The English Illustrated Magazine

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The Dutch dislike their women taking part in public affairs, and the women
themselves have an innate shrinking from publicity and sensation. They are not
as ambitious, ... They seldom live abroad if they can help it. Those who have a
country ... Like the mother who is specially fond of the child that has given her
agreat deal of trouble, they love their country all the more because they have had
to reclaim it from the sea, and have had to fight so hard for its independence. In
the absence of ...

The Gospel In All Lands

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To the Dutch the word home is more than a name. They seldom live abroad if
they can help it. Those who have a country house spend their summers in the
country and their winters in the town, for the season is in the winter and it is over
at Easter. Others go, perhaps, for a month or two in the summer to be braced in
1he Swiss mountains, but they are sedentary for the greater part of the year. Like
the mother who is specially fond of the child that has given her a great deal of
trouble, they ...

Handbook Of Studies On Child Psychiatry

Author: Bruce John Tonge
Publisher: Elsevier Publishing Company
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There is evidence that around 60% of long-term foster children become identified
with their foster family and value the experience (Triseliotis 1983; Rowe 1987).
Breakdown rates for fostering seem to increase with age of the child (Rowe 1987)
, but breakdown is also associated with financial and housing problems and the
foster parents may be relatively less tolerant and less able to provide warm and ...
They may help a child overcome grief on separation from previous carers.

The Nation

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The moist, darksome, shifting, marine atmosphere which in his theory helps so
largely to account for the idiosyncrasies of the Flemish and Dutch painters—their
lowness of tone, their patient science and finish—has produced under English ...
Liverpool, and Manchester—a monstrous and indefinable compound of fog and
coal smoke and the myriad fine exhalations of serried hundreds of thousands of
human creatures, half of them the most squalid in the world; then there is, in the ...

Emerson S Magazine And Putnam S Monthly

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In 1812, Judge Schuyler, of Belleville, showed me a musket ball which then lay
imbedded in one of his inside window-shutters, which was lodged there on that
fatal night thirty-five years previous. ... In less than an hour his whole stock of
eatables and drinkables were on the road to Fort Washington. ... He was the only
child of his wealthy and doting parents, and had received a liberal education ; but
despite of their cries and tears, he ran to the help of his country against the

A Knock At The Door

Author: George Shannon
Publisher: Greenwood Publishing Group
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"A Father's Children" (Kamba: Kenya) sweeten their voices by having ants and
scorpions bite their tongues. The wolf in "The Three Kids" (Cape Verde Islands)
sits in a cooking pot of hot water for three days to alter his voice. A few are lucky
enough to find pills or some form of magic to help, but failing to follow strict
instructions can undo the change in voice. Hyena in ... The words themselves are
the key point of recognition in many variants, serving much like an extended

The Illustrated London News

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Into what confusion even accomplished critics fall if they ignore those broad lines
of demarcation traced by the laws of a bysiology still occult, and awaiting their
scientific Columbus! The £ and the ..... He care for his children, not hel I wonder
how inany fathers there is in that court down there, who would do the duty of a
parent to their children, if they was called upon-even of the moderate good ones,
who are steady men, counted decent husbands and all that. But give a man drink,

A Dictionary Of The English Langauge

Author: Samuel Johnson
ISBN: 0557000793
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Sidmy. Not poppy, nor mandmgora, Nor all the drowsysiruþr of the world Shall
ever med'cinc thee to that sweet sleep, Which thou owed'st yester-an. ... Si'sTLR.
r'. s rpeorteri, Saxon; zqfltr, Dutch] 1. A woman born of the same parent: 5
correlative to brother. Her fiflcr began to scold. Shalt/T. Tamr'r'g of 'be Sbrew. Ilm-
e said to corruption, thou art my father: to the worm, thou art my mother and my
sister. ... If any decayed ship be new made, it is more fit to make her a star less
than bigger.

The Illustrated Weekly Of India

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If he had asked me for tips I would have given him, since I am an old Europe
hand and have travelled extensively on the Continent as a correspondent and
know how to do it with limited ALF my staff is away —trying to help their children
get through examinations for this or that course. I suspect they have been
cramming the sextbooks of their children as much as their children themselves.
Poor souls! When I was young, my parents could not have cared less. Like my
contemporaries, I ...