Porsche 911 Performance Handbook

Author: Bruce Anderson
Publisher: MotorBooks International
ISBN: 9780760300336
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The Porsche 959. The technology for the future 911s will come from the 959.
Porsche AG A rear view of the 959 's engine compartment. Porsche AG Coupe
and Cabriolet it was mounted at the top of the rear window. The Cabriolet also
had an optional electrically actuated Cabriolet top. 1987 In addition to the
traditional 91 1 Turbo coupe, both the Targa and the Cabriolet were available as
Turbo models in 1987. The 961 race car, based on the 959, placed seventh at Le
Mans in 1 986.

Standard Guide To 1 18 Die Cast Cars

Author: Merry Dudley
Publisher: Krause Publications
ISBN: 1440228043
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$100 1985 Porsche 959. Mineral Blue metallic, limited to 2,500. Stock no.
MTB00007 ............$50 1985 Porsche 959. Palisander metallic, limited to 2,500.
Stock no. MTB00006 ............$50 1985 Porsche 959. Red, silver wheels. Stock no.
MTB00004........................................$100 1985 Porsche 959. Ruby Pearl metallic,
limited to 2,500. Stock no. MTB00001 ............$80 1985 Porsche 959. Silver, silver
wheels. Stock no. MTB00003........................................$100 1985 Porsche 959.
White, silver ...

Supercars Field Guide

Author: Doug Mitchel
Publisher: Krause Publications
ISBN: 0896892271
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With a well-documented history of building ultra-high performance cars, the
release of the 959 was not a complete surprise. The 959 moved the bar a few
notches higher and recalibrated the entire thought process. Never a legal vehicle
for U.S. use, numerous copies of this truly super car made their way into North
America anyway. Porsche would have had to crash test a minimum of four 959s
to be considered for legal use in the U.S. and chose not to do so. Otis Chandler
was able to ...

Hot Wheels Accessories

Author: Michael Zarnock
Publisher: Krause Publications
ISBN: 1440227764
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ACCESSORIES. ACCESSORIES. Park. 'N. Plates. The Park 'N Plates series cars
came with a stackable plastic cube that had the car's name on the cube cover that
looked like a license plate. You would store the car in this stackable cube (Park)
and the cover looked like a license plate (Plate), hence you would “Park 'N Plate.”
❒ ❒ ❒ 2038 Porsche 959 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ..$15 white with
blue and red tampo, clear window, black interior, uh 2038 Porsche 959 .

Porsche 996 The Essential Companion

Author: Adrian Streather
Publisher: Veloce Publishing Ltd
ISBN: 1845840968
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Pure Porsche does not referto the 911 mythology nor the badge at the front, but to
the ability of PAG engineers to create something brilliant out of a disparate pile of
bits and pieces. In 1997 Porsche-Motorsports had to develop a new range of
competitive water-cooled racing engines. It had a wide range of experience in
water-cooled racing engines including: • Indianapolis 500 and Formula one
racing cars. • Le Mans; Porsche 936-81, 962C, 961 and GT-1. • Paris-Dakar
Porsche 959.

The Complete Book Of Porsche 911

Author: Randy Leffingwell
Publisher: Motorbooks
ISBN: 1627889671
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An industry dedicated to converting 959 engines, bumpers, seat belt systems,
door locks, and lights to meet U.S. regulations arose, but as of 2008, cars at 20
years of age no longer require these changes. A flurry of buyers acquired 959s
soon after that. Porsche's Typ 961 road racer debuted in 1986 at Le Mans. It ran
in the IMSA GTX (experimental) class because the FIA had no four-wheel-drive
racing series. And because Porsche's 959 production had not begun yet, the car
was not ...

Hot Wheels Variations The Ultimate Guide

Author: Michael Zarnock
Publisher: Krause Publications
ISBN: 0873497384
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Michael Zarnock. Photo No. Name Description Price Price 81 (b) 84 94 (a)
Auburn 852 95 (a). 78 Peterbilt Cement Truck 79 Big Bertha asw-uh Photo No.
Name Description Ratmobile Probe Funny Car Fire-Eater Propper. 80 (a)
Porsche 959 80 (b) Porsche 959 80 (c) Porsche 959 80 (d) Porsche 959 86 (b)
82 (e) 87 (a) 95 (b) '55 Chevy. 82(c) 29 ...


Author: Gui Bernardes
Publisher: The Crowood Press
ISBN: 1785003216
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We're close to the Atlantic, on the immense beach that goes all the way to Dakar
and our no.186 Porsche 959 is about to start this last timed sector, where all of
the 530 starting drivers dream about arriving after three weeks of the hardest
road race on the planet. After the motorcycles start, we await the signal for the
always spectacular simultaneous departure of the cars, in rows of three. René
Metge is at the wheel and Dominique Lemoyne by his side, both confident in the
win, which is ...

The Porsche Quiz Book

Author: Chris Cowlin
Publisher: Andrews UK Limited
ISBN: 190858257X
Size: 39.96 MB
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In what year did the original Porsche museum open in Stuttgart? The 912
Porsche had what size of engine – 1.6 litre, 1.8 litre or 2 litre? Which US
television star purchased the last ever production air-cooled 911, a Carrera 4S,
built in 1998? What is the weight of a 1997 Boxster – 1,050kg, 1,250kg or 1,450
kg? What is the size of the 1997 Boxster's wheelbase – 95.2 inches, 97.2 inches
or 99.2 inches? True or false: The Porsche 959 is a six-speed manual car? How
long would it take ...