Sexual Exploitation And Abuse In Un Peacekeeping

Author: Kelly Neudorfer
Publisher: Lexington Books
ISBN: 0739199617
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In Juvenile Delinquency and Urban Areas, edited by Clifford R. Shaw and Henry
D. McKay. Chicago: University of Chicago Press. Silver, Eric and Lisa L. Miller.
2004. "Sources of Informal Social Control in Chicago Neighborhoods."
Criminology 42 (3):551-83. Simic, Olivera. 2009. "Rethinking 'Sexual Exploitation'
in UN Peacekeeping Operations." Women's Studies International Forum 32 (4):
288-95. Simic, Olivera. 2012. Regulation of Sexual Conduct in UN Peacekeeping

Transitional Justice And Civil Society In The Balkans

Author: Olivera Simić
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
ISBN: 1461454220
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Her research engages with transitional justice, international law, gender and
crime from an interdisciplinary perspective. Olivera has published in journals
such as International Journal of Transitional Justice, Law Text Culture, Women'
Studies International Forum, Journal of International Women Studies,
International Peacekeeping as well as in books and book chapters. Her latest
book, Regulation of Sexual Conduct in UN Peacekeeping Operations, has been
published by Springer in ...

Sex In Peace Operations

Author: Gabrielle Simm
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
ISBN: 1107030323
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The West African aid for sex scandal has generated a range of mechanisms for
NGO self-regulation. The concerns of beneficiaries, however, were heard only by
accident, as part of a consultation on a broader issue, demonstrating the
continuing weakness of the 'downward accountability' of NGOs to beneficiaries.
The IASC Task Force response to the aid for sex scandal was to develop the
Code of Conduct encapsulating the zero tolerance policy later adopted by the UN
. In relation to ...

Politicization Of Sexual Violence

Author: Carol Harrington
Publisher: Ashgate Publishing, Ltd.
ISBN: 9780754674580
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Carol Harrington traces the historical change in the politicization of rape as an international problem, explaining the fascinating transference of the expert authority gained by early international women's organizations to ...

Report Of The Special Committee On Peacekeeping Operations And Its Working Group

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The Special Committee affirms that all peacekeeping personnel must be
informed of and adhere to all applicable rules, regulations, provisions and
guidelines provided by the United Nations for peacekeepers, as well as to
national laws and regulations. All acts of misconduct should be investigated and
punished without delay in accordance with due process of law as well as with
memoranda of understanding that have been concluded between the United
Nations and Member States.

International Law And Armed Conflict

Author: Noëlle Quénivet
Publisher: T.M.C. Asser Press
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Acceptable conduct must be exercised by mission personnel at all times to
ensure the best possible relations with local communities, which in turn
contributes towards the effectiveness of the mission." 'Liberia: UNMIL
Investigating Alleged Sexual Misconduct by Peacekeepers in Four Incidents',
IRIN Africa (3 May 2005) <> (
accessed 28 January 2009); and 'UN to Investigate Report of Peacekeepers
Sexually Abusing Children', ...

Women War Peace

Author: Elisabeth Rehn
Publisher: Kumarian Press
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"In my culture, it is not common to talk about sex with men, let alone strange men,
" a woman in the DRC confided. ... Short of legal action, peacekeepers are held
accountable to the UN Code of Personal Conduct for Blue Helmets36 which,
according to Radhika Coomaraswamy, the UN Special Rapporteur on Violence
against Women, does not sufficiently ... Other codes aiming to regulate the
conduct of peacekeeping personnel, particularly in field operations, are also

Yearbook Of The United Nations

Author: United Nations
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Special Committee on Peacekeeping Operations consideration. The Special
Committee on Peacekeeping Operations, at its 2008 substantive session [A/62/
19], affirmed that any kind of misconduct by peacekeeping personnel was
detrimental to the missions and the Organization's image, and had adverse
effects on the population of host countries. All peacekeeping personnel had to
adhere to all applicable UN rules, regulations, provisions and guidelines for
peacekeepers, as well as ...

Unintended Consequences Of Peacekeeping Operations

Author: Chiyuki Aoi
Publisher: United Nations Univ
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nal Oversight Services on allegations of sexual exploitation and abuse
acknowledges this: "Few military or civilian staff seemed aware of the directives,
policies, rules and regulations governing sexual contact that they were obligated
to follow". Investigation by the Office of Internal Oversight Services into
Allegations of Sexual Exploitation and Abuse in the United Nations Organization
Mission in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, UN Doc. A/59/661, 5 January
2005, p. 11. 72.