The Country Gentleman

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W. S. J. Otcgr), N.-Y. The proper time to transplant evergreens is in the spring
when other trees are transplanted, but as they do nol start quite so early, the
operation may be deferred a. little later. The practice, so often ... _ 'd h Rrflizi
lcrime lieliéeziglll mlik: long and lliytterycouiltlalninzi that their trees have died, or
have made no growth; and I \ wherever I go. I see trees in ... Whrrtlthey have done
is umere mockery—~no bemuthan the scratching of a. sprightly bnntam. The
points of the ...

Biblia Sacra Polyglotta Textus Archetypos Versionesque Praecipuas Ab Ecclesia Antiquitus Receptas Necnon Versiones Recentiores Anglicanam Germanicam Italicam Gallicam Et Hispanicam Complectentia Dit E Par Samuel Lee

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151331 Die Паш шт! Шт Die mi »es En' 11,2? т? туш. “its \ :ammi » »im т' i I.что
#ons В i Der 'aa-Sia 333 z'itii'g тёо'т rńw 'uw' ‚г? vv | 11V V и | 1“?!- [D rei “la 'fr “
en 51:11: . .. . .!. t Ц ватаг? i; 1:1 типа i» ontnemen т “me „11911 emmene# in# т;
.... wheretore are weAkept back-,that we may ‚ not ofter an ollernig ofthe LORD m
lits appointed season among the children of р Israel Z _ î ö And Moses said unto
them, btzind still, and 1 will hear what the LORD will command concerning you.