The Digest Of Justinian

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This paperback edition presents a corrected English-language text alone, with an introduction by Alan Watson. Links to the three other volumes in the set: Volume 1 [Books 1-15] Volume 2 [Books 16-29] Volume 3 [Books 30-40]

The Routledge History Of Slavery

Author: Gad Heuman
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1 Maidservants: Homer, Odyssey, 22.457ff, in A. T. Murray and G. E. Dimock (
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Sovereignty Property And Empire 1500 2000

Author: Andrew Fitzmaurice
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In some instances 'res' and 'in nullius bonis' could be found in the same sentence
.89 In others, 'res' was implied by the context or stated shortly beforehand.90 For
these reasons the various 86 Quentin Skinner, 'From the state of princes to the
person of the state', in Quentin Skinner, Visions of politics: volume 2,
Renaissance virtues (Cambridge, 2002), pp. 368–413; and Skinner, 'A
genealogy of the modern state'. 87 The institutes of Justinian, bk. II, i, 11–12.
Digest of Justinian, vol. 4 ...

Killing On Command

Author: Carmel O'Sullivan
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1985. The Digest of Justinian: Volume IV. Trans. A. Watson. Philadelphia:
University of Pennsylvania Press. Nazi and Nazi Collaborators (Punishment) Law
. 1950. Oppenheim, L. 1906. International Law: A Treatise. London: Longmans,
Green 2 The Development of the Defence of Superior Orders 39.

Disability In The Middle Ages

Author: Joshua R. Eyler
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Modestinus, recorded in Justinian's Digest, indicated that '[a]n infant or a
madman who kills a man is not liable under the lex Cornelia, the one being
protected by the innocence of his intent, the other excused by the misfortune of
his condition.'26 here, mad people's 'condition' is cited, not their inability to
comprehend (and thus intend) their crime. The issue also arose in the context of
parricide, which was considered an appalling crime worthy of a terrible
punishment. However, the ...

Making Manslaughter Process Punishment And Restitution In W Rttemberg And Zurich 1376 1700

Author: Susanne Pohl-Zucker
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108 Theodor Mommsen, Paul Krueger und Alan Watson, The Digest of Justinian,
vol. 4 (Philadelphia, 1985), p. 821: “... in maleficiis voluntas spectatur, non exitus..
.” (“... In crimes it is the intention, not the issue, to which regard is paid”...). This
sentence stems from a section in the Digest concerning the lex Cornelia de
sicariis et veneficis (Book 48, Title 8, Note 14). 109 According to the Digest, the
lex Cornelia had originally prescribed deportation and forfeiture of property as a ...


Author: Ruth Evans
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170. Digest,; Digest of Justinian, ed. Mommsen and Krueger, vol. 4, pp.
575, 578. This distinction was known and repeated in medieval England, but
Bracton does not use it, see Frederick Pollock, 'The king's peace', in Oxford
Lectures and Other Discourses (London: Macmillan, 1890), pp. 65– 90 (p. 82).
Edictum perpetuum praetoris urbani, 250a; Ancient Roman Statutes, ed. and
trans. Allan Chester Johnson, Paul Robinson ColemanNorton and Frank Card
Bourne (Austin: ...

Good Sex

Author: Martin J. Buss
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“Attractive Men Induce Testosterone and Cortisol Release in Women.” Hormones
and Behavior 56 (2009) 84–92. Martin, Dale B. Sex and the Single Savior.
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AARP, 2004.

The Forum And The Tower

Author: Mary Ann Glendon
Publisher: Oxford University Press
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Edward Gibbon, Vol. II, 78. Edward Gibbon, 78. Edward Gibbon, 78–79. See
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The Importance of ...