The Lombard Laws

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His, Rudolf, Geschichte des deutschen Strafrechts bis zur Karolina (Munich and
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The Laws Of The Salian Franks

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Following the collapse of the western Roman Empire, the Franks established in northern Gaul one of the most enduring of the Germanic barbarian kingdoms.

The Cambridge Medieval History Series Volumes 1 5

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Throughout the whole of the Middle Age that influence is continually shaping the
form and content of Graeco-Roman Law in the East and Germanic-Roman Law in
the West. In some periods the ecclesiastical influence on secular law is ... law
schools of the early Middle Age were of two kinds. There were schools of
Lombard Law at Milan, Mantua, Verona, and Pavia; while, apart from schools
kept by bishops and monks, the chief schools of Roman Law were at Ravenna
and Bologna.

The Burgundian Code

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The Burgundian Code offers historians and anthropologists alike illuminating insights into a crucial period of contact between a developed and a tribal society.

The History Of Commercial Partnerships In The Middle Ages

Author: Max Weber
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Instead, such a person participated in, or gave credit to, a single undertaking in a
particular individual maritime enterprise, for maritime trade is not a uniform
activity but a series of individual undertakings, each with its individual risks. The
Lombard Laws and Maritime Trade Such a risk, which according to the conditions
of trade at the time was the biggest factor that had to be taken into account, had to
be shared among those who in some function participated in the undertaking.
How to ...

Vengeance In Medieval Europe

Author: Daniel Lord Smail
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A secondary goal of the collection is to illustrate the prominence of mechanisms for peacemaking in medieval European society.

The Chronicle Of San Juan De La Pe A

Author: Pedro IV (King of Aragon)
Publisher: University of Pennsylvania Press
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Patrick ...

The Corpus Iuris Civilis In The Middle Ages

Author: Charles M. Radding
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What makes these documents particularly interesting is that some of them,
including the earliest (1085), were drafted on behalf of clients under Lombard law
—this despite the clear statement in Liut. 57(58) that such acts were to be
annulled by the courts. Nor was this simply an error: a later (1099) document in
the series explicitly justifies the use of Roman procedure to override Lombard law
by invoking Wilihelmus' dictum that Roman law is the lex universalis.102 A final
indicator of the ...

Church And Government In The Middle Ages

Author: Christopher Nugent Lawrence Brooke
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
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Each has two series, an inner gloss which was part of the original work of
Vacarius, and an outer gloss containing further illustrative material and, in the
case of Wenck's MS, references added by later users of the work in the twelfth
century. At the end of the ... Liebermann included too much in the last category,
since he attributed to Vacarius works of the Mantuan jurist Vacella, and so
inferred that Vacarius had taught Lombard law as well as civil law before leaving
Italy. Although ...

Lovesickness In The Middle Ages

Author: Mary Frances Wack
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