School Desegregation Research

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But the reader, perusing the essays with the situation in mind, should remember that the desegregation situation should not be inter preted literally.

Effective School Desegregation

Author: Willis D. Hawley
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Specialists in the field of education, ethnic studies, and law, synthesize recent research on the desegregation process and outline relatively inexpensive steps for maximizing both educational equity and excellence.

School Desegregation

Author: Harold Gerard
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Purl, M. C. The achievement of pupils in desegregated schools. Riverside, Cal:
Riverside Unified School District, March 1971. Purl, M. C. The achievement of
students in primary grades after seven years of desegregation. Riverside, Cal
Riverside Unified School District, February 1973. Purl, M. C., & Kleinke, C
Comparative data for the Lorge–Thorndike Intelligence and Stanford Reading
Achievement Test. Riverside Cal. Department of Research and Evaluation,
Riverside Unified ...

Social Research In The Judicial Process

Author: Wallace D. Loh
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In the mid-sixties, sociologists gathered extensive cross-sectional data and
applied sophisticated multivariate analyses to examine the social and
educational effects of "natural" desegregation. In the mid-seventies, revisionist
sociologists conducted similar large-scale surveys on the effects of "induced"
desegregation via mandatory busing. In all these instances, the basic research
question was, "What is the effect of school segregation or desegregation on
certain outcomes?

Issues In Teaching And Education Policy Research And Special Topics 2012 Edition

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However, there are several ways in which school boards and other policy makers
can promote school desegregation: considering race when drawing attendance
zones, building new schools, closing schools, and locating magnet schools in
strategic areas,” wrote D.J. Armor and colleagues, George Mason University. The
researchers concluded: “Further, magnet schools might meet narrow tailoring
requirements if race is only one of several factors considered during the
application ...

Redefining Social Problems

Author: Edward Seidman
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The academic achievement of black students in desegregated schools. Review
of Educational Research, 47, 399–449. Buckley, W. (Ed.). (1968). Modern
systems research for the behavioral scientist: A sourcebook. Chicago: Aldine.
Cadwallader, M. (1959). The cybernetic analysis of change in complex social
organizations. American Journal of Sociology, 65, 154–157. Chesler, M. A.,
Crowfoot, J. E., & Bryant, B. I. (1978). Institutional changes to support school
desegregation: ...

Race And Schooling In The City

Author: Adam Yarmolinsky
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School. Desegregation: Lessons. from. the. Research. WILLIS D. HAWLEY Until
very recently school desegregation was seen in relatively straightforward terms.1
Its purpose was to end discrimination manifest in overt or indirect exclusion of
racial minorities from public schools. It was justified because it achieved this goal.
But as desegregation has moved North and West, the moral imperative from
which it drew its momentum has dissipated. It has become increasingly
respectable to ...