Symplasmic Transport In Vascular Plants

Author: Katarzyna Sokołowska
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
ISBN: 1461477654
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This book characterize the efficiency of symplasmic transport, mechanisms of molecule passage via plasmodesmata, and the external and internal factors that regulate plasmodesmatal conductivity.

Vascular Transport In Plants

Author: N. Michelle Holbrook
Publisher: Academic Press
ISBN: 9780080454238
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Interaction of Phloem and Xylem During Phloem Loading: Functional
Symplasmic Roles for Thin- and Thick-Walled Sieve Tubes in Monocotyledons
C. E. J. Botha The phloem in monocotyledons differs from that found in leaves of
dicotyledons ...

Australian Journal Of Plant Physiology

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Transport phloem (translocation) Path - Leaf trace yo - to PSink Sink Vasc. par/ N.
cell Pron-vasc. Growth <!--- W3 |- 4– . ... During subsequent symplasmic transport
through non-vascular tissues (non-vasc.), assimilates (7) and water (8) are ...

The Apoplast Of Higher Plants Compartment Of Storage Transport And Reactions

Author: Burkhard Sattelmacher
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
ISBN: 1402058438
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The significance of the apoplast for the mineral nutrition of higher plants Burkhard
Sattelmacher, Walter J. Horst ... The isolation procedure developed for the patch
clamp experiments was employed to separate c-DNA from vascular strands from
that of mesophyll ... Nutrient transport from the soil to the symplasm of leaves
occurs through a long apoplastic compartment: the xylem; these vascular strands

Botanical Journal Of Scotland

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The relation between the spacing of vascular bundles and the rate of
photosynthesis in C4 plants can be analysed in the same ... This was elegantly
illustrated by Gunning & Hughes (1976) for symplasmic transport of sugar
solution from the ...

Transport Of Photoassimilates

Author: D. A. Baker
Publisher: Longman Sc & Tech
ISBN: 9780470213865
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Gamalei envisages that plants of Group I, to which the Cucurbitaceae belong,
probably have an entirely symplasmic ... appears to be unusually low, but the
number of connections increases as one approaches the vascular tissues (Table

Transport In Plants

Author: M. J. P. Canny
ISBN: 9783540074533
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Arisz's work on Vallisneria has thus provided strong evidence for symplasmic
transport and has made it possible to ... of the accumulation takes place in the
vascular bundles and accumulation in the parenchyma decreases more with
distance ...

Plant Structure

Author: John Albert Romberger
Publisher: Springer Verlag
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Three basic tissue systems can be recognized in all vascular plants: epidermal (
or rhizodermal), vascular, and ground. ... Phloem tissue, with its files of sieve
elements, is specialized for rapid (usually long-distance) symplasmic transport (

South African Journal Of Science

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Introduction Plasmodesmata are implicated in the symplasmic transport of
materials between cells in living plants. ... apparently non-functional in long-
distance transport, and are thought to fulfil a supportive function.3 The pith
vascular bundles ...