The Japanese American Cases

Author: Roger Daniels
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Daniels, one of the acclaimed authorities on this subject, reminds us that Constitution promises much but does not always deliver when the nation is in crisis"--

Elusive Citizenship

Author: John S. W. Park
Publisher: NYU Press
ISBN: 0814767141
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Rules governing property ownership, school segregation, marriage, and
naturalization all functioned to keep Asians in American society beyond the
protection of the law. As Lisa Lowe has argued, Asian Americans were regarded
as “perpetual foreigners,” such that, no matter the length of their residence or
their willingness to assimilate into prevailing American norms, white majorities
consistently refused to ... rules. In the two landmark naturalization cases in the
early 1920s, Ozawa v.

Colored Men And Hombres Aqu

Author: Michael A. Olivas
Publisher: Arte Publico Press
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As Attorney General of California and a gubernatorial candidate, Warren played
a central role in advocating for the internment of persons of Japanese ancestry
during World War II. Indeed, he was no less than an anti-Japanese agitator
during this time, working closely with the Native Sons of the Golden West, a
fraternal society of which he was a member.49 This regrettable period of
Warren's professional life, which has been overshadowed by his civil rights
landmark decision of ...

Encyclopedia Of African American Culture And History

Author: Jack Salzman
Publisher: Macmillan Reference USA
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The organization offers free legal assistance to persons whose rights have been
violated. It defines civil liberties in terms of four broad areas: First Amendment
rights; equal protection of the law; due process of law; and the right to privacy.
The ACLU handles an estimated four thousand to five thousand legal cases a
year, and since the 1970s has appeared before the Supreme Court more often
each year than any organization except the U.S. government. The vast majority of
its cases ...

United States Of America Congressional Record Proceedings And Debates Of The 109th Congress Second Session Vol 152 Part 5

Publisher: Government Printing Office
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He graduated Phi Beta Kappa from Penn in 1954 and, again with academic
distinction, from the Yale Law School in 1957, which we again attended together.
We were colleagues in ... With his assistance, we won all three cases. If I had
followed his ... His masterful handling of Japanese electronics case produced
four opinions exceeding 2,000 pages having ruled three times on complex
evidentiary issues before granting summary judgment in a highly unusual case.
His versatility was ...

The Encyclopedia Of Civil Rights In America

Author: David Bradley
Publisher: M E Sharpe Reference
ISBN: 9780765680006
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Adequate solutions to the problems of minority enrollment and funding,
multicultural studies and faculty diversity eluded policymakers and continued to
cause conflict in academia and the American society. SUGGESTED ... Discussion
of the Sipuel and McLaurin cases by the person who was president of the
University of Oklahoma at the time. Duram, James ... Salomone, Rosemary C.
Equal Protection Under Law: Legal Rights and Federal Policy in the Post- Brown
Era. New York: St.

Magill S Legal Guide

Author: Timothy L. Hall
Publisher: Salem PressInc
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Founded in 1920 in reaction to the restrictions placed on freedom of speech
during and after World War I, the ACLU has been involved in many landmark
cases involving the exercise of civil liberties. Although the ACLU is nonpartisan,
most Americans regard it as a liberal institution. However, the ACLU has taken
several cases defending the rights of conservative and extremist groups in
American society, which has made it a controversial and at times an unpopular

Challenge Of Controversy

Author: Herbert M. Levine
Publisher: Prentice Hall
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American political issues in our times Herbert M. Levine. a lower standard ...
Japanese- Americans, for example, experienced the additional indignity of being
placed into "relocation camps" during World War II. This was a wartime ... The
major governmental impetus for changing the legal rights of black people in the
twentieth century appeared after World War II. The courts played a central role in
ridding America of legal segregation. The landmark case of Brown v. Board of
Education ...

Culture Wars

Author: Roger Chapman
Publisher: M.E. Sharpe
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600 Warren, Earl The U.S. Supreme Court under Chief Justice Earl Warren (front
row, center)—posing here in 1953—is said to have marked a distinct shift toward
liberal “judicial activism.” Its historic ruling in Brown v. Board of Education (1954)
ended school segregation. (George Tames/New York Times Co./ Getty Images)
increased ... Court declared that the law requires police officers to inform
suspects of their right to remain silent and have an attorney present during

The Crisis

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Margaret B. Wilson, this week, was elected chairman of the board of the NAACP
to become its first female board chairman in modern times. An attorney who ...
Mrs. Wilson is a successful law practitioner and is well schooled in the fighting
traditions of die organization which has stressed civil rights as an indispensable
attribute of American citizenship. Having been ... The organization needs new
blood to help move the ramparts that block the path to a better society. The
NAACP has an ...