Author: Brian Solomon
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"An examination of the introduction of streamliners to American railroading, including the technology and styling trends"--


Author: DK
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TALKING POINT Rail and Road By the mid-1930s, American Art Deco-style cars
and streamlined steam trains were capable of ... Top speed 90 mph (145 km/h)
Five of these streamlined Confederationtype express passenger locomotives
were built for ... Boiler pressure 130 psi (9.14 kg/sq cm) PIONEERS Raymond
Loewy Nicknamed β€œthe father of Streamlining,” ... THE AGE OF SPEED AND
STYLE .157.

Fashion In Steel Streamlined Steam Locomotives In North America

Author: Jan Young
ISBN: 1387408615
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... Car Models in Railway Age, March 21, 1931 ___, Drop of Water Points Way to
Higher Speeds in Popular Mechanics, ... 10 – The Canadian Pacific Streamliners
in Railroad Stories, July 1937 ___, Locomotives of the Texas & New Orleans, ...

Classic American Streamliners

Author: Mike Schafer
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Postwar. Experimental. Streamliners. tional streamlined equipment and wound
up shunning the little trains. ... Though reasonably reliable (the space-age
LWT12-type locomotive being little more than a high-speed version of a tried-and
-proven standard Electro-Motive switch engine in ... A third LWT12 locomotive
was built, also in 1956, to power Rock Island's Tafgo-style Jet Rocket ACF Talgo

The Great Railway Revolution

Author: Christian Wolmar
Publisher: Atlantic Books Ltd
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While the steam engine had conquered the West, the streamliners solidified the
bonds holding the Union together. Even those people who were not able to ride
on them could, at least, admire their shape and form, and appreciate the speed
with which ... Several railways that did not introduce diesels nevertheless
streamlined their steam locomotives, but while they ... railways, which had
changed so much in American society, would exert a powerful influence on the
fashion of the age.

Pictorial History Of Trains

Author: David S. Hamilton
Publisher: Book Sales
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Aesthetically they varied; some railways employed commercial designers to style
their streamliners, others applied ... two standard locomotives streamlined in
various forms, and all found that except at the very highest speeds streamlining
had ...

Railroads Across North America

Author: Claude Wiatrowski
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Steam was not as fast, clean, smooth, or operationally inexpensive, but the trains
looked like the diesel streamliners. ... To this day, new rail-borne passenger
carriages, whether for long-distance service or high-speed commuter lines, ...
The Union Pacific's M-10000 was an articulated train, meaning that the
locomotive and all three cars were permanently coupled, ... were prepared in a
small kitchen at the rear of the air-conditioned train and served in airline-style
trays at passengers' ...

Railway Age

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The "Daylight" Locomotives, First Built by Lima in 1936 A High-Speed Steam
Locomotive for the Santa Fe "Chief"β€” Built ... The next year streamlining as a
style factor took hold on both the Canadian National and the Canadian Pacific in

The Golden Age Of Steam

Author: Colin Garratt
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STREAMLINING TAKES OEF Everywhere Pioneer Zephyr went, it inspired
railroad managers and the riding public. ... These Winton engine-powered diesel
articulated "trains of the future" soon resulted in the streamlining of a great many
steam locomotives for passenger service. ... These powerful engines exhibited
some of the finest styling found on any North American locomotive. Among ...
These powerful locomotives could operate to a top speed of 1 10 mph but rarely
needed to.

Railway Locomotives And Cars

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However, in normal times when such needed repairs were made all parts of the
car structure received a careful inspection, particularly the running and draft
gears. ... Ten Years of Streamlining A decade has elapsed since the first
streamliners of lightweight construction for high-speed service made their
appearance on American railways. ... in riding qualities, in the suppression of
noise, and in styling which have made most of the passenger cars more than ten
years old obsolete.