Secret Slave

Author: Anna Ruston
Publisher: Bonnier Publishing Ltd.
ISBN: 1911274112
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Her salvation arrived thirteen years too late, but despite her shattered mind and body, Anna finally managed to flee. This is her harrowing, yet uplifting story, of survival.

Vagabonds Of Gor

Author: John Norman
Publisher: Hachette UK
ISBN: 0575124261
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The slave, of course, like the sleen or verr, a mere domestic animal, like them, is
seldom in a position to improve, say, a fellow's social connections. An occasional
exception is the secret slave whom most believe to be still free, her true
relationship being concealed, at least for a time, by her master's will, from the
public. This deception is difficult to maintain, of course, for as the woman grows in
her slavery, it becomes more and more evident in her, in her behavior, her
movements, her ...

The Slave Trade Of East Africa

Author: Edward Moss Hutchinson
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He also says, writing on the 4th April, 1871 — ' ' I should have had some
hesitation in ordering the destruction of this vessel had it not been notorious how
active are the preparations for the slave-trade this season, and how utterly
powerless the Sultan is to prevent the system of kidnapping and secret slave
dealing that is carried on by and for the northern Arabs. "No one more readily
acknowledges this than his Highness ; but he knows that his officers are all open
to bribes, and ...

Self Taught

Author: Heather Andrea Williams
Publisher: Univ of North Carolina Press
ISBN: 9780807888971
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What Acquiring Literacy in learning dey would get in dem days, Slave
Communities dey been get it at night. Taught demselves. Louisa Gause, South
Carolina I have seen the Negroes up in the country going away under large oaks,
and in secret places, sitting in the woods with spelling books. Charity Bowery,
North Carolina Despite laws and custom in slave states prohibiting enslaved
people from learning to read and write, a small percentage managed, through
ingenuity and will, ...

The Atlantic Slave Trade

Author: Joseph E. Inikori
Publisher: Duke University Press
ISBN: 9780822312437
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Keeping Slaves in Place: The Secret Debate on the Slavery Question in Northern
Nigeria, 1900-1904 JAN HOGENDORN AND PAUL E. LOVEJOY It Has Been
widely recognized that British colonial policy toward slavery in Northern Nigeria
was crafted by that territory's first high commissioner, Frederick Lugard. When Sir
Frederick assumed the post in 1900, he implemented a number of ideas drawn
from his experience in East Africa. By 1906, when he was transferred away from ...

Bury The Chains

Author: Adam Hochschild
Publisher: Pan Macmillan
ISBN: 0330469908
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But nowhere was the social order overturned so dramatically as by the rebellion
that shook the French colony of St. Domingue. It was the largest and bloodiest
slave revolt the world has ever seen. Count Mirabeau, whom Clarkson had met in
Paris, once said that the whites of St. Domingue slept “at the foot of Vesuvius.” In
the summer of 1791 the colony was swept by slave escapes. A series of secret
slave gatherings took place on St. Domingue's rich northern plain, the heartland
of its ...

Greatest Emancipations

Author: Jim Powell
Publisher: St. Martin's Press
ISBN: 9780230612983
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Secret. Slavery. in. the. Congo. When Leopold succeeded his father as king of
Belgium in 1865, apparently he began brooding about how he might claim some
greatness for his little country. He wanted a colony, but nearly all the territory in
Asia and the Americas was claimed already. The only opportunities left were in
Africa. Little-known central Africa was unclaimed by any European power, and he
decided to try to seize it. To avoid provoking opposition in the international
community ...

Secret Journeys

Author: Marilyn C. Wesley
Publisher: SUNY Press
ISBN: 9780791439951
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Incidents in the Life of a Slave Girl If Mary Rowlandson's captivity narrative is
double-voiced, then the nineteenth-century slave narrative is polyvocal. As with
the captivity narrative, the typical accompanying prefaces and postscripts by
white men intend its appropriation. And, with roots in the seventeenth-century
captivity genre, the eighteenth-century autobiography, and nineteenth- century
sentimental fiction, the slave narrative itself also expresses complex affiliations.
Henry Louis ...

Ormus The Secret Alchemy Of Mary Magdalene Revealed Part A

Publisher: ORMUS® USA/Japan
ISBN: 0979373700
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... 50 Sinai 122 singing 28 Sinn 113 sinner 33 Sippara 100 Sir Lawrence
Gardener xxxiv Sitchin, Controversy Surrounding 102 skeletal and muscular
systems 43 Skeletal evidence from grave sites 101 skilled in metalwork and
stonework 100 slaughtered in attempts to control the secrets of ORMUS 85 slave
xxxvii, 65, 71, 76, 85, 103, 104, 116 slave-masters 63 slave-miners 103 slave
Anunnaki rebellion 104 slave masters 63 slavery xxvii, 70, 98 slave that can birth,
feed & rear it's own ...

The Results Of Slavery

Author: Augustin Cochin
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Suppressed in July, 1842, it still endures in secret. Slavery subsists with it. The
country of Henry the Navigator still possesses settlements in Africa and Asia as
so many witnesses of its ancient power ; — in Africa, the Cape Verde Islands,
Portuguese Senegambia or Upper Guinea, and St. Thomas and Prince's Island,
with the governments of Angola and Benguela in the Gulf of Guinea on the
western coast, and Mozambique on the eastern coast ; in Asia, the province of
Goa and the ...