Sexual Conduct

Author: William Simon
Publisher: Routledge
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This is best summarized in the phrase "anatomy is destiny." Consequently, the almost exclusive concern has been with the power of biology and nature in sexual conduct as opposed to understanding the significance and impact of social life.

Sexual Conduct And The Law

Author: Gerhard Otto Walter Mueller
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The laws concerning rape, homosexual conduct, prostitution, pornography, and other sexual offenses are reviewed with additional consideration of sexual privacy legislation and the issues involved in the regulation of sexual conduct

Sexual Conduct Advice For Young Women

Author: ES Williams
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This booklet contrasts the sexual advice provided by teenage magazines and sex education with the biblical view of sexual conduct.

Supranational Criminal Prosecution Of Sexual Violence

Author: Anne-Marie de Brouwer
Publisher: Intersentia nv
ISBN: 9050955339
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introduction of evidence of prior or subsequent sexual conduct.154 Rule 71
includes the phrase 'subject to Article 69, paragraph 4', which implies that even
though prior or subsequent sexual conduct is generally not relevant or
admissible, a different conclusion might be drawn on the basis of Article 69(4)
which requires that the probative value of the evidence and any prejudice that
such evidence may cause to a fair trial or to a fair evaluation of the testimony of a
witness needs to be ...

Adolescent Sexual Behavior In The Digital Age

Author: Fabian Saleh
Publisher: Oxford University Press
ISBN: 0199357978
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... Paul Ferber who sold to an undercover police officer two films depicting young
boys masturbating. When the case reached the U.S. Supreme Court, the issue
the justices faced was simply framed: “To prevent the abuse of children who are
made to engage in sexual conduct for commercial purposes, could the New York
State Legislature, consistent with the First Amendment, prohibit the dissemination
of material which shows children engaged in sexual conduct, regardless of
whether ...

Addressing Rape Reform In Law And Practice

Author: Susan Caringella
Publisher: Columbia University Press
ISBN: 9780231134255
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AND SEXUAL ASSAULT The rape reform movement pinpointed many of the
problems with rape prosecution as stemming from the view and treatment of rape
as a sex crime. The "rape as sex" view is believed by many to beget the myths
and corollary discriminatory legal obstacles already noted. Because of this, rape
has been redefined in many jurisdictions. About half the states maintained the
term ...

Sexual Assault

Author: Susan Goodwin
Publisher: Legislative Reference Bureau
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to have sexual intercourse or sexual contact. A person under l5 years of age is
incapable of consent as a matter of law." Any child between the ages of l5 and l7
years or a person who is mentally ill or unconscious is presumed incapable of
consent but that presumption may be rebutted. The l975 legislation imposes
limitations on admissible evidence concerning a victim's reputation and prior
sexual conduct and requires that the admissibility of such evidence be
determined by pretrial ...