Scaling Physiological Processes

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This book focuses on extending concepts from plant physiological ecology as a basis for understanding carbon, energy, and biogeochemical cycles at ecosystem, regional, and global levels.

Scaling In Biology

Author: James H. Brown
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Quarter-Power Allometric Scaling in Vascular Plants: Functional Basis and
Ecological Consequences Brian J. Enquist Geoffrey B. West James H. Brown 1
Nevertheless, there are few mechanistic models that attempt to link the
relationships between whole plant architectural geometry, microscopic anatomy
of the vascular system, and the physiological process of fluid flow, either within
the different parts of a ...

Metabolic Ecology

Author: Richard M. Sibly
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2 Major physiological and ecological processes in phytoplankton scale with cell
size and temperature. The scaling relationships and the corresponding
exponents can often be derived based on first principles, such as surface area to
volume relationships, and MTE considerations, such as fractal scaling of supply
networks. 3 The scaling relationships in phytoplankton are sensitive to
environmental conditions, resource availability in particular, and can deviate from
the predicted ...

Scale Free Dynamics And Critical Phenomena In Cortical Activity

Author: Biyu J. He
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Such systems are broadly referred to as “scale—free” (Bassingthwaighte et al.,
1994). There is growing evidence that physiological processes can exhibit
fluctuations without characteristic scales and that this scale—free dynamics is
important for their function (Bassingth— waighte et al., 1994; Bak, 1996;
Goldberger et al., 2002; Stam, 2005; Ghosh et al., 2008; He et al., 2010; West,
2010). Detrended fluctuation analysis (DFA; Peng et al., 1994), a method for ana
— lyzing scaling ...

Advances In Chemical Physics Fractals Diffusion And Relaxation In Disordered Complex Systems

Author: Yuri P. Kalmykov
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Herein we view our efforts midway between the two because fractal physiology is
still a work in progress and much of what we present may prove to be irrelevant,
whereas some of it might be even more significant than we can now appreciate. II
physiological processes with an empirical study of the scaling behavior of time
series obtained from the quantitative measurements of certain physiologic
systems—for ...

Photosynthetic Adaptation

Author: William K Smith
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This class of process-oriented models has typically a hierarchical structure,
scaling physical and physiological processes from a single leaf to higher
hierarchical orders such as single crown, vegetation canopies, and landscape
mosaics (e.g., Bal— docchi and Harley 1995). The predictions of SVAT models
are strongly affected by the scaling strategies adopted for the integration of the
leaf—level photosyn— thetic response with the light climate (Law et al. 2001).
There is a plethora of ...

Patterns Of Intuition

Author: Gerhard Nierhaus
Publisher: Springer
ISBN: 9401795614
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Ehleringer JR, Field CB et al (1993) Scaling physiological processes: leaf to
globe. Academic Press, San Diego 13. Hadamard J (1949) The psychology of
invention in the field of mathematics. Princeton University Press, Princeton 14.
Halbwachs M (1952) Les Cadres Sociaux de la Mémoire. Presses Universitaires
de France, Paris 15. Lefebvre H (2004) Rhythmanalysis: space, time and
everyday life. Continuum, London 16. Loftus EF, Loftus GR (1980) On the
permanence of stored ...

Human Body Size And The Laws Of Scaling

Author: Thomas T. Samaras
Publisher: Nova Publishers
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Physiological, Performance, Growth, Longevity and Ecological Ramifications
Thomas T. Samaras. THE PRINCIPLE OF ... Simply put, how thinly a pie must be
cut, or which process might get less at the expense of those receiving more, is
ultimately dictated by the size of the pie. This can be extended to ... One linkage
of allometry and allocation traces to the predictable decline in mass-specific rates
of processes associated with metabolism as organisms get larger. This means
that ...

The Ecological Implications Of Body Size

Author: Robert Henry Peters
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
ISBN: 9780521288866
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The ecological implications of biological scaling are, therefore, primarily
autecological. Such information is valuable and important, but many processes
depend on other members of the population or the community. For example,
excretion, ingestion, growth, and reproduction are each physiological processes
that scale to body size. These autecological rates are given new significance
when multiplied by the number of individuals in the population or community.
Excretion becomes ...

Model Systems In Aging

Author: Heinz D. Osiewacz
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
ISBN: 9783540024903
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As described subsequently, expression of normally latent autolytic potential is a
feature of senescence and cell death processes in terrestrial plants, so this may
be another aspect of development and body organisation that plants and colonial
animals share. 6.2.5 Scaling up and scaling down Observation of ageing
behaviour at a high level of organisation in order to identify causative time-
dependent physiological processes in sub-components is a "scaling down" issue.
There is an ...