The Bramble Bush

Author: Karl N. Llewellyn
Publisher: Quid Pro Books
ISBN: 1610271351
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Simply put, Macaulay writes, this "is a book that anyone interested in law schools or law should read.


Author: Karl N. Llewellyn
Publisher: Transaction Publishers
ISBN: 1412813786
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Jurisprudence: Realism in Theory and Practice compiles many of Llewellyn's most important writings. For his time, the thirties through the fifties, Llewellyn offered fresh approaches to the study of law and society.

Karl Llewellyn And The Realist Movement

Author: William Twining
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
ISBN: 1107023386
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And he accuses the Realists of conflating the disputed edges oflegal rules with
all of law, although once again Llewellyn and others had explicitly insisted that
their claims about legal indeterminacy were limited to litigated or appellate cases,
and that lin'gated cases bear the same relationship to the underlying pool of
disputes “as does homicidal mania or sleeping sickness, to our normal life." Karl
N. Llewellyn, The Bramble Bush: On Our Law and Its Study (New York: Columbia
Law ...

The Theory Of Rules

Author: Karl N. Llewellyn
Publisher: University of Chicago Press
ISBN: 0226487954
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That is their importance. That is all their importance, except as pretty playthings.”
K.N. Llewellyn, The Bramble Bush: On Our Law and Its Study 5 (Columbia 1930).
2. H.L.A. Hart, The Concept of Law 135 (Penelope A. Bulloch and Joseph Raz,
eds, 2d ed, Oxford/Clarendon 1994). 3. See, for example, George P. Fletcher,
Comparative Law as a Subversive Discipline, 46 Am J Comp L 683, 687 (1998);
Susan Haack, On Legal Pragmatism: Where Does “The Path of the Law” Lead Us
?, ...

The Legal Realism Of Jerome N Frank

Author: Julius Paul
Publisher: Springer
ISBN: 9401194939
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published privately a small but important book called The Bramble Bush: On Our
Law and Its Study, in which he gave a definition of what he thought the “law”
really is: ... This doing of something about disputes, this doing of it reasonably, is
the business of law. And the people who have the doing in charge, whether they
be judges or sheriffs or clerks or jailers or lawyers, are officials of the law. What
these officials do about disputes is, to my mind, the law itself. 1 The reaction to
this ...

Recht Und Staat Als Objektivationen Des Geistes In Der Geschichte

Author: Michael Walter Hebeisen
Publisher: BoD – Books on Demand
ISBN: 3833418478
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Vgl. den an der Rechtspraxis orientierte Realismus von Karl Llewellyn: The
Bramble Bush On Our Law and Its Study, New York: Oceana Publications 1951 (
1. Auflage 1930). Vgl. zu der in Pyrrhonismus mündenden Topik bei Michel de
Montaigne Ian Maclean: Montaigne als Philosoph (Montaigne philosophe),
München: Wilhelm Fink, 1998 (Paris: Presses Universitaires de France, 1996),
Seiten 43 und 47ff. 24 Dietrich Schindler (senior): Verfassungsrecht und soziale
Struktur, Zürich: ...

Shakespeare And The Legal Imagination

Author: Ian Ward
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
ISBN: 9780406988034
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Once we understand this theatricality or pretence, then we can indeed 'debunk
the elite fables of law', realise our constitutive role in the actual performance and
play a more assertive role.19 PROVIDENTIALISM, CLASSICISM AND THE
ELIZABETHAN WORLD PICTURE Tillyard famously described the 'Elizabethan
world picture', an 'idea of cosmic order' which was 'one of the genuine ruling
ideas of the age'. 16 K Llewellyn, The Bramble Bush: On Our Law and its Study (
Little Brown, ...