Social Policy Production Rather Than Distribution

Author: Peter Herrmann
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Social Policy research and respective debates have become over time distinct – as matter of gaining their own frame of reference or the other way round: emerging as some kind of policy ‘modern moral’, without maintaining their genuine ...

Developing Social Policy In Conditions Of Rapid Change

Author: International Council on Social Welfare
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If human well-being is defined in terms of goods and services, then concern with
production and distribution of goods and services becomes central to social
policy. Production is important, for more goods are seen to be better than less
goods; distribution is important, for all persons have some claim to the Gross
National Product. In other words, the central question of a social policy which
sees man essentially as a consumer, is the question of scarcity. Both the
Canadian and the ...

Environmental Protection Law And Policy

Author: Jane Holder
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
ISBN: 9781139463386
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These critics identify the cause of hunger in distribution, not production. If the
problem lies with social, political, and economic relationships – in injustice rather
than in scarcity – then biotechnology is not relevant. Sagoff's ascription of
Malthusian / 'limits to growth' motivations to greens across the board may be
rather too absolute; as we have seen, the basis of environmental consciousness
is much more difficult than that to pin down. We will also see in later chapters that
certain strands ...

Social Policy

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The actual distribution of enterprise revenues, at least conceptually, can be
separated from who makes the decisions about that distribution. The relative
allocation of resources is not a simple function of the mode of ownership. Worker-
owned enterprises are likely to differ widely on what proportions of their revenues
they allocate for wages, investment, and other purposes. The bias of worker
ownership, some believe, is toward higher wages rather than higher investment.
That would be ...

Social Policy

Author: Paul Spicker
Publisher: Policy Press
ISBN: 144731610X
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Some of the services which social policy is concerned with, like social security
and housing, involve the distribution ofmaterial goods; this means that '
production' is strongly identified with the goods provided, that is money and
housing. ... social care – rather than goods. These are processes, rather than
transactions. And that, Stephen Osborne argues, means that the relationship is
quite different from the way that production is conventionally understood. The
service user is part of the ...

The Assault On Social Policy

Author: William Roth
Publisher: Columbia University Press
ISBN: 0231123817
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Based on incisive analyses of economic globalization, class, politics, and bureaucracy, this book argues that the perfection of the free market is a myth.

The Impact Of Public Foodgrain Distribution On Food Consumption And Welfare In Sri Lanka

Author: James D. Gavan
Publisher: Intl Food Policy Res Inst
ISBN: 9780896290143
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This progress appears to be at least in part the result of a series of social policies
that have been followed in the country since and in some cases prior to
independence. Among these are the food distribution programs. A
comprehensive public rice distribution system has operated since World War II.
The system involves the ... This was also a period of high domestic production,
and overall food consumption increased rather than decreased as a result. In
1970 an additional paid ration ...

Social Policy

Author: Demetrius S. Iatridis
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14 THE SOCIETAL CONTEXT OF ECONOMICS What links these social
conditions together is the economic system: the production and distribution
mechanism of modern society. Hardly anything has figured more prominently in
the struggles for freedom, justice, and social development than the issue of how
the economy can increase the efficiency of production and distribution of goods
and services, promoting at the same time the rights and responsibilities of the
individual, family, ...

The Cap And Green Agriculture

Author: David Harvey
Publisher: Institute for Public Policy Research
ISBN: 9781872452241
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The PEG allows a threshold level of support to be paid to farmers on the basis of
their (past) production, recognising that there is a social benefit (implicit in current
support policies) to the domestic production of farm products over and above the
market price. The PEG payment can be ... The distribution of PEG limits can be
used to direct public support towards people rather than products and benefit
smaller producers proportionately more than larger farms. In addition, conversion
of ...

Geography Of Production And Economic Integration

Author: Miroslav Jovanovic
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1134557108
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In the absence of adjustment policies, such as industrial, regional and social
policies, integration may impose costs on some countries, rather than give them
benefits. Therefore, cooperation among countries regarding the distribution of
gains and losses is a necessary condition for successful integration. In any case,
integration alters the geography of production in participating countries, which
must modify, and even abandon, the established domestic monopolies and
autarkic ...