Author: Brian Solomon
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"An examination of the introduction of streamliners to American railroading, including the technology and styling trends"--

The Train Book

Author: DK
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TALKING POINT Rail and Road By the mid-1930s, American Art Deco-style cars
and streamlined steam trains were capable of achieving speeds of 120 mph (193
km/h). ... steam train. u CN Class U-4-a, 1936 Wheel arrangement 4-8-4
Cylinders 2 Boiler pressure 275 psi (19.33 kg/sq cm) Driving wheel diameter 77
in (1,956 mm) Top speed 90 mph (145 km/h) Five of these streamlined
Confederationtype express passenger locomotives were built for Canadian
National Railways by the ...

The Great Railway Revolution

Author: Christian Wolmar
Publisher: Atlantic Books Ltd
ISBN: 0857897799
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The result of this feverish activity was that, for a short period in the late 1930s, the
ten fastest regular train services in the world were all American streamliners. It
was not so much the speed or the dieselpowered engines that caught the public's
imagination, but rather their streamlining. ... Several railways that did not
introduce diesels nevertheless streamlined their steam locomotives, but while
they looked very elegant, the improvement in fuel efficiency was minimal. But it
was not just ...

All Aboard

Author: Lynn Johnson
Publisher: Chronicle Books
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A study of the graphic images used to advertise and market rail travel in the twentieth century.

Railway Age

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Erne%t E. Norris, president, said that he "hopefully expected" early receipt of the
new power, which includes six 4,000-hp. passenger, sixteen 6,000-hp. freight,
and fourteen 1,000-hp. switcher locomotives. In addition ... new streamliner,
daylight trains to run between Chicago and St. Louis, Mo. These units ... This will
reduce the expense of the railroads for crating and shipping parts and will
increase the speed of adjustment with greater accuracy and fairness to both
parties. "Complete ...

Rail Vehicles For Passengers

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In Europe, locomotive designers also used streamlining to demonstrate speed,
though how effective any of it was is still debated. ... power, such as the Great
Western Railway who, through three generations of chief mechanical engineers (
Churchward, Collett and Hawksworth), developed a consistent style which ran
from their smallest tank engine through goods locomotives to their largest
express. No flashy batch of streamliners for them, but a strong, convincing image
just the same.

Yesterday S Railways

Author: Peter Herring
Publisher: David & Charles Publishers
ISBN: 9780715313879
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Recollections of an Age of Steam Peter Herring. A. LOOK. ALONG. THE. LINE.
From a 'Duchess' to a "Deltic] an A4 to a 'Brush 4 ', our line of classic locomotives
reflects six decades of triumph and transition. ... driving wheels of a typical 4,4,0
made them quick, too. Their pulling power, how, ever, was comparatively modest.
This was of little consequence so long as trains remained short and light in
weight. When the trains changed, the engines had to as well. Style remained
important ...


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TRAINS assumes no responsibility for errors in listing tan-trip schedules, which
are subject to change without notice Copy is due on the first of the second month
preceding date of publication Insertions should be submitted in writing in TRAINS
style Please specify whet her times are Day light or Standard We reserve the right
to edit undesirable copy or to refuse listings Each insertion up to 10 lines (
approximately 5O characters per line). S7 70 in advance, each additional line, $1

Railfan Railroad

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Vastly underpowered for the climb into the desert mountains, the Aerotrain only
lasted a few years on the City of Las Vegas before it was replaced by
conventional streamliners in September 1957. ... on a new locomotive shop. Also,
a new mission style station was constructed at the head of Fremont Street and the
railroad outlawed gambling in town. By 1916, rail traffic serving Las Vegas had
increased to three passenger and three freight trains daily, which created a
problem with ...

The Railroad Trainman

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The first high-speed, integrated, self-powered, hostess-staffed passenger train, a
Union Pacific Streamliner, was completed early in 1934. For a year ... Even if the
85 new-style trains operate 18 hours a day — a generous assumption — your
chances of getting one for a given journey at a given time are 61 in 1,375, or 1 in
22. Of course, if ... Only 26 internal combustion locomotives and 290 electric
locomotives were available for passenger service at the beginning of 1938. WHY
have ...