Racial Reckoning

Author: Renee C. Romano
Publisher: Harvard University Press
ISBN: 0674966880
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Yet, as Renee C. Romano shows, addressing the nation’s troubled racial past will require more than legal justice.

Adam S Ancestors

Author: David N. Livingstone
Publisher: JHU Press
ISBN: 9781421401430
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... his listeners were told, was entirely justified; after all, God “discriminated in
favor of Adam and against all the pre-Adamic people.”57 Charles Lee Magne's
booklet The Negro and the World Crisis continues the same offensively tedious
refrain, presenting yet again the Christian Identity movement's standard
vilification of black origins, anthropology, culture, and history. The purpose was to
inject into his readers a sense ofcrisis that a day of racial reckoning was imminent
, when adamic ...

Darwin S Sacred Cause

Author: Adrian Desmond
Publisher: Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
ISBN: 0547527756
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Black people now outnumbered Europeans by twenty to one; black and mixed-
race by thirty to one. In the House of Assembly, 400,000 were governed by a 47-
man planter oligarchy chosen by fewer than 2,000 electors. If voting did nothing
for the majority, it seemed a revolution would, and as the day of racial reckoning
dawned, abolitionist dreams of a peaceful, industrious island faded. The old
biblical belief that Africans and whites were members of one family lost ground to
prejudice ...

After Whiteness

Author: Mike Hill
Publisher: NYU Press
ISBN: 0814773397
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... which of course includes thinking about whiteness, than through the
extraordinary figure of Du Bois? Even in the simple reluctance to repeat his
celebrated phrase yet once more, the epigraph evokes a problem about citation (
and re-citation) and therefore gets one thinking from the start about repetition and
time as well as category. The epigraph presents what I want to argue is an
appropriately nonsynchronistic form of racial reckoning between Du Bois's
historical moment and ours, ...

The Latter Day Saints Millennial Star

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It is evident that the most worthy effirts often fail, while tho worst succeed. This f.ict
alone ought to show the folly of bisitig an ojliuiiv.; of catra.3- ter on a sape racial
MARCH 19, 1872. PRESIDENTS. Tlie editor of the Juvenile Instrnctitr [Elder Geo.
Q Cannon] was under tlie necessity of going to California a few days ago to
attend to bnsin,-,.; there. He left San Prauoisoo for home, on the morning of the
26th of ...

The Road To Aztlan

Author: Virginia M. Fields
Publisher: Los Angeles County Museum
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... suggest the degree to which miscegenation and passing existed on the remote
fringes of northern New Spain, profoundly complicating racial reckoning. The
nobility who settled New Spain's northern reaches thought of mestizos as
despicable because of their illegitimate birth, or so they claimed. On this point
they were probably right. For throughout the eighteenth century high levels of
illegitimacy occurred in Hispanic settlements because of illicit unions, both
consensual and forced.

The Silent War

Author: Frank Füredi
Publisher: Rutgers Univ Pr
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Lord Weardale's introduction to the Congress proceedings assumed that his view
that 'nearer and nearer we see approaching the day when vast populations of the
East will assert their claim to meet on terms of equality the nations of the West'
was not controversial.23 Other delegates were no less certain that the time of
racial reckoning was approaching. The existence of a substantial body of
discussion on the threat - actual or potential - to the white race some time before
the First ...

Uplifting The Race

Author: Kevin Kelly Gaines
Size: 14.70 MB
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By this shortsighted racial reckoning, in which black ideals of self-help respond to
and reinforce the majority society's hostility to federal enforcement of civil rights,
integration, antipoverty programs, and the expansion of the black middle class
have produced a culture of poverty, ending a golden age of supposedly healthy
black communities during the era of de jure segregation. There is a clear
relationship between post-civil rights neoliberal claims of a color-blind society
and the ...

Journal Of The Washington Academy Of Sciences

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Even to Thomas Jefferson it seemed reasonable to ascribe the atrocities of the
revolution in Haiti to racial animosity, without considering what the mobs had
done in Paris, or the suicidal perfidies of Bonaparte and Le Clerc, or Rocham-
beau's despairing resort to Schrecklichkeit. The peaceful history of Liberia should
figure in the racial reckoning, as well as the sanguinary history of Haiti. The effect
of slavery on the white people was the critical fact with Aublet, without irrelevant
debate ...

The Chautauquan

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What has all this to do with “Seeing Constantinople ?" To see Constantinople
without sensing its relation to environment is to miss see— ing it. We shall not
comprehend at all the elements involved in the surges of mankind around this
strategic point if we have not taken racial reckoning. Constantinople visualizes for
us the Mediterranean phenomena of contact, conflict, submergence, resurgence,
assimilation, extinction of races, so-called. Jew and Gentile, Parthian, Scythian,
bond and ...