Abundant Life Day Book

Author: Nancy Guthrie
Publisher: Tyndale House Publishers, Inc.
ISBN: 9781414366180
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Format: PDF
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The Abundant Life Day Book contains a year’s worth of daily reminders of what it means to live in the abundance of God’s blessing through Christ.

Western Christian Advocate

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Honored as a model by three theoFor catalogue and information, address The
President, BIBLE TEACHERS TRAINING ... Recent Book Reviews Winning the
World for Christ. A Study in Dynamics. Bishop ... There is abundance of
information as to mission fields and their opportunities. The bishop rightly seeks a
new inspiration to meet these great needs. ... on the European scale would be,
and then proposes another and better way—one justified by reason and proven
by experience.

Sunday School Times

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In all these various services there is great abundance and variety of gospel
singing,—solo, duet, quartet, chorus, and ... of all classes, from all parts of the
land and the world, have heard the gospel of Christ in preaching and song, while
many more ... The books of the Bible are regarded as sources, but only when the
results of modern criticism have been weighed, ... The concessions made to
modern criticism are not always real concessions, but attempts to meet the
honest doubter ...

First Place

Author: Carole Lewis
Publisher: Gospel Light
ISBN: 9780830728671
Size: 39.67 MB
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This desire was to establish a Christ-centered weight-control program. ... from our
sins and given us abundant life, why can't we, as Christians, use that same power
in the area of weight control?" With that question in mind, they decided to develop
a program that would meet the needs of Christians in the area of weight control.
... They knew that in order to be effective, the program had to focus totally on the
Lord and include Bible study, small-group support and accountability, a proven ...

The Epworth Herald

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Two or three titles suggest this: “Relation of Social Life to Spiritual Influence,” “
Successful Bible Study,” Soul-winning by the League. ... That is all that needs to
be said for this man with his great theme—“America for Christ. ... He got a sample
basket and a promise of abundance. ... This is a scientific fact that can be easily
proven by ten day's use of Grape-Nuts. ... “Christ in Education,” and “Serving God
with Pencil and Account Book. ... The convention will meet, June, 1908, at

Herald Of Gospel Liberty

Author: Elias Smith
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Is it possible that the Church in America is to so far lose the Spirit of Christ as to
look after its own needs (and not overly ... meet the real needs of its faithful
servants in the future, so as to make it unnecessary (unnecessary in comparison
with ... so great and so much needed as to-day, and can it be that our Christ
would turn away from all of this suffering and death, .... that the books of the Bible
are not all equally inspired by writing a book which shall be equal in thought to
Bible teaching, ...

New Outlook

Author: Alfred Emanuel Smith
Size: 79.21 MB
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His teaching, preaching, bold connection with Whitfield and Wesley when they
were condemned, and his authorship are all ... he visited Lisbon only to enter the
world that had grown bright and beautiful to him,aud receive reward for his
abundant- liibors. ... to yet other thousands the knowledge of one of the great
workers of the last cen— tury, perpetuating his fame and his worth. ... We have
hinted at some of the practical points of this little book, but it should be read tobe

The Christian Union

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This charming summer story, whirh retains its great popularity, is now brought out
in a new and more attractive style. ... Emerson's Male Voice Germs and
Emerson's Part-Songs and Glees for Mixed Voices, (each 31) just the books for a
social sing. ... The publishers desire to call the attention of all who are interested
in Bible study to Prof Thom. son's work on Christ in ... is comparatively 1sttle that
is specially designed for the Bible class which aims to meet the requirements of
those who ...

Gather God S People

Author: Brian Croft
Publisher: Zondervan
ISBN: 0310519365
Size: 44.98 MB
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But even when we agree that Scripture is our only authority, church meetings can
end up looking vastly different from ... a variety of elements, mostly chosen for
how they connect people to practices and prayers proven over centuries. ... While
God hasn't told us everything we'd like to know about what to do when we meet,
he has communicated clearly what we need to know. ... As I read through this
book I was grateful for the wisdom that has come from years of study and

Young Men

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He will also thereby greatly assist the instructor to lead these members to a new
life in Jesus Christ. - If we have no instructor he then is under the necessity of
making larger use of the gymnasium not only as the means of his own ... again
we will do well if we study those two best books on social life and social law, viz.,
common sense and God's law. ... and paying the world's bills today, and is a
much more valuable commodity in the world's great market than the uncommon
young man.