The Karoo

Author: W. Richard J. Dean
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
ISBN: 9781139429153
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In contrast to the situation evident elsewhere within the central parts of the karoo
biome, the Last Glacial Maximum in the west coast region appears to have been
associated with greater moisture availability, as indicated by fossil pollen
preserved in cave sediments at Eland's Bay(Baxter, 1996). 3.4.7. Climate change
or human impact? The record of environmental change in the karoo and the
responses ofthe biota to those changes implicate fluctuating climate, more
particularly ...

The Farm In The Karoo

Author: Mary Ann Carey Hobson
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CHAPTER VIII. THE KAROO DESERT. FTER leaving the old Dutch lady's house,
they at once entered the Karoo country, although it was not till the following
morning they were able to appreciate the difference of vegetation. In the
language of the aboriginal Hottentots, the word " Karoo" signified a dry, barren
desert ; and after one of the periodical droughts to which the whole of Southern
Africa is subject, but which are more particularly protracted in the Karoo, it well
deserves the name.

The Man Who Cursed The Wind And Other Stories From The Karoo

Author: de Prada-Samper, José Manuel
Publisher: African Sun Press
ISBN: 0620731044
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solely on traditional narratives, but encompassa wide range of subjects, including
, of course, the oral history of the Karoo and the personal experiences of the
storytellers. They also deal with a variety of aspects of traditional life, such as wild
plants and their uses, cooking, and the dressing of skins to make bags and
karosses. As in allendeavours of this kind, there is a sense of urgency in this
project. While the stories reproduced herehave been resilient because they are
still relevant, ...

The Plains Of Camdeboo

Author: Eve Palmer
Publisher: Penguin UK
ISBN: 0143528963
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Here is a book that is not autobiography, not history, not botanical study, but all of these and more, blending into a uniquely vivid and personal account of life in the Karoo.

News From Parched Mountain

Author: Roy Holland
Publisher: iUniverse
ISBN: 1462080987
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In these stories, which make an important contribution to the literary heritage of South Africa, we have a kind of marriage between P G du Plessis and Herman Charles Bosman.

Karoo Moons

Author: Richard Mark Dobson
Publisher: Struik
ISBN: 1770070125
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Livestock farming forms the backbone of the Karoo's economy, and the
fluctuating fortunes of the area's farmers means they need their animals to be
hardy and adaptable. This portrait is of a Drakensberger bull – an indigenous
breed that is highly resistant to disease and extreme temperatures. The early
Drakensbergers, known as Vaderlanders, were instrumental in the establishment
of the first farms in the Karoo. Teams of these noble animals pulled the wagons of
the trekboers when ...

Desertification In Developed Countries

Author: David A. Mouat
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
ISBN: 9400916353
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THE DESERTIFICATION DEBATE The nature, extent, rates, and mechanisms of
postcolonial vegetation change in the Karoo have been frequently debated (
Acocks, 1953; Jarman and Bosch, 1973; Hoffman and Cowling, 1990a; Dean and
Macdonald, 1994; Dean et al., 1995). The precolonial eastern Karoo was
believed to be dominated by perennial grasses such as Sporobolus fimbriatus
and Themeda triandra (Acocks, 1953; Roux and Theron, 1987), and it has been
generally ...