Soil Water Repellency

Author: C.J. Ritsema
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The fourth section is devoted to the effect of fire on water repellency, section five deals with the physics and modeling of flow and transport in water repellent soils, section six presents amelioration techniques and farming strategies to ...

Principles Of Soil Conservation And Management

Author: Humberto Blanco-Canqui
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Download Read Online Wettability Wettability is the ability of a soil to absorb water. Some soil
aggregates exhibit slight water repellency due to the coating of their surface by
soil organic matter -derived exudates and humic substances which form
hydrophobic surface films (Chenu et al., 2000). Moderate water repellency is
beneficial to soil structural stability because it reduces slaking and increases
stability of aggregates, but high water repellency can significantly reduce water
infiltration and increase ...

Fire Effects On Soils And Restoration Strategies

Author: A Cerda
Publisher: CRC Press
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Stefan H. Doerr1*, Richard A. Shakesby1 and Lee H. MacDonald2 Abstract Soil
water repellency (hydrophobicity) prevents water from wetting or infiltrating dry
soil. This condition has been documented under a wide range of vegetation types
and climates and particularly following forest fires. Water repellency is of
considerable interest to land managers, hydrologists and soil scientists because i
) it can be induced, enhanced or destroyed during burning and ii) its presence
can cause a ...

Soil Water Repellency And The Use Of Nonionic Surfactants

Author: John Letey
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ABSTRACT Soil water repellency has become an increasingly important
consideration in the area of hydrology. Our laboratory has conducted research (1
) to determine factors causing soil water repellency, (2) to characterize and
measure soil water repellency magnitude, and (3) to determine the effect of soil
water repellency on various soil water flow processes. A number of factors are
involved in the formation of soil water repellency, but presence of plant litter and
a soil relatively ...