Normal Accidents

Author: Charles Perrow
Publisher: Princeton University Press
ISBN: 9781400828494
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" In the new afterword to this edition Perrow reviews the extensive work on the major accidents of the last fifteen years, including Bhopal, Chernobyl, and the Challenger disaster.


Author: Ulrich Beck
ISBN: 9783518460382
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Damals gab es die RAF, heute al-Qaida; damals fürchteten wir die Folgen von Tschernobyl, heute sagen Wissenschaftler eine Klimakatastrophe voraus.

Social Contours Of Risk

Author: Roger E Kasperson
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1136557148
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New York: Basic Books (second edition, 1999, Princeton University Press)
Perrow, C. (1985) Normal Accidents: Living with High-risk. New York: Basic
Books Perrow, C. (1999) Normal Accidents: Living with High-risk Technologies,
with a New Afterword and a Postscript on the Y2K Problem. Princeton, NJ:
Princeton University Press Perry, R. W. (1983) Environmental hazards and
psychopathology: Linking natural disasters with mental health.
EnvironmentalManagement, vol 7, no 6, ...

The Limits Of Safety

Author: Scott Douglas Sagan
Publisher: Princeton University Press
ISBN: 0691021015
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... scientists cannot afford to acknowledge, namely that complex social systems
are greatly influenced by sheer chance, accident, and luck; that most decisions
are very ambiguous, preference orderings are incoherent and unstable, efforts at
communication and understanding are often ineffective, subsystems are very
loosely connected, and most attempts at social control are clumsy and
unpredictable.” In his influential 1984 book, Normal Accidents: Living with High-
Risk Technologies, ...

Close Calls

Author: C. Macrae
Publisher: Springer
ISBN: 1137376120
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(2001). Survivability of Accidents Involving Part 121 US Air Carrier Operations,
1983 through 2000: Safety Report NTSB/SR-01/01. Washington, D.C.: NTSB. O'
Leary, M. and Chappell, S. L. (1996). Confidential incident reporting systems
create vital awareness of safety problems. International Civil Aviation
Organization Journal, 51, 11–13. Perrow, C. (1984). Normal Accidents: Living
with High-Risk Technologies. New York: Basic Books. Perrow, C. (1999). Normal
Accidents: Living with ...

Saving Human Lives

Author: Robert E. Allinson
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
ISBN: 1402029802
Size: 59.27 MB
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6. 29. 30. his Ibid., p. 38. Ibid., p. 188. Ibid., p.22. Ibid., p.23. Ibid., p. 184. Perrow
suggests at one point that the term 'catastrophe' be reserved for accidents that kill
more than 100 people with one blow. Cf., Hisf new Afterword to Normal Accidents
: Living with High Risk Technologies, Princeton: Princeton University Press, 1999
, p. 357. However, Perrow still refers to the Challenger disaster as a disaster in
wh r ich “only” 7 people lost their lives. 7. Op. cit., p. 183. 8. Ibid., p. 3l. 9. Ibid., p.

Handbook Of Safety Principles

Author: Niklas Möller
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
ISBN: 1118950704
Size: 33.61 MB
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Perrow, C. (1984). Normal Accidents: Living with High Risk Technologies. New
York: Basic Books. Perrow, C. (1986a). Complex Organizations: A Critical Essay (
3rd ed.). McGraw-Hill. Perrow, C. (1986b). The habit of courting disaster. The
Nation, October 1986. Perrow, C. (1994) Accidents in high-risk systems.
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High Risk Technologies(2nd ed.). Princeton, NJ: Princeton University Press.
Perrow, C. (2002).

Was Aus Fehlern Zu Lernen Ist In Alltag Wissenschaft Und Kunst

Author: Otto Neumaier
Publisher: LIT Verlag Münster
ISBN: 3643502427
Size: 29.72 MB
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On Realism and Construc- tivism in the Social Sciences Research on Risk,
Technology and the Environment, in: Futures. The Journal ofPolicy, Planning and
Futures Studies 41 (2009) ... und Beeinflussungsverhältnisse, Berlin, 143–162.
Neumaier, O. (Hg.) (2007): Fehler und Irrtümer in den Wissenschaften, Wien–
Berlin. Perrow, C. (1992): Normale Katastrophen. Die unvermeidlichen Risiken
der Großtechnik, 2.Aufl., Frankfurt/M.–New York (Original: Normal Accidents.
Living with High ...