Sexual Conduct Advice For Young Women

Author: ES Williams
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This booklet contrasts the sexual advice provided by teenage magazines and sex education with the biblical view of sexual conduct.

Youth Cultures

Author: Kerry Mallan
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conduct/thoughts/aspirations accordingly. In this manner, self-interrogation gains
the status of an exercise in scientific inquiry. Although some parts of the
magazine appear to be simply informative (sex, celebrities, fashion, advice), even
these provide a set of measures — an ideal — against which young women are
expected to measure themselves. Ultimately, ideals such as "the Cosmo girl"
affect the sexual conduct of young women, not simply because they provide a
high- visibility ...

Gender In The Civil Rights Movement

Author: Peter J. Ling
Publisher: Routledge
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42 The content of Tan's regular "Teen Talk" section revealed that sexual double-
standards had been imbibed along with other mainstream values, since it
directed almost all of its advice on proper sexual conduct towards young black
women, warning that "Boredom, loneliness, too much idle time and even the
strong desire to be popular, account for a number of good girls going astray."43
The magazine averred that pre-marital virginity was the "moral ideal" in American
society, and ...

Sexual Revolution In Early America

Author: Richard Godbeer
Publisher: JHU Press
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But they focused most of their attention on the implications for female
comportment.49 A steady stream of articles addressed to "young unmarried
ladies" offered "friendly hints" about appropriate conduct in the presence of men.
"Caution and circumspection," warned one such piece, "ought ever to be on the
watch, and externally pleasing appearances examined with an eagle's eye."
Those who gave way to "wild passion" and "sufferjed] unbridled desire to warp
the true bent of the soul," ...

Women S Voices In Ireland

Author: Caitriona Clear
Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing
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pregnancy could have used the edicts of Angela Macnamara to hold off
importunate boyfriends and thus give them (the women) a few extra years of
earning and freedom. In the 1960s, many Irish people still objected to young
women having education, good jobs, independent living, friends outside the
family and sexual information. Macnamara robustly defended young people's
rights to all of these things; the strictness of her advice about sexual conduct has
to be understood against ...

Hooking Up

Author: Kathleen A. Bogle
Publisher: NYU Press
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In the dating era, women's sexual behavior was also scrutinized.61 Women were
permitted to allow some necking and petting, but were absolutely supposed to
maintain their virginity. Advice books were filled with suggestions for women on
how to conduct themselves in sexual matters.62 These books suggested that
women were responsible for playing the “gatekeeper” role during sexual
interaction on dates.63 The 1958 advice book The Art of Dating warned young
women about ...

The Forms Of Renaissance Thought

Author: L. Barkan
Publisher: Springer
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Young women, in particular, might witness sexual acts but not have the language
to describe what they saw; they might hear allusions to sexual conduct, but not
know precisely what was implied.46 These barriers to knowledge and expression
began to break down in the 1640s ... So, too, vernacular medical texts, including
ones directed toward women, became increasingly available and sexually
explicit, read as much for their sexual advice as for their medical information.47
Together ...

Regulating Passion

Author: Kelly A. Ryan
Publisher: Oxford University Press
ISBN: 0199928428
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Biblical examples of women's lascivious behavior causing sexual “uncleanness”
were a consistent theme in sermons warning young men and women to avoid
illicit sex. Although both sexes were seen as culpable for sexual seductions,
ministers' fears regarding women's sexual enticement of men lurked in their
sermons. In the late 1720s, Reverend Samuel Phillips delivered a sermon
entitled “Advice to a Child” in Andover, Massachusetts. He assured his
congregation that his sermon ...

Politicization Of Sexual Violence

Author: Carol Harrington
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1317078616
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Military authorities harnessed women's organizations not only in providing
recreational opportunities for soldiers but in policing young women's sexual
conduct with soldiers. Delegating authority to mature women over female sexual
conduct in certain zones granted them an area of public authority in the form of
policing delinquent girls and mobilized women's groups in constructing an image
of soldier chastity. according to advice in a 1914 letter from a chief constable to
the British ...

Gender Youth And Culture

Author: Anoop Nayak
Publisher: Macmillan International Higher Education
ISBN: 1137328932
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Their audience-based study also found that men spoke of distancing themselves
from the magazines, not taking them too seriously while simultaneously engaging
with the advice and features. Their analysis suggests that ... The sexual content is
marked by features such as exaggeration, self-parody and irony which suggest
new forms of sexual conduct for young women: 'this sexual material marks a new
moment in the construction of female sexual identities. It proposes boldness ...