The Piano Quarterly

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Volume I consists of 42 of the 44 early printed versions that Kirkpatrick accepts in
his facsimile collection, K.l-30 being the thirty Essercizi (certainly one of the most
handsome engravings of the 18th century) and K. 3 1-42 being the twelve ... But
fine, complete sets don't come cheap and there are other composers' new
editions becoming available that should be bought, too. The Kirkpatrick edition,
on high quality paper, nicely BEETHOVEN; Piano Concerto No. 4 in G Major,
Opus 58 20.

Hi Fi News Record Review

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Prometheus was excluded from the 1 980 boxed set. but released with No.2 in D
in its separate reissue. Few discs, these days, bring such immediate enrichment. [
A/A*:1*] Christopher Breunig BEETHOVEN: Piano Concertos in c, Op.37 □ 4 In G
. Op.58 Ernst Groschel (pno) I Bamberg PO I Zanotelli Intercord INT 120932,
120933 (£3-25 each) (Studio Import) Efficient but pedestrian accompaniments.
The C minor is presented as a slow work, the G major as a brisk one. I admit that
the ...

Radio Times

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FORM To accompany Autumn series of BBC Further Education Programmes | (for
details see the supplement to RAdio TIMEs Sept 1 issue) eleven new
publications will be issued from September 15 ... 10.30-10.45 a.m. Postace On
one book 9d.; on two or more books 6d. each. ... 8.45 p.m. Ravel (Daphnis and
Chloe; Piano Concerto in G major) and Roussel (Bacchus and Ariadne) (
Hilversum 402 m.) ...

The Round Table

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We may add that the delicacy and grace with which the archbishop apologizes, in
passing, for occupying ground already, in a measure, appropriated by Mr.
Palgrave's Golden Treasury—a book published in England, but no way like the
one before ... Beethoven's beautiful concerto in G, Op. 58, was played with a
sympathy and fineness truly admirable, and was by far the most delightful, as it
was the most noble, portion of the concert; at the end of each of the piano
passages one heard ...


Author: Sir Compton Mackenzie
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Societe des Instruments a vent — Oubraions. C2080-1— WEBERN : Symphony
de Cbambre, Op. 31. Chamber Orch. — Leibowts. {10-inch discs.) C2092-3—
BEETHOVEN : Flute Sonata, E flit major. J. T. P. Rampal, with R. Vevron-Lecr-iix,
piano. C2067-70— LISZT : Hungarian Rhapsodies, Nos. 5, 6, 11 and 10. Shura
Cherkassky, piano. C2094— ROUSSEL : Andante and Scherzo, Op. 51. 7. P.
Rampal and R. Veyron-Lecroit ; and HONEGGER : Dansc de la Chevre, for
unacc. flute. /.

The Illustrated London News

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The company '- ogan to set down at twenty minutes before nine o'cl-'ck—aud co \t
-uuod to arrive in one uninterrupted s ream for more than two hours. Among the
earlier arrivals was .iliss ... Colonel T. Bigelow Lawrence represented Cecil. et'
cfltld Lord Baltimore. go. norm and proprietor of his ilsje-ty's colony ofMaryland. in
America, and wore a doublet and trunks of crimson velvet, heavily embroidered
in gold; trlm~ minus of blue and white satin. The suite of Sta'e-rooma thrown open
f. r ...