Soil Water Repellency

Author: C.J. Ritsema
Publisher: Elsevier
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The fourth section is devoted to the effect of fire on water repellency, section five deals with the physics and modeling of flow and transport in water repellent soils, section six presents amelioration techniques and farming strategies to ...

Principles Of Soil Conservation And Management

Author: Humberto Blanco-Canqui
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Download Read Online Wettability Wettability is the ability of a soil to absorb water. Some soil
aggregates exhibit slight water repellency due to the coating of their surface by
soil organic matter -derived exudates and humic substances which form
hydrophobic ...

Fire Effects On Soils And Restoration Strategies

Author: A Cerda
Publisher: CRC Press
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Stefan H. Doerr1*, Richard A. Shakesby1 and Lee H. MacDonald2 Abstract Soil
water repellency (hydrophobicity) prevents water from wetting or infiltrating dry
soil. This condition has been documented under a wide range of vegetation types

Soil Water Repellency And The Use Of Nonionic Surfactants

Author: John Letey
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ABSTRACT Soil water repellency has become an increasingly important
consideration in the area of hydrology. Our laboratory has conducted research (1
) to determine factors causing soil water repellency, (2) to characterize and
measure soil ...

Superhydrophobic Surfaces

Author: Russell J. Crawford
Publisher: Elsevier
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Water repellency is also a relative property whose severity depends on the initial
soil moisture and particle size, as well as the type of organic matter coating the
soil particle surfaces. Such a water- repellent surface layer causes rainwater to ...

Formation Of Non Wettable Soils

Author: Leonard F. DeBano
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ABSTRACT: After a wildfire, some brushland soils in southern California have
been found to include a non- wettable layer. ... The water repellency in watershed
soils appears to be produced by organic substances in chaparral brush plants.

Pesticide Formulations And Delivery Systems

Author: Masoud Salyani
Publisher: ASTM International
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These soils often prevent effective wetting of the rootzone during precipitation or
irrigation and lead to increased runoff and leaching of pesticides, fertilizers, and
other amendments. Agriculturalists have approached the soil water repellency ...

Organic Soils And Peat Materials For Sustainable Agriculture

Author: Leon Etienne Parent
Publisher: CRC Press
ISBN: 142004009X
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Contact angles presented in the literature for organic soils confirm their
hydrophobicities or water repellencies. The influence of water repellency on the
variation in soil water content in a field peaty moorsh soil profile was studied by
Waniek et ...