Quarterly Journal Of Engineering Geology And Hydrogeology

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The Quarterly Journal of Engineering Geology and Hydrogeology is published by
Geological Society and is an established international journal with a circulation of
nearly 4000 in 47 countries. Papers are invited from, and about, all areas of the
world on topics concerning geology as applied to civil engineering, mining
practice and water resources, including: applied geophysics, engineering
geomorphology, environmental geology, hydrogeology, groundwater quality,
contaminated ...

The Quarterly Journal Of Engineering Geology

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hydrological environments, near-surface 319-320 hydrological mapping,
Basilicaia 7-9 hydrogeological model, Hindhede quarry 284 hydrogeological
monitoring, horizontal drains, Hong Kong 137-141 hydrogeology land
subsidence in drained peat areas, Friesland 37-48 Madinah 206-208 Millstone
Grit and Coal Measures 237-240 hypersthene, pleochroic 231 igneous rocks 315
, 319, 321 igneous terrain, example of geological model 348 illite 210-216, 219
index properties, ...

Issues In Land And Water Engineering 2011 Edition

Publisher: ScholarlyEditions
ISBN: 1464965366
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Bhutan Himalaya are presented and interrogated for structural information,”
scientists writing in the Quarterly Journal of Engineering Geology and
Hydrogeology report. “The structural data, along with TLS-derived slope
geometry and cross-sectional profiles, are suitable for use within commercially
available slope stability packages to derive solutions for the causes of instability,
likely geometry of failure, and future activity under varied scenarios. The methods
also allow the possibility of ...

Practical Engineering Geology

Author: Steve Hencher
Publisher: CRC Press
ISBN: 0203894820
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Géotechnique, 19, 321–334. Chandler, R.J. 2000. Clay sediments in depositional
basins: the geotechnical cycle. Quarterly Journal Engineering Geology and
Hydrogeology, 33, 7–39. Chaplow, R. 1996. The geology and hydrogeology of
Sellafield: an overview. Quarterly Journal of Engineering Geology, 29, S1–S12.
Charles, J.A. 2002. Ground improvement: the interaction of engineering science
and experience based technology. Géotechnique, 52, 527–532. Chen, T.-C., Lin,

Clay Materials Used In Construction

Author: George M. Reeves
Publisher: Geological Society of London
ISBN: 9781862391840
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Atkinson, J. H., Fookes, P. G., Miglio, B. F. & Pettifer, G. S. 2003. Destructuring
and disaggregation of Mercia Mudstone during full-face tunnelling. Quarterly
Journal of Engineering Geology and Hydrogeology, 36, 293-303. Badger, C. M.,
Cummings, A. D. & Whitmore, R. L. 1957. The disintegration of shale. Journal of
Institute of Fuel, 29, 417-423. Barnes, G. E. 2000. Soil Mechanics: Principles and
Practice. 2nd edn. Macmillan, Basingstoke. Barnes, H. A., Hutton, J. F. & Walters,
K. 1991.

Engineering Geology And Construction

Author: Fred G. Bell
Publisher: CRC Press
ISBN: 9780415259392
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Barker, J.A., Downing, R.A.. Gray, D.A.. Findlay, J., Kellaway, G.A., Parker, R.H.
and Rollin. K.E. 2000. Hydro- geothermal studies in the United Kingdom.
Quarterly Journal Engineering Geology and Hydrogeology, 33, 41-58. Barton,
N.R. 1978. Suggested methods for the quantitative description of discontinuities
in rock masses. ISRM Commission on Standardization of Laboratory and Field
Tests. International Journal Rock Mechanics Mining Science and Geomechanical
Abstracts, 15.

Earth Pressure And Earth Retaining Structures Third Edition

Author: Chris R.I. Clayton
Publisher: CRC Press
ISBN: 1482206617
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... of Civil Engineers— Geotechnical Engineering, the Quarterly Journal of
Engineering Geology and Hydrogeology, Géotechnique, and the Journal of the
South African Institution of Civil Engineering. As a result of his geotechnical
research, on retaining structures, site characterisation and fundamental soil and
weak-rock behaviour, he has been invited to deliver a number of prestige
lectures, including the British Geotechnical Association Géotechnique Lecture (
1999), the Institution of ...

Sinkholes And Subsidence

Author: Tony Waltham
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
ISBN: 3540269533
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Karst and Cavernous Rocks in Engineering and Construction Tony Waltham,
Fred G. Bell, Martin G. Culshaw. LaValle, P. (1967) Some aspects of linear karst
depression ... In: Beck, B.F. and Herring, J.G. (eds), Geotechnical and
Environmental Applications of Karst Geology and Hydrology, pp. 145±151.
Balkema: Lisse. Li G. and Zhou W. (1999) Sinkholes in karst mining ... J. (2000)
Locating dissolution features in the Chalk. Quarterly Journal Engineering
Geology Hydrogeology, 33, ...