Protecting The World S Children

Author: UNICEF
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
ISBN: 1139465031
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Protecting the World's Children: Impact of the Convention on the Rights of the
Child in Diverse Legal Systems is a review of the ways in which the Convention
on the Rights of the Child (CRC) has been incorporated into national legislation
around the world. It comprises four studies that compare experiences from
countries with different types of legal traditions, highlighting common
characteristics, developments and trends as a basis for the work of practitioners
in this area. The book ...

Protecting The World S Children

Author: Sidsel Roalkvam
Publisher: OUP Oxford
ISBN: 019164451X
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The book argues that the need to show progress can create distortions and lead to the production of misleading data and an unwillingness to report problems.

The State Of The World S Children 2011

Author: United Nations
Publisher: UNICEF
ISBN: 9280645552
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Protecting. adolescents. from. discrimination. based. on. nationality. or. migration
. status. and. from. administrative. detention. will. be. pivotal.” Mexico is the fifth
largest country in the Americas and ranks eleventh in the world in terms of
population. Given it's location between the United States of America and the rest
of Latin America, it is a point of origin, transit and destination for migrants,
experiencing both internal (rural to urban) and external (cross-border) migration.
In 2009, around ...

The State Of The World S Children

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Cities: An international initiative promoting child participation. mitment,
supporting positive practices and ensuring the involvement of children and
families. Open discussion is imperative if a coordinated, collective consensus is
to be reached and harmful practices abandoned. Young people should be
empowered to discuss their concerns and rights to protection in their
communities and families.

The State Of The World S Children 1986

Author: UNICEF.
Publisher: Oxford University Press
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Donald Henderson "Childhood immunization as an impetus to pnmary health
care". in Protecting the world's children vaccines and immunization Rockefeller
Foundation. 1984 TAKING UP THE SLACK Taking up the 'slack' between
available immunization services and the proportion of children actually
immunized can be done in two ways: "(1) Provision of the services at a
convenient location near the residence of recipients and at a convenient time;
and (2) active promotion of the ...

The State Of The World S Children Special Edition

Author: UNICEF.
Publisher: UNICEF
ISBN: 9280644483
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These principles guide the actions of all stakeholders, including children
themselves, in realizing their rights to survival, development, protection and
participation. Signed by every country in the world, and currently ratified into law
by all but two, the Convention and its principles have taken root in national and
local legislatures, motivating governments worldwide to place children's rights
and development at the forefront of their legislative agendas. Since 1990, more
than 70 countries ...

The State Of The World S Children 2006

Author: UNICEF
Publisher: UNICEF
ISBN: 9280639161
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The 2006 edition of UNICEF's annual report focuses on the millions of children who are most in need of access to essential education, health and protection services, but who are also the hardest to reach and often overlooked by current ...

Education Child Development

Author: S Wal
Publisher: Sarup & Sons
ISBN: 9788176256346
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Within a decade, it should be possible to bring to an end the age-old evils of child
malnutrition, preventable disease and widespread illiteracy. As an indication of
how close that goal might be, the financial cost can be put at about $25 billion a
year. That is UNICEF's estimate of the extra resources required to put into
practice today's low-cost strategies for protecting the world's low-cost strategies
for protecting the world's children. Specifically, it is an estimate of the cost of
controlling the ...

Between Worlds

Author: Frances E. Karttunen
Publisher: Rutgers University Press
ISBN: 9780813520315
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What is there to do now but to apply ourselves to the double task of preserving
what is left and building upon it, that we as human beings might at last find
common cause in protecting who and what remains? Our planet and its
inhabitants desperately require human commitment to global responsibility.
Better than statue, monument, or mural, that would be the most fitting memorial
for all those who have lived out their lives between worlds. Epilogue Their
Children If it is hard to be thrust ...