
optimal candidates ...

Dynamic Fixation Of Unstable Trochanteric Hip Fractures

Author: Karl Lunsjö
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However, there was no case with extreme medialisation, which probably was due
to the fact that the axial impaction with the MSP at fracture site reduced the
medialisation. The MSP in its biaxial mode may in a controlled way bring the
fracture fragments into a position that neutralizes the forces around them. In our
experience 15,16,22^ a moderate medialisation of the femoral shaft may be
valuable in preventing lag screw migration, if the plate slide is complete. This is
emphasized by ...