Physiological Ecology Of Plants Of The Wet Tropics

Author: Ernesto Medina
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
ISBN: 9400972997
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This book contains the results of a Symposium on the physiological ecology of plants of the lowland wet tropics held in Mexico in June 1983 organized by the Instituto de Biologla of the National University of M"exico (U.

Physiological Ecology Of Tropical Plants

Author: Ulrich Lüttge
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
ISBN: 9783540717935
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In: Medina E, Mooney HA, Vázquez-Yanes C (eds) Physiological ecology of
plants in the wet tropics. Dr W Junk, The Hague, pp 27–50 Choong MF, Lucas
PW, Ong JSY, Pereira B, Tan HTW, Turner IM (1992) Leaf fracture toughness and
sclerophylly:their correlations and ecological implications. New Phytol 121:597–
610 Chuyong GB, Newbery DM, Songwe NC (2000) Litter nutrients and
retranslocation in a central African rain forest dominated by ectomycorrhizal trees
. New Phytol ...

The Physiological Ecology Of Woody Plants

Author: Theodore Thomas Kozlowski
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Photosynthesis of Coffea arabica after chilling. Physiol. Plant. 64, 449-454.
Bazzaz, F. A. (1979). The physiological ecology of plant succession. Annu. Rev.
Ecol. Syst. 10, 351- 371. Bazzaz, F. A. (1983). Characteristics of populations in
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and Ecosystems: Components of Response" (H. A. Mooney and M. Godron, eds.)
, pp. 259-275. Springer- Verlag, New York. Bazzaz, F. A. (1984). Dynamics of wet
tropical ...

Plant Physiological Ecology

Author: Hans Lambers
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
ISBN: 9780387783413
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Plant. Water. Relations. Positive and Negative Hydrostatic Pressures Oxygen and
Hydrogen Stable Isotopes. H. Lambers et al., Plant Physiological Ecology,
Second edition, DOI: 10.1007/978-0-387-78341-3_3, FIGURE 1. Isotopic
fractionation and exchange processes of H and ... Regions where rainfall is
abundant and fairly evenly distributed over the growing season, such as in the
wet tropics, have lush vegetation. Where summer droughts are frequent and
severe, forests are ...

Physiological Ecology Of Heteromeles Arbutifolia Under Sun And Shade Field Conditions

Author: Alejandro Emilio Castellanos
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Leaf energy balance in the wet lowland tropics. ln Mooney, H. A., E. Medina and
C. Vazquez-Yanes. eds. Physiological ecology of plants of the wet tropics. Dr. W.
Junk Pub., The Hague. pp85-98. Clough, J. M., J. A. Teeri and S. J. Tonsor 1983.
Photosynthetic adaptation of Solanum dulcamara L. to sun and shade
environments. lV. A comparison of north american and european genotypes.
Oecologia £0_: 348-352. ., J. A. Teeri, R. S. Alberte 1979. Photosynthetic
adaptation of Solanum ...

Australian Journal Of Plant Physiology

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Soil and biomass carbon pools in model communities of tropical plants under
elevated COz. Oecologia 104, 61-71. ... Plant Physiology 91. 227-232. Bazzaz,
F.A. (1990). The response of natural ecosystems to the rising global C02 levels.
Annual Review of Ecology and Systematics 21, 167-196. Ceulemans, R., and
Mousseau, M. (1994). Effects of elevated atmospheric C02 on woody plants. New
Phytologist 127 ... In 'Physiological Ecology of Plants of the Wet Tropics'. (Eds E.
Medina ...

Tropical Plant Communities

Author: Harold Trevor Clifford
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Medina, E., Mooney, H.A. and Vasquez-Yanez, C. (eds) 1984 "Tasks for
Vegetation Science: Physiological Ecology of Plants of the Wet Tropics". Vol. 12.
Dr. W. Junk, The Hague. Mooney, H.A., Field, C.D. and Vazquez-Yanez, C. 1984
Photosynthetic characteristics of plants in the wet tropics. In "Tasks for Vegetation
Science: Physiological Ecology of Plants of the Wet Tropics" (E. Medina, H.A.
Mooney and C. Vazquex-Yanez, eds). Vol. 12, pp 113-128. Dr. W. Junk, The
Hague. Powells ...

Australian Journal Of Botany

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Baskin JM, Snyder KM, Walck JL, Baskin CC (1997) The comparative ecology of
endemic, globally rare and geographically widespread common plant species:
three case studies. The Southwestern Naturalist 42, 384–399. Bawa KS (1980)
Evolution of dioecy in flowering plants. Annual Review of Ecology and
Systematics 11, 15–40. Bazzaz FA, Pickett STA (1980) Physiological ecology of
tropical succession. Annual Review of Ecology and Systematics 11, 287–3 l ().
Bevill RL.

Trees And Gaps In A Mexican Tropical Rain Forest

Author: Frans Bongers
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Joumal of Ecology 72:777-795. Barton, A.M. 1984. Neotropical pioneer and
shade tolerant tree species: do they partition treefall gaps 7 Tropical Ecology 25:
196-202. Banaz, F. A. 1984. Dynamics of wet tropical forests and their species
strategies. Pages 233-243 in E. Medina, I-LA. Mooney and C. Vazquez-Ynnes (
eds.). Physiological ecology of plants in the wet tropics. Junk, The Hague. Bazzaz
, F. A. and S. T. A. Pickett 1.980. The physiological ecology of tropical succession:
a ...

Photosynthesis In Contrasting Environments

Author: Neil R. Baker
Publisher: Elsevier Science Ltd
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Marin, D. and Medina, E. (1981) Acta Cient. Ven. 32, 508-514. Medina, E. (1975)
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(1983) in Tropical Rain Forest Ecosystems (F.B. Golley, ed.), pp. 225-237,
Elsevier Scientific Publishing Co.. Amsterdam. Medina, E. (1984a) in
Physiological Ecology of Plants of the Wet Tropics (E. Medina, H.A. Mooney and
C. Vazquez-Yanes, ...