Science And Technology Policymaking

Author: Deborah D. Stine
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Contents: Overview of U.S. Science and Technology Policy; What are Some Perspectives on Science and Technology Policy?

Science And Technology Policymaking

Author: Alfred T. Barrios
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Scientific and technical knowledge and guidance influences not just policy related to science and technology, but also many of today's public policies as policymakers seek knowledge to enhance the quality of their decisions.

Science And Technology In Presidential Policymaking

Author: National Academy of Sciences (U.S.). Committee on Science and Technology
Publisher: National Academies
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That science and technology are constantly transforming the world is manifest.
Indeed, the process is so pervasive that its implications tend to be overlooked or
neglected. For several hundred years, the growth of scientific knowledge and the
development of new technologies have been changing the character of human
life. Today, and for the forseeable future, science and technology will continue to
be the chief engine of change in our society. Science is an intellectual endeavor
that ...

Comparative Study On The National Science And Technology Policy Making Bodies In The Countries Of Eastern And Southern Africa

Author: Unesco
Publisher: UNESCO ; Lanham, Md. : Unipub
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Under such a situation, the science and technology policy-making body, lacking
the governmental support, limits its activities to the field of popularization of
science including the role of science and technology in the national socio-
economic development process. It may even prepare science and technology
policy documents ; the recommendations therein are, however, hardly taken note
of in governmental decision-taking, in a country where there is no highly placed
body capable of ...

Comparative Study On The National Science And Technology Policy Making Bodies In The Countries Of Eastern And Southern Africa

Publisher: UNESCO ; Lanham, Md. : Unipub
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The 3rd Development Plan of Kenya (1974-78) made specific mention of the
desire by Government to set up a national body for scientific and technological
policy-making during the Plan period. Thus, in 1975, the Government took the
first concrete step, at the national level, to set up a machinery responsible for the
formulation of a national science and technology policy. In that year, Professor P.
Gacii was seconded to the Ministry of Finance from the University of Nairobi and
with the ...

Mastering A New Role

Author: Committee on Technology Policy Options in a Global Economy
Publisher: National Academies Press
ISBN: 0309584078
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In addition, there has been little effort to coordinate or consolidate the
autonomous yet often overlapping science and technology policies of the diverse
federal mission agencies that collectively define U.S. federal technology policy
overall. ... alone, begin to coordinate) the investments of various mission
agencies in technology areas of mutual interest, such as manufacturing and
advanced materials.22 The fragmented nature of science and technology
policymaking at the federal level, ...

Science And Technology In Africa

Author: John W. Forje
Publisher: Gale / Cengage Learning
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An examination of the institutional framework for science and technology policy-
making organs shows wide divergences reflecting the different stages of
development among African countries. In some countries, the structures of
science and technology policy are still at the early stages of formation while
others are now a long way from the colonial void. Science policy-making bodies
in the latter now demonstrate 'a primary concern with the allocation of resources
for the support of ...

Science Agriculture And The Politics Of Policy

Author: Ian Scoones
Publisher: Orient Blackswan
ISBN: 9788125029441
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and technology and the broader politics of policymaking in India, a case is made
here for closer attention being paid to the technocracy at the heart of
contemporary policymaking. This chapter explores the history of science-
policymaking interactions in Karnataka and Bangalore, in particular, relating this
to broader transitions at national and global levels. A particular focus is the social
and political positioning of science and scientists over time in the Indian context,
and how this has ...

Japanese Information In Science Technology And Commerce

Author: Dieter Mönch
Publisher: IOS Press
ISBN: 9789051990225
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As recently as a decade ago, few questioned the fundamental value of "
cooperation" in science and technology among countries of the Western alliance.
Now every aspect of exchange (licensing, direct investment, foreign support for
university research) is under debate and scrutiny. These changes present
challenges for researchers, businessmen and policymakers in the United States,
Japan and Western Europe. This paper explores the changing context for US-
Japan science and ...

Anticipatory Policymaking

Author: Rob A. DeLeo
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1317604962
Size: 30.71 MB
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