International Handbook Of Historical Archaeology

Author: Teresita Majewski
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
ISBN: 9780387720715
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In Engendering African American Archaeology: A Southern Perspective, edited
by J.E. Galle and A.L. Young, pp. 39–72. University of ... Heath, B.J., 1999,
Buttons, Beads, and Buckles: Contextualizing Adornment within the Bounds of
Slavery. In Historical ... Jordan, E.G., 2005, Unrelenting Toil: Explaining
Archaeological Interpretations of the Female Slave Experience. Slavery and ...
Lindman, J.M., and Tarter, M.L., editors, 2001, A Centre of Wonders: The Body in
Early America. Cornell ...

The Archaeology Of The North American Fur Trade

Author: Michael S. Nassaney
Publisher: American Experience in Archaeo
ISBN: 9780813054698
Size: 46.99 MB
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Including research from historical archaeologists and a case study of the Fort St. Joseph trading post in Michigan, this innovative work highlights the fur trade's role in the settlement of the continent, its impact on social relations, and ...

Out Of Many One People

Author: James A. Delle
Publisher: University of Alabama Press
ISBN: 0817356487
Size: 48.78 MB
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Scholars present archaeological findings to paint a complex and fascinating picture of life in colonial Jamaica. Simultaneous.

A Desolate Place For A Defiant People

Author: Daniel O. Sayers
ISBN: 9780813061924
Size: 63.80 MB
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"--Frederick H. Smith, author of The Archaeology of Alcohol and Drinking "Sayers uses archaeology to tell a compelling story of how alienated people found refuge in the alien landscape of the Great Dismal Swamp.

The Archaeology Of Ethnogenesis

Author: Barbara L. Voss
Publisher: Univ of California Press
ISBN: 0520931955
Size: 45.36 MB
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This innovative work of historical archaeology illuminates the genesis of the Californios, a community of military settlers who forged a new identity on the northwest edge of Spanish North America.

The Archaeology Of Traditions

Author: Timothy R. Pauketat
Publisher: Orange Groove Books
ISBN: 9781616101299
Size: 60.69 MB
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As this work demonstrates, these "unwritten texts" proved to be potent ingredients in the larger-scale social and political events that shaped how peoples, cultures, and institutions came into being.

Origins And Revolutions

Author: Clive Gamble
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
ISBN: 1139462490
Size: 61.73 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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This is an important and challenging book that will be essential reading for every student and scholar of prehistory.

Reading A Dynamic Canvas

Author: Cynthia S. Colburn
Publisher: Cambridge Scholars Publishing
Size: 40.88 MB
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The essays in this volume, which are united by their focus on material and visual evidence, cover a broad chronological and geographical span, from the ancient Near East to Roman Britain, and bring together innovative scholarly work on ...