The Innovative School

Author: Shlomo Sharan
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from the project staff will continue to assist school personnel once a week during
the third stage. The instructional and organizational processes of change have
not yet reached a stage of institutionalization. Hence, school personnel — the
principal, subject-matter coordinators, and teachers — will continue to need the
injection of energy and motivation from their consultant in order to maintain the ...

Canadian Criminal Cases Annotated

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Series of Reports of Important Decisions in Criminal and Quasi-criminal Cases in
Canada Under the Laws of the Dominion and of the Provinces Thereof, with
Special Reference to Decisions Under the Criminal Code of Canada, 1892, in All
the Provinces : with Annotations, a Table of Cases Cited and a Digest of the
Principal Matters. on the basis that the social interest in controlling the accused's
behaviour outweighs that of controlling police behaviour. There may be other
categories ...

Parliamentary Debates Hansard

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If there were no question of an increased sentence, I agree that it would not
matter. But an increased sentence because of racial motivation must, in fairness,
be decided by a jury. That seems to be so self-evident that I find difficulty in
dealing with the objections to it. At first, Ministers and others told the Select
Committee that a racially motivated offence of violence might prevent conviction
because, although the principal matter of violence may be proved, if the racial
motivation was not ...

Sterblich Sein

Author: Atul Gawande
Publisher: S. Fischer Verlag
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Der Bestsellerautor und renommierte Arzt Atul Gawande schreibt in seinem beeindruckenden Buch über das, was am Ende unseres Lebens wirklich zählt.

Light Matter Interaction

Author: John Weiner
Publisher: Oxford University Press
ISBN: 0198796668
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This book builds on an earlier one, Light–Matter Interaction, Physics and
Engineering at the Nanoscale, that I wrote with Frederico Nunes. Much of the
material in Chapters 2, 4–8, and 12 remains essentially unchanged from this
earlier work, although the organisation has been improved and some minor
mistakes corrected. Chapters 1 and 3 have been expanded somewhat, and
chapters 9–11 are entirely new. The motivation behind writing this book was to
include the subject matter of ...

Mission Expansion In The Federal Home Loan Bank System

Author: Susan M. Hoffmann
Publisher: SUNY Press
ISBN: 1438433433
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The types of individuals who rise to leadership positions are motivated by power,
income, and prestige, and they are willing to change their agency's mission as
the agency ages to secure these interests.13 William Niskanen formalized the
public choice perspective on bureaucratic leaders in 1971, operationalizing
Downs's diverse maximands with one straightforward dependent variable, total
agency budget.14 We have seen dramatic growth in FHLBanks' borrow- ing and
assets; is it ...

Dark Matter In The Universe

Author: Società italiana di fisica
Publisher: IOS Press
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P. COLES – Models of nonlinear clustering. I. - Interesting distribution functions. .
175 178 178 179 181 183 183 183 185 186 187 189 191 192 193 195 197 198
200 209 210 211 213 215 219 220 220 221 222 222 225 228 228 231 234 235 3
. The lognormal model................................................................................... 31.
Properties............... 32. Motivation.

The Matter Of The Gods

Author: Clifford Ando
Publisher: Univ of California Press
ISBN: 0520259866
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The expansion of the empire brought the Romans into ever more contact with
peoples whose gods they did not share and whose rites they could only
misconstrue. The history of my topic is thus part of a larger story about the
expansion of Rome's cultural and anthropological awareness. My third motivation
follows directly on the second: it is my sense that debates about religion—in
particular, debates about the history of cult and bodies of religious law—were a
principal mechanism for ...

Self Expansion Expanded Edition

Author: Miklos Fodor
Publisher: Psychology 2.0 Books
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All these are matters in which personality has an important role in connection
with attaining enlightenment. That is why it is not incidental that people who want
enlightenment do not care only about creating schemata, but previously – or
concurrently – they prepare their personalities for resisting difficulties until
reaching enlightenment, no matter how long that might take. It is important to note
that ... human motivation and behavior, and his own principal connections. He
will have a deep ...

Self Expansion Student Edition

Author: MiklÃ3s Fodor
ISBN: 1409293750
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That is why it is not incidental that people who want enlightenment do not care
only about creating schemata, but previously – or concurrently – they prepare
their personalities for resisting difficulties until reaching enlightenment, no matter
how long that might take. It is important to note that an enlightened ... Rather, he
will be aware of life, human motivation and behavior ... by the laws of gravity.
Principal points covered in this chapter: understanding Enlightenment Miklós
Fodor 52.