The Lombard Laws

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Here presented for the first time in English are the law codes of the Lombard kings who ruled Italy from the sixth to the eighth centuries. The documents afford unparalleled insight into the structure and values of Germanic society.

A Summary Of The Roman Civil Law

Author: Patrick Mac Chombaich De Colquhoun
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Illegitimate children in Lombardy, as having no father; were free to choose their
own law, and probably the same was the case among other races. The law under
which a man was born decided that which he should follow ; hence, if a Lombard
became a priest, he adopted the Roman Law, but his children adhered to the
Lombard Law." By way of exception, wives adopted the law of their husbands,”
but resumed their original law on their widowhood,” and probably these rules
applied ...

Italy And Her Invaders The Lombard Kingdom 600 744

Author: Thomas Hodgkin
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POLITICAL STATE OF LOMBAKD ITALY. Authorities. Savigny, Troya, Hegel,
Capponi . 565-566 The Lombard King ..... 567-570 The Iron Crown ..... 570-573
The Lombard Duke ..... 573-575 The Gastdld . . . . . -575-578 The Sculdahis ......
578 Condition of the vanquished Romans under the Lombards 5 80-5 9 2 Paulus
Diaconus on the Lombard land-settlement . 580-586 Condition of the Bomans as
gathered from the Lombard laws ..... 586-592 Were the Romans all turned into
Aldiil .

Italy And Her Invaders The Lombard Kingdom 600 744 1895

Author: Thomas Hodgkin
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T T BOOKVIL Paulus Diaconus and the Lombard Laws. Ch. 14. Guides : — The
authors who have treated of the subject of the following chapter — one of the
most difficult in the history of the Middle Ages — are numerous and important. I
will not attempt to enumerate even all whom I have myself consulted, but will
mention the four from whom I have derived most assistance. i. Saviguy, in the first
volume of his ' Geschichte des Romischen Rechts im Mittelalter,' argues with
unsurpassed ...

A Summary Of The Roman Civil Law

Author: Sir Patrick MacChombaich de Colquhoun
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The north of France before the Carlovingian dynasty was governed by the Frank
and Roman systems, but after this period, the laws of the West Goths,
Burgundians, Alemann, Bavarians, and Saxons, became valid in the kingdom
generally, always excepting the Lombard Law, as Italy had never become a
province of the Frank kingdom ; but after the Franks became conquerors, they
brought with them many of their own laws and customs, and here arises the
difficult point as to the law ...

The History Of Commercial Partnerships In The Middle Ages

Author: Max Weber
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See The Lombard Laws, trans. K. Drew, 167-68. L.K.]. Ariprand turns this into the
trivial phrase that the person who does not benefit from the inheritance is also not
liable as heir for the debts. However, as Pappenheim, Launegild und Garethinx,
p. 70, emphasizes as well, the Lombard Laws refer not to the liability of the heir
after the testator's death but to the heir's liability while that person is still alive. In
the second passage, the Lombard Laws create for the son assets from certain
types ...

Health And Medicine In Early Medieval Southern Italy

Author: Patricia Skinner
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127-45. See also her discussion of the wide variety of practitioners in early
medieval Europe in V.J. Flint, The Rise of Magic in Early Medieval Europe (
Oxford, 1991), pp.61-79. * An accessible translation of these is The Lombard
Laws, ed. K. Fischer Drew, (Pennsylvania, 1973). Citations are by king and law
number in this edition. * Rothari 78, 79, 82-4, 87, 89, 94, 101-3, 106-7, 110-2, 118
in Lombard Laws. It is striking that the Salic law current in Francia and almost
contemporary with ...

A History Of Italian Law

Author: Carlo Calisse
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the other hand, the Lombard laws secured to the woman a maximum " guidrigild "
of 1200 " solidi " when killed wrongfully and intentionally ; 1 and in addition they
gave her a large composition, in certain cases as high as 900 " solidi ", whenever
the crime was of the nature of an offense to her honor,2 unless she showed
herself unworthy of this special guaranty, when the general rule obtained by
which she was given a " guidrigild " equal to that of a man.* Other " guidrigilds "
were fixed ...