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Although Beethoven's final revisions to his Op. 58 in no way recast the work or
alter its major lines (the most obvious changes come in transitional passages),
they do suggest how a thoughtful and inspired performer might reinvestigate the
interpretive details of the classical repertoire. The string ... with a robust bottom.
Cooper and Kazakevich also update Beethoven's first piano concerto (we call it
No. 2), with 14 revisions that came from the composer's hand — too late for


Author: Sir Compton Mackenzie
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CONCERTO in B fiat major for piano, Brahms, Schnabel, £2; Preludes. Book I.
Debussy. Oleseking, 27s. 6d.; " Chout." Prokofiev, 12s.; Sea Drift, Dellus. Rov
Henderson and Symphony Orchestra : Concerto in A major for 'cello, Schubert.
Cassado. — Box No. 3576. TJ'DISON Gem Phonograph, 90 Cylindrical 1-1 (wax)
Records In 3 cases. Recorder for making records. 1 short and 1 long brass
Trumpet on stand. — Offers to E Corke, 96, Hadlow Road. Tonbridge. Kent. "LVM.
G. Mark 9 ...