Author: Frederik Lodewijk Polak
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Analysis Of Water Resource Systems

Author: L. Votruba
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forces the water resource planners to deal with the distant future, which is not
possible without long-term, mediumterm and also short-term predictions. Systems
science, therefore, includes prognostics as a scientific field that investigates the
general principles of development, methods of prediction for arbitrary objects and
the laws involved in process of making predictions (Gvishiani and Lishichkin,
1968). The causal dependence between social development and water demands
, with ...

Scientific Procedures

Author: L. Tondl
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If we make the quality of our decision-making, which means the quality of an
activity performed and controlled by man, a criterion for the admissibility of this or
that reduction of the elements with which we operate in a given procedure, or a
criterion ... EXPLANATION AND PREDICTION (a) The Scientific Basis of
Prognostic Statements and the Thesis of the Structural Identity of Explanation and
Prediction The prognostic statements which we work with in the empirical
sciences are usually ...

Patient Centered Prognosis

Author: Miller III, Kashani-Sabet, & Sagebiel
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Prognostic factors serve mainly as the basis for making individually tailored
predictions. Research conclusions are based on at least. a partial. understanding
of underlying mechanisms and pathways, but they apply separately to each
individual patient. The flavor of factor-centered prognostic research is perhaps
more comfortably allied with viewing medicine as a science. The flavor of patient-
centered prognostic research is perhaps more comfortably allied with viewing
medicine as ...

Foundations Of Criminal Science The Use Of Knowledge

Author: Glenn D. Walters
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These nontrait variables would include not only situational and environmental
factors but interactive (person x situation) ones as well. Critics of the prognostic
approach to parole and sentence decision making argue that clinical and
statistical models of prediction are generally incapable of forecasting future
behavior at reasonably accurate levels. Though this would appear to be an
overly pessimistic reading of the data on prediction, there is evidence that
dangerousness, institutional ...

Recent Advances In Prostate Cancer

Author: Donald J Tindall
Publisher: World Scientific
ISBN: 9814462527
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predictions of treatment outcomes reproducibly and quickly. Formal decision aids
, such as risk groupings, probability tables, and nomograms, have helped to
mitigate the inherent bias and inaccuracy of physician judgment. Such tools
typically incorporate multiple prognostic variables and have been shown to be
superior to clinical judgment alone in the accuracy of risk estimation. A popular
form of prediction modeling that has seen widespread use in prostate cancer
decision-making ...

Qualitative Futures Research For Innovation

Author: Patrick A. Duin
Publisher: Eburon Uitgeverij B.V.
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Because Polak finds it important to have an international term and a link with
other academic fields, he opts in favour of the term prognostics: “...the science,
with advanced methods and instruments, aims at exploring the future and
acquiring ... Malaska (2001, based on Masini, 1998) differentiates between
various approaches to the future (predicting, inventing, forecasting, making,
researching and/or understanding) and mentions futurology, futures study,
prospective study, and futures ...


Author: Diego Galar
Publisher: Academic Press
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Nevertheless, prognostics cannot completely replace diagnostics since, in
practice, there are always some faults and failures, which are not predictable. In
addition, prognostics ... cannot be 100% accurate. In the case of unsuccessful
prediction, diagnostics can be a complementary tool for maintenance decision-
making. ... The science of prognostics is based on the analysis of failure modes,
detection of early signs of wear and aging, and fault conditions. These signs are
correlated in ...

Traumatic Brain Injury

Author: Jordan Grafman
Publisher: Elsevier
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Predicting. outcome. after. traumatic. brain. injury. ANDREW I.R. MAAS1*,
Neurosurgery, Antwerp University Hospital and University of Antwerp, Edegem,
Belgium 2Department of Public Health, ... Finally, prognostic analysis and
identification of ... The science of clinical decision making and advances in
statistical modeling allow us now to consider prognosis in terms of probabilities
rather than vague prophecies.

Prognostic Variables In Node Negative And Node Positive Breast Cancer

Author: Giampietro Gasparini
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Underlying this complexity, there are probably a small number of "rules" or
parameters that govern the initiation of the transformation process, though
progression of this process is marked by randomness and chaos, making specific
outcomes difficult to predict from an original set of conditions. In many respects,
assessing clinical outcome using present biomarkers is analogous to planetary
weather forecasting using only barometric pressure and wind direction. The
complexity and ...