The Glovemaker S Daughter

Author: Leah Fleming
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
ISBN: 1471141012
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FROM THE ACCLAIMED AUTHOR OF THE LAST PEARL AND DANCING AT THE VICTORY CAFE, this is a beautiful novel about dark family secrets, betrayal, love and redemption. 1666.

The Boy Bishop S Glovemaker

Author: Michael Jecks
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
ISBN: 1471126307
Size: 13.77 MB
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She was light on her feet when whirling to the music, elegant and deceptively
subtle, just like a Saracen woman would have been, although she walked with
the heavy precision of a professional dancer. Baldwin could remember Eastern
women from his time in Acre and Cyprus, before he joined the Templars. This
one had the same smoothly flowing movements, the same confidence in her
body and ability, and he wondered for an instant whether she was perhaps the
daughter of one ...

The Print Collector S Newsletter

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It's not known — at least not by PCN — how typical The Glovemaker's Daughter
is of Landberg's work. Another of her books, Rising Falling, is an ironic, two- way,
12-part play in which two geometric shapes gradually move from upper to lower
position on the page. But, like Pat Lasch's If You Make a Mistake Put a Rose on It,
honoring a father and his work as a pastry chef, this book glows with a daughter's
love. Bound in black leather with wood spine and four brass studs. Price: £500.

The Diary Of William Shakespeare Gentleman

Author: Jackie French
Publisher: HarperCollins
ISBN: 1460705130
Size: 62.97 MB
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'Are they also below glovemakers?' I would have boxed her ears if we had been
at home. I had once been my father's glovemaker's apprentice, and my daughter
knew it, as did the whole of Stratford. It had been her grandfather's deepest
desire to raise his family to a gentleman's estate, and years of work to make me
one. And now this girl would tarnish the crown of all our labours. 'Enough!' I
muttered. Judith cast one look back at the tavernkeeper, who still stared at us, but
thankfully ...

The Secrets Between Us

Author: Laura Madeleine
Publisher: Random House
ISBN: 1473542944
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A gripping mystery with a heart-breaking revelation, The Secrets Between Us is a sublimely satisfying story of lost love, betrayal and the dangers of war.


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They're probably handed down from mother to daughter.” The Glovemakers of
Berdichev The knit-goods factory I visited could not, of course, be compared with
a giant like Progress, but director Aaron Dickman was proud of his establishment
and of the gloves it made. “Berdichev,” he related, “was always known for its
glovemakers. Sholom Aleichem's (Top) Alexandra Kudinova works at the
Berdichev glove factory days and turns actress at night in plays staged by the
people's theater.

Our Daughters

Author: Adolph L'Arronge
Size: 21.17 MB
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Clinkers' the glovemakers—but I'll drink a glass with you nevertheless. Wern. Be
seated. Will. (the following scene is not to be played in a drunken manner, but in
a slightly intocicated state caused by the wine he drinks, and the remarks he
makes are to be given in an unintentional manner). But I can't stay long, I must go
home. You are at all events fine relatives | The sister sends a boguet, and her
congratulations upon rose-colored paper, and the brother-inlaw acts just as if he
didn't ...

Thalia S Daughters

Author: Susan L. Cocalis
ISBN: 9783772021657
Size: 77.76 MB
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Within this context, the presence of Frau Handschuhfabrikantin Frank [the
glovemaker's wife] at a tea takes on greater importance, as she complains about
the current glove fashion: daß wenn die Fremden, die Englander, nicht wiiren,
man wenig Handschuhe mehr verkaufte; sonst habe "ein nobler Herr" zwei bis
drei Paar an einem Abende verbraucht, jetzt zogen selbst die Gardeoffiziere, die
doch von Adel sind, nur bei den ersten Touren frische Handschuhe an und
ersetzten sie dann ...

Disenchanted Co

Author: Lynn Viehl
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
ISBN: 1476747261
Size: 38.17 MB
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... a four slim, remember?” Watching the change that came over the shopkeeper
was like seeing a man turned to stone. “Carina.” “Hello, Da.” She offered him a
beautiful smile. “How's trade?” Much bellowing had followed, all from the
glovemaker, who had called his daughter nine kinds of a slut before I'd tried to
intervene. Then he had told me exactly why he and his family had washed.