Author: Virginia Woolf
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... English Lord on the mountain top and heard him praying to his God. This was
thought to be Orlando himself, and his prayer was, no doubt, a poem said aloud,
for it was known that he still carried about with him, in the bosom of his cloak, a
much scored manuscript; and servants, listening at the door, heard the
Ambassador chanting something in an odd, singsong voice when he was alone.
It is with fragments such as these that we must do our best to make up a picture of
Orlando's life ...

Orlando Annotated

Author: Virginia Woolf
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This new edition, annotated and with an introduction by Maria DiBattista, author of Imagining Virginia Woolf, will deepen readers’ understanding of Woolf’s brilliant creation.

The Trickster

Author: Harold Bloom
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Considered by many literary critics a key text in feminism and, undoubtedly, a
significant Modernist text, Orlando: A Biography (1928) especially challenges the
readers' understanding of three key concepts in fiction: time, setting, and
character. Although Woolf had already successfully questioned the function of
these concepts in her novels Mrs Dalloway and To the Lighthouse, Orlando
generated a few unexpected twists of its own: For a book conceived by Woolf as
a “writer's holiday,” ...

Rebirth And Renewal

Author: Harold Bloom
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“Renewal, Rebirth, and Change in Virginia Woolf 's Orlando” by Lorena Russell,
the University of North Carolina at Asheville On the one hand, Virginia Woolf's
Orlando, A Biography (1928) is an obvious candidate for considering the literary
theme of renewal and rebirth. The main character of the story, after all, not only
lives several centuries with little effect but also changes from a man to a woman
in the middle of the tale. Yet rebirth and renewal are centrally about character ...

Women S Voices On American Stages In The Early Twenty First Century

Author: L. Durham
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It mustbenotedthat transformation and if not theatricalization precisely, then
itscloserelation performativity, undergird Woolf's Orlando. Thefirst thing Woolf
transformed was genre.Woolf titled the book Orlando: A Biography, butit is hardly
typical of that form. While Woolf does tell the story of thedailylife and wild
adventures of the noble Orlando and claims through her first chapter tohave
fulfilled “the first dutyofabiographer, which isto plod,withoutlooking to rightorleft,in
theindelible ...

Virginia Woolf And The Bloomsbury Avant Garde

Author: Christine Froula
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The ostensible subject of Orlando: A Biography—“the longest and most charming
love-letter in literature”—is the writer and poet Vita SackvilleWest, Woolf's
intimate friend from 1923 and sometime lover between 1925 and 1928.19 But
there is a good deal of Woolf in Orlando too, particularly in the liberating theories
of being, identity, biography, autobiography, and poetry that she infuses into
Vita's aristocratic family history to create a character unbounded by sex, gender,
even the ...

The Artist Figure Society And Sexuality In Virginia Woolf S Novels

Author: Ann Ronchetti
Publisher: Routledge
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CHAPTER SEVEN Orlando Revising Orlando: A Biography in the early months of
1928, Woolf described the book in her March 18 diary entry as “all a joke; & yet
gay & quick reading I think; a writers holiday” (D3: 177). The “joke” lies in Woolfs
effort to write a fanciful biography based on the life of her friend and intimate Vita
Sackville-West in which her subject first appears as a shy youth of sixteen during
the English Renaissance and eventually matures into a capable, thirty-six-year-
old ...

Virginia Woolf

Author: Hermione Lee
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Virginia Woolf began writing Orlando in a great rush of excitement. She felt she
was doing something illicit — 'I am launched somewhat furtively but with all the
more passion upon Orlando: A Biography' - a feeling which had as much to do
with her subject—matter as with her conscience about the 'Fiction' book. ('lllicit'
books would continue to interrupt 'task' books: so Three Guineas would cut
across The Yam, and the writing of her memoirs and of Between the Act: would
sabotage the ...

Transgender Architectonics

Author: Lucas Crawford
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1317007425
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Even in Abraham's keen account, Orlando is already so 'out' that it scarcely
warrants engagement. These lesbian readings of Orlando variously deflect the
dynamic bodies and becomings of Orlando into allegories of identity.8 Do
academic analyses of the transgender qualities of the text fare any differently?
Melanie Taylor's essay, “True Stories: Orlando, Life-Writing and Transgender
Narratives” is based explicitly on Jay Prosser's work and follows his valorization
of trans lifefamous ...