Author: Adam Seaborn
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Symzonia: Voyage of Discovery is a breath taking adventure story that follows Captain Seaborn's expedition to the North Pole and his discovery of the entrance to the hollow earth.

Symzonia Voyage Of Discovery

Author: Adam Seaborn
Publisher: Library of Alexandria
ISBN: 1465536396
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The returns to the Explorer—Holds a council of officers— Determines to return to
Seaborn'sLand—Takes leaveof Surui—Sails from Symzonia—Touches atToken
Island— Arrives at Boneto's station. I RETURNED to my ship, with sensationsvery
different from thosewhich delighted myheart on mypassage fromit. I felt
likeaculpritexiled to BotanyBayforhiscrimes:so strong wasthe contrastbetween
the peaceful, intelligent, and virtuous people, from amongst whom I was driven,
and the ...

A Strange Manuscript Found In A Copper Cylinder

Author: James De Mille
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Moreover, as the reviews in Appendix F illustrate, when A Strange Manuscript
was first published in 1888, read— ers immediately compared it to Samuel
Butler's Erewhon (1872) and Rider Haggard's King Solomon's Mines (1885) and
She (1886—87).This appendix selects from some of these antecedents and
contemporaries] 1. From John Cleves Symmes Jr., Symzonia; Voyage of
Discovery (1820) [Published in 1820 under the pseudonym Captain Adam
Seaborn, Symzonia is a ...

Gothic Canada

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For instance, John Cleves Symmes's Symzonia, a piece of American
travelliterature based on Symmes's hollow-earth theory of “concentric spheres,”
was published in 1820 to promote a hypothesis which argued that our planet was
hollow and open at the poles. And, like More's voyage south, Symzonia is also
concerned with the development of capitalism and materialism through imperial
expansion. Captain Adam Seaborn, the protagonist of Symmes's novel,
commands a seal ...

The Antarktos Cycle

Author: Robert M. Price
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He attracted no takers, so the only expedition he ever mounted was a fictive one,
writing a novel called Symzonia: A Voyage of Discovery (1820 as by Captain
Adam Seaborn). Poe has narrowed the 6,000-mile opening posited by Symmes
to a tighter 500 miles, but he has retained the entirely white interior of Symzonia.
Harold Beaver has made the attractive suggestion that Poe derived the name “
Pym” for his hero by combining his own name with that Symmes! The Pellucidar ...

The North American Review

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Symzonia, a Voyage of Discovery, by Captain Adam Seaborn. New York, 1820.
12mo, pp. 248. Nothing furnishes a stronger illustration of the superficial taste of
men, than the almost exclusive attention they have paid to the external surface of
the globe. The same willingness to be blinded by the outside appearance, which
obtains in the details of manners and character, has exerted a much more
pernicious effect on the general regard men have bestowed upon the earth they

Bibliotheca Americana

Author: Joseph Sabin
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78542 By Alexander Slidell Mackenzie. Originally printed in the Encyclopaedia
Americana. Exhibit of the Affairs of the Seabord and Roanoke Railroad Company
... March, 1851. New York: William Van Norden. [1851.] 8vo, pp. 23. Map. 78543
Seaborn (A.) Symzonia ; A Voyage of Discovery. By Captain Adam Seaborn. New
-York: Printed by J. Seymour, 49 John-Street. 1820. i2mo, pp. 248, including the
sectional view. The original lettering on the back reads, " Symzonia, or a Voyage
to ...

The Early American Novel

Author: Lillie Deming Loshe
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His satirical novel, The Monikins, is best passed over in a decent silence. Cooper
continued for many years to write sea-stories and forest romances ; in The Crater
he tried the Robinson Crusoe story; and in The Ways of the Hour, his last novel,
published in 1850, he attempted a sensational tale with a purpose. The Sea
Lions, published in the preceding year, now derives some interest from the recent
revival of Antarctic exploration, and calls to mind that unusual work, Symzonia, or
a ...