Southern Cultivator

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Southern Cultivator And Farming

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Editors Southern Cultivator: — "Subscriber," of this month's issue asked for a
detail of my preparation, compost and cultivation, that extracted such a large yield
of cotton from poor land. I have received letters from different States, asking the
same question, many of them wanting to purchase my small seed. 1 didn't offer
any cotton seed for sale — I gave to my neighbors the seed I had to spare. My
compost was made of muck, the sera- pings from the wood-yard, and cotton seed
. I made ...

Daniel Lee Agriculturist

Author: Coulter
Publisher: University of Georgia Press
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a ill x Editing the Southern Cultivator and the Genesee Farmer IN ADDITION to
treating the readers of the Southern Cultivator to his editorials and special articles
in other sections of the journal, Lee instituted a question-and-answer feature,
which became a common usage in most agricultural publications. He answered
these questions from his own knowledge gained by observations and
experiments, from encyclopedias, from the successive agricultural volumes of the
Patent Office ...

Masters Slaves And Exchange

Author: Kathleen M. Hilliard
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
ISBN: 1107046467
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Moralism. What do slaves want with money? What good can it possibly do them?
So asked a contributor to the Southern Cultivator in April 1860. With Republicans
ascendant and secession agitation reaching fever pitch, the author, A. T. Goodloe
, struggled to maintain some semblance of order on his plantation. He feared his
slaves, with cash in hand, would wander “wherever their inclination may lead
them” and that money would end up in the hands of proprietors of local dram
shops, ...

Agriculture And The Confederacy

Author: R. Douglas Hurt
Publisher: UNC Press Books
ISBN: 1469620014
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Southern Cultivator, January 1861. 3. Daily Picayune, January 23, 1861. 4. Ibid.,
February 2, 1861; Allen (James) Plantation Book, February 21, March 2, 7, and
28, 1861, MDAH; Diary, February 2 and April 22, 1861, Parker (Huston Huling)
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1861; Watkins, King Cotton, 30; Richmond Daily Examiner, March 15, 1861. 7.
Alexander (Robert B.) Diary and Account Book, April 14, 1861, MDAH; Richmond
Daily ...

American Pests

Author: James E. McWilliams
Publisher: Columbia University Press
ISBN: 0231511361
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Genesee Farmer, Farmer's Cabinet, August 1, 1836, 25–26; Mary Griffith, Our
Neighborhood, or Letters on Horticulture and Natural Phenomena: Interspersed
with Opinions on Domestic and Moral Economy (New York: Bliss, 1831), 30–31;
Deane, NewEngland Farmer, 183; H. C. Giddens, “To Kill Lice on Swine—
Destroy Poisonous Mushrooms,” Southern Cultivator, July 1852, 294; “Bucks
County Intelligencer,” Farmer's Cabinet, January 1, 1837, 185. 26. The
Agriculturalist, Yankee ...

Runaway Slaves

Author: John Hope Franklin
Publisher: Oxford University Press
ISBN: 0199840253
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... Southern Cultivator 7 (May 1849), 69; Philon, “Moral Management of Negroes,”
Southern Cultivator 7 (July 1849), 105–6; “Management of Slaves,” De Bow's
Review 13 (August 1852), 193–94; see Breeden, Advice Among Masters, 342. 17
. In 1860, those who could not afford overseers, the nonplanter class,
represented about 88 percent of the 385,000 slave owners in the South. There
were approximately 1.5 million white families in the region at the time. 18.
Theodore Rosengarten ...

The New Encyclopedia Of Southern Culture

Author: Melissa Walker
Publisher: UNC Press Books
ISBN: 1469616688
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... 318; timber in, 325 Southdown, 37 Southern Agriculturalist, Horticulturist, and
Register of Rural Affairs, 39 Southern Cultivator, 64, 173 Southerner and World
Affairs, The (Hero), 79 Southern Farm Gazette, 190 Southern Farmers' Alliance,
17, 135. See also Farmers' Alliance Southern Good Roads, 85 Southern
Governors' Conference, 312 Southern Growth Policies Board, 321–22 Southern
Heritage Apple Orchard, 142 Southern identity, 223, 244, 245–47 Southern
Living magazine, ...