The Conviction Factory

Author: Roger Roots
ISBN: 9781492928898
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Roots details how the adversarial model of justice, which pits the prosecution against the defendant on a level playing field, has been quietly and slowly whittled away. This book is exhaustively footnoted.

The Factory Acts 42 G 3 C 73 3 4 W 4 C 103 4 5 W 4 C 1 7 8 V C 15 9 10 V C 40 10 11 V C 29 13 14 V C 54 16 17 V C 104 With Notes And A Full Reference To Cases

Author: Thomas TAPPING
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There must be proof of the party signing being clerk of the peace, and of his
handwriting. This does not exclude other eiidence of the conviction, and therefore
, in the case of repetition of ofi'enoes before the conviction has been filed, the
conviction itself may be produced and given in evidence. (b) Forms of convictions
may be obtained of Messrs. Shaw, the publishers of this volume. (c) The 11 6c l2
Vict. c. 48, s. 35, ex— cepts proceedings under the Factory Acts from the
operation of ...

The Factory Acts Including The Bleach And Dyeworks Act The Lace Factories Act And The Print Works Acts With Explanatory Notes Embracing All The Cases Decided Upon The Above Acts With Two Appendices Etc

Author: Henry Carne OATS
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delivered to him a copy of the conviction, certified under his hand to be a true
copy; and every such copy shall be received as evidence of such conviction upon
any future proceeding (e) under this Act; and for every such copy the clerk shall
be entitled to have a fee of one shilling, and no more. LXVIII. And be it enacted,
that every conviction mongalfilhe under this Act may be in the form (a) given in
the 'h t Schedule to this Act annexed, or in any other 8 mm y' form more suitable
to the ...

Policing The Factory

Author: Barry Godfrey
Publisher: A&C Black
ISBN: 1441176888
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Committee, the conviction rate was only 73 per cent. This was approximately 3
per cent lower than the conviction rates of summary cases involving either
Joshua Pollard or William Murgatroyd, two magistrates notoriously antagonistic to
the Worsted Committee, and 10 per cent below the overall average. Despite the
weight of qualitative evidence, and the opinions of historians previously
discussed, no consistent causal link between the occupation of the magistrates
and the conviction ...

Factories And Workshops Annual Report Of The Chief Inspector Of Factories And Workshops

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The result was a conviction, and I, because of an appeal, am to say whether such
conviction was right. It is right if the four women engaged in the millinery
department were engaged in handicraft, as to which there can be no argument,
and if there were more than five persons similarly employed, I have already
stated that the Statute, touching the construction of which the conviction had
arisen, recites the Act of the same year which extends the then existing Factory
Acts and speaks of it ...

Factories And Workshops

Author: Great Britain. HM Factory Inspectorate
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Some made their escape, fearing no doubt, by past experience, the
consequences of being produced as evidence, but he got the names and
addresses of several. Informations were laid before the magistrates at Colne, and
the same attorney who had defended Mr. Bracewell on the former occasion, with
the assistance this time of a barrister from Manchester, made so strenuous a
defence, that only five of 66 informations were heard in six hours; but in these
there were four convictions.

The Care Factory

Author: David Mathew
Publisher: Cambridge Scholars Publishing
ISBN: 1443896675
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A criminal act – or rather, a criminal conviction (for there might have been other
acts which remain unpunished) – has become the most important matter in the
offender's life. Conceptually at least we might agree that the offender is now the
sum of that crime and conviction; it is how he is identified, and it is almost as
though the years that led up to the conviction have not passed or existed – they
are pulverized into a scarcely recognizable squelching mass, a concoction of
mashed ...

The Statutes Of The United Kingdom Of Great Britain And Ireland

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Exemption when packing finished Goods. Power by which the Machinery of such
Factory is moved, or to set out that the Factory or Process or Employment referred
to is not within any of the Cases excepted, provided that it be therein stated that
such Factory is a Factory within this Act ; and the Proof of being within any such
excepted Case shall lie upon the Party claiming the Benefit of such Exception.
LXX. And be it enacted, That any Person aggrieved by any such Conviction for
which ...

Factory Organization And Management

Author: N.F.T. Saunders
Publisher: Read Books Ltd
ISBN: 1447493419
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Two factory managers comparing notes might touch on the subject of overheads.
If they know each other very well, one may tell the other proudly that his
overheads are only 150 per cent, but the other, in admitting 200 per cent, claims
with genuine conviction that he always likes to see a high overhead percentage
because it indicates an efficient factory. The pride of the one is probably as
unjustified as the conviction of the other. Even the percentages ruling in two
factories producing ...

Administration Of Labor Laws And Factory Inspection In Certain European Countries

Author: George Moses Price
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Every clerk of the peace who has the custody of any such conviction is bound to
deliver such copy to an inspector, on request in writing being made, and a fee of
1 shilling (24.3 cents) paid. Judicial notice is to bo taken of regulations for
dangerous trades in force under the act of 1901. Where tho occupier of a factory
or workshop is charged with an offense, and he alleges that some other person
than himself is really in fault, he may lay an information against that other person,
and cause ...