Public Corruption And The Law

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Is the payment of a foreign public official by an American agent a violation of the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act, or permissible "grease money"? These questions and more are answered in Public Corruption and the Law: Cases and Materials.

Cases And Materials On Legislation

Author: William N. Eskridge
Publisher: West Academic Publishing
ISBN: 9780314233301
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Contains an introduction to legislation; descriptive and normative theories of legislation, including procedural theories of legislation, pluralism and interest groups, and institutional theories of legislation; Title VII: interpretive ...

Federal White Collar Crime

Author: Julie R. O'Sullivan
Publisher: West Academic Publishing
ISBN: 9780314276629
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The book covers a variety of substantive crimes, including perjury, false statements, false claims, obstruction of justice, mail and wire fraud, public corruption, insider trading, conspiracy, Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations ...

White Collar Practice

Author: Pamela H. Bucy
Publisher: West Academic
ISBN: 9780314143570
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Designed to give students a better understanding of RICO, labor and benefit fund fraud, public corruption, money laundering, corporate crime, the False Claim Act, fraud upon financial institutions, and tax fraud-all criminal actions pursued ...

Aba Journal

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Nevertheless, the book is worth reading now more than ever after the shocks of
Watergate have passed and the work of adopting specific reforms — particularly
in law enforcement — has barely begun. — Richard J. Hoskins Casebook Corner
West Publishing Company, 50 West Kellogg Boulevard, Saint Paul, Minnesota
55165, has issued the following volumes in its American Casebook Series:
Judicial Process and Social Change: Constitutional Litigation (Cases and

Law Books Published

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Little Brown 1991 464p . $95.00 • ELECTRONIC DATA INTERCHANGE;
TELECOMMUNICATIONS 0-316-95632-5 Wright, Robert R. ; Gitelman, Morton •
Cases and materials on land use. 4th ed. • West P 1991 1255p • $45.95 •
American casebook series • LAND USE; CASEBOOKS; ZONING; REAL
PROPERTY 0-314-80779-9 Write your own living will. • Smith, Bradley, E.;
Brallier, Jess • Crown 1991 1 paperback ...

American Book Publishing Record

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Series. SALTZBURG. Stephen A. 345.73'05 American criminal procedure: cases
and commentary / by Stephen A. Saltzburg, Daniel J. Capra. 7th ed. St. Paul. MN:
Thomson/West, c2004. xcix, 1707 p.; 27 cm. (American casebook series)
Includes ... correcting children: prosecuting theft and arson — Murderous minors:
the treatment of assault and murder — Public order and private rights: keeping
children in line — Legal standards, community justice: the problem of child abuse
— The ...

American Book Publishing Record Annual Cumulative 1980

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MANSUKHANI. H. L.. 342.54'088 1917- Corruption and public servants / H. L.
Mansukhani. New Delhi : Vikas, c!979. nil. 346 p. . 23 cm. Includes index. [LAW]
79-904434 22.50 ' Misconduct in office — India. 2. Corruption (in politic! — In, la I.
Title. Dtsmbuled by Advent Books Inc.. 141 E. 44th St.. Suile 551 NY. NY 10017
AIHE. D. O. 342.669 Cases Mad materials on constitutional law in \igeria ; D. O.
Aihe and P. A. Oluycdc. Oxford . New York : Oxford University Press, 1979. xxxv.
273 p.

Recherche Qualitative Et Cyber Espace Temps

Author: Louise Fines
Publisher: PUQ
ISBN: 2760529363
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From Enron to WorldCom and beyond: Life and crime after Sarbanes-Oxley »,
Washington University Law Quarterly, vol. 81, p. 357-384. Bryce, R. (2002). Pipe
Dreams. Greed, Ego, and the Death of Enron, New York, Public Affairs. Bucy,
P. M. (1992). White Collar Practice. Cases and Materials, American Casebook
Series, St. Paul, West Publishing Company. Calavita, K. (1990). « Employer
sanctions violations: Toward a dialectical model of white-collar crime », Law and
Society ...