Max Weber In America

Author: Lawrence A. Scaff
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Du Bois later recalled having heard Weber lecture, probably when he served as
a substitute instructor in commercial and Roman law for his ailing doctoral
dissertation director, Levin Goldschmidt, under whom he had written The History
of Commercial Partnerships in the Middle Ages (1889). It is also possible, as
Nahum Chandler has suggested, that Du Bois heard Weber address the
influential Verein für Sozialpolitik (Association for Social Policy) on the East
Elbian question.

The Max Weber Dictionary

Author: Richard Swedberg
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... Wirtschafts- geschichte ([1924] 1988a) GAW Gesammelte Aufsatze zur
Wissenschaftslehre ([1922] 1988) GEH General Economic History ([1923] 1981)
GM Hans Gerth and C. Wright Mills (eds.), From Max Weber (1946) GPS
Gesammelte Politische Schriften (1921) GVAN Grundriss zu den Vorlesungen
uber Allgemeine ("theo- retische") Nationalokonomie ([1898] 1990) HCP The
History of Commercial Partnerships in the Middle Ages ([1889] 2003) MSS
Essays in the Methodology of ...

Partnership And Profit In Medieval Islam

Author: Abraham L. Udovitch
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_ Islamic Law: Theory and Practice “The grandeur and significance of the
medieval merchant is that he creates his own law out of his own needs and his
own views.” Thus the great nineteenth century historian of commercial law, Levin
Goldschmidt, epitomized the development of the major institutions of European
commercial law.1 In the context of the history of Western law, this statement
would go unchallenged. The independent jurisdiction of medieval fairs and
trading towns ...

The Commercial Revolution Of The Middle Ages 950 1350

Author: Robert Sabatino Lopez
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
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CONTRACTS The development of commercial contracts is as crucial in the
history of trade as that of tools and techniques in the history of agriculture. Only a
few contracts are clearly related to Greco- Roman ones. The others are almost
certainly medieval innovations, but the accidental staggering of the extant
documents, and the tendency of commercial practices to spread rapidly along
trade routes, make it hard to decide when and where a new type of contract first

Money Markets And Trade In Late Medieval Europe

Author: Lawrin Armstrong
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While medieval historians and economists continue to debate what if any effect
the Catholic church's ban on taking interest on loans had on economic
development, sociologists have abandoned the topic. ... the principal of a loan in
medieval Catholicism and in other 1 An earlier version of this paper was
published under the title “Max Weber on Usury and Medieval Capitalism: From
The History of Commercial Partnerships to The Protestant Ethic,” in Max Weber
Studies 4 (2004): 51-75; ...

An Essay On The Early History Of The Law Merchant

Author: W. Mitchell
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This 1904 volume discusses the early history of the Law Merchant, an international body of rules and principles created by medieval western merchants, distinct from the common law of the areas in which it operated.

Business Banking And Finance In Medieval Montpellier

Author: Kathryn Reyerson
Publisher: Pontifical Inst of Medieval studies
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Furthermore, the interrelationship of medieval commerce and finance is
demonstrated in the multifaceted roles of medieval businessmen, who. as
commercial bankers in Montpellier and in many economically advanced towns,
acted as financiers or underwriters of trade, extending credit through commercial
partnerships and in the market operations of the luxury trade and the traffic in
commodities. In this study I will trace the financial history of Montpellier from its
beginnings through ...