Native Men Of Courage

Author: Vincent Schilling
Publisher: Native Trailblazers
ISBN: 1939053846
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Revised Edition Vincent Schilling. o Native Men of Courage revised edition
N A T L V E T R A || L E L A Z E R E E E R L E SE - - oats.o.o. 2 vincent s Schilling
| Native Men of Courage REVISED EDITION Vincent Schilling. Front Cover.

Native Athletes In Action

Author: Vincent Schilling
Publisher: Book Publishing Company
ISBN: 9780977918300
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Profiles famous Native American athletes in all kinds of sports, from skiing and skating to bowling and baseball.

Native Musicians In The Groove

Author: Vincent Schilling
Publisher: Native Voices Books
ISBN: 1570679363
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From the melodic sounds of a classical guitar or the wailing of an electric guitar to country music and punk rock, these musicians deliver.

Indian Games And Dances With Native Songs

Author: Alice C. Fletcher
Publisher: Library of Alexandria
ISBN: 1465502319
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The ritual was intoned in a loud voice; the man who was to receive a new name
stood before the priest where he could be seen by the entire assembly. RITUAL.
Harken! 'Twas thus it came to pass: In ancient days, a Leader and his men
Walked this wide earth, man's vast abode Roofed by the heavens, where dwell
the gods. They reached a place the spot no man can tell ... new their claim to be
accounted men. Harken! And whence, think ye, was borne Unto these men
courage to dare, ...

Native Women Of Courage

Author: Kelly Fournel
Publisher: Book Publishing Company
ISBN: 9780977918324
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Her first job interview was with the owner of the local mill, and Suzy was quite
excited about the possibility of working so close to home. Her hopes were
dashed when the mill owner rejected her for the job. He felt that Suzy had too
much potential to work in such a small town. Suzy tried to keep her spirits up and
soon, heard that St. Jerome was going to have a new radio station. In the 1950s,
broadcast journalism was heavily dominated by men, but Suzy was not
intimidated by being in ...

The Literature Of California Native American Beginnings To 1945

Author: Jack Hicks
Publisher: Univ of California Press
ISBN: 9780520215245
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The latter have generally furnished their own ammunition and other equipments
for the expedition. Most of these are practiced riflemen, men of undoubted
courage, and capable of bearing any fatigue and privations endurable by veteran
troops. The Indians are composed of a party of Walla- Wallas from Oregon, and a
party of native Californians. Attached to the battalion are two pieces of artillery,
under the command of Lieutenant McLane, of the navy. In the appearance of our
small ...

The Illustrated Gettysburg Reader

Author: Rod Gragg
Publisher: Regnery Publishing
ISBN: 1621570738
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Finally, these men had native courage—not the loud mouthed courage of the
braggart—but the quiet, unfaltering courage that caused them to advance in the
face of a murderous fire.... All this time the enemy were moving with great rapidity.
Directly in our front across the wheat field was a wooded hill (McPherson's
Woods). On this hill the enemy placed what we were afterwards informed was
their famous “Iron Brigade.” They wore tall, bell-crowned black hats, which made
them ...

A Dictionary Of The English Language

Author: Samuel Johnson
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With courage like a man. MA'NNA. m. s. [Hebrew.] Manna is properly a gum, and
is honey-like juice concreted into a solid form, seldom so dry but it adheres to the
fingers: its colour is whitish, or brownish, and it has sweetness, and with it a
sharpness that renders it agreeable: manna is the product of two different trees,
both ... Some men have a native dignity in their manner, which will procure them
more regard by a look, than others can obtain by the most imperious commands.


Author: Plutarchus
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... if, like Men of Courage, they durst attempt to repress the Insolence of the
People, and by taking upon them the Government, would endeavour to save the
City from Ruin. All of them gave a ready Ear to the Proposal made by Æcibiades,
except only Pbrynicus, one of the Generals, who was a Native of the Town of
Dirttdes. He oppos'd him, suspecting, as the Truth was, that Æcibiades concerns
not himself, whether the Government were in the People or the Nobility, but only
sought by ...

Unleashing Courageous Faith

Author: Paul Coughlin
Publisher: Bethany House
ISBN: 076420761X
Size: 51.75 MB
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Courage—the ability to confront fear, pain, danger, uncertainty, or intimidation,
whether for ourselves or for others—always includes some form of sacrifice,
though today we use that word glibly, employing it to describe most any
discomfort. Recently, when I ... The highly skilled Spartans—free men defending
native soil, wives, children, and honor—fought to the death against a force hell-
bent on enslaving them, pillaging their cities, and raping and killing their wives
and daughters.