The Fuller Court

Author: James W. Ely
Publisher: ABC-CLIO
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Explores the era, justices, key events, and decisions in landmark Supreme Court cases under Chief Justice Melville W. Fuller, including the creation of the Sherman Act, and the Pure Food and Drug Act.

The United States Supreme Court

Author: Emily Gooding
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This book addresses the institution of the highest law of the land in the United States, the Federal Supreme Court.

The United States Supreme Court

Author: Christopher L. Tomlins
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Justice Melville Weston Fuller presided over a Court that has been accused of
multiple failings. No less illustrious a member than Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr.,
criticized it for reading Social Darwinism into the Constitution in 1905. No less a
legal scholar than Roscoe Pound condemned the Fuller Court for practicing a
mechanistic formalism in 1909- To its critics, the Fuller Court was a heartless,
mindless body that spouted a laissez-faire philosophy and devoted itself to
protecting ...

The Chief Justiceship Of Melville W Fuller 1888 1910

Author: James W. Ely
Publisher: Univ of South Carolina Press
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Although the Fuller Court was willing to give heightened protection to the rights of
property owners and the operation of the national market, the justices were
generally unconcerned with guarding other asserted rights from government
regulation. Hence the Supreme Court during Fuller's tenure displayed little
sympathy for the claims of racial minorities, women, criminal defendants,
dissidents, or individuals who breached accepted codes of moral behavior.
Several factors account for ...

Of Time And Judicial Behavior

Author: Drew Noble Lanier
Publisher: Susquehanna University Press
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resolve the issues that it faced during this transformative period. The effects of
this changing milieu are manifested in the Court's decisions. These are more
systematically discussed in chapters 3 and 4. The Fuller Court ( 1 888- 1 9 1 0)
During Melville Fuller's tenure as chief justice, the Court's membership nearly
completely changed. When he arrived at the Court in 1 888, Fuller joined Samuel
F. Miller, Stephen J. Field, Joseph P. BradleyJohn Marshall Harlan I, Stanley
Matthews, ...

The White Court

Author: Rebecca S. Shoemaker
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Issues of federalism confronted the Court during both periods, stemming in
particular from efforts to regulate business and to put in place progressive social
and economic reforms. Of concern was the importance of maintaining the proper
constitutional relationship between the powers of federal and state governments,
while at the same time giving appropriate consideration to the development of the
police powers at both levels. The White Court built upon the Fuller Court's
precedents ...

The History Of The Supreme Court Of The United States

Author: Owen M. Fiss
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
ISBN: 9780521860277
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One set of governmental relationships, discussed in the next chapter, concerns
the relationship between the United States, as a single entity, and the various
states of the Union. On this subject, which falls under the rubric of federalism, the
contribution of the Fuller Court was one of consolidation. The overarching
development of the nineteenth century, rooted in the work of the Marshall Court
and painfully tested, and ultimately affirmed, by the Civil War, denied the
sovereignty of the ...