The Lombard Laws

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Here presented for the first time in English are the law codes of the Lombard kings who ruled Italy from the sixth to the eighth centuries. The documents afford unparalleled insight into the structure and values of Germanic society.

A Summary Of The Roman Civil Law

Author: Patrick Mac Chombaich De Colquhoun
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Illustrated by Commentaries on and Parallels from the Mosaic, Canon,
Mohammedan, English and Foreign Law : with an ... The law under which a man
was born decided that which he should follow ; hence, if a Lombard became a
priest, ...

The History Of Commercial Partnerships In The Middle Ages

Author: Max Weber
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See The Lombard Laws, trans. K. Drew, 167-68. L.K.]. Ariprand turns this into the
trivial phrase that the person who does not benefit from the inheritance is also not
liable as heir for the debts. However, as Pappenheim, Launegild und Garethinx ...

A History Of Italian Law

Author: Carlo Calisse
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the other hand, the Lombard laws secured to the woman a maximum " guidrigild "
of 1200 " solidi " when killed wrongfully and intentionally ; 1 and in addition they
gave her a large composition, in certain cases as high as 900 " solidi " ...

A Summary Of The Roman Civil Law

Author: Patrick Mac Chombaich De Colquhoun
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Thus it appears that the Germanic tribes did not force their laws upon their
subjects in those portions of their conquests ... A Placitum of the beginnin of the
eighth century proves this, here Alemenn are judged by Lombard Law, but some
of the ...

Health And Medicine In Early Medieval Southern Italy

Author: Patricia Skinner
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What care was available to the southern Italian sick? Doctors Doctors make an
early appearance in the lawcodes of the Lombard kings, dating from the seventh
and eighth centuries.” Particularly notable is a series of laws issued within the ...

Medieval Italy

Author: Christopher Kleinhenz
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The princes of Benevento retained the use of Lombard law and added to it on
several occasions, developed an elaborate court ceremonial (influenced by
Byzantine practice), provided for the construction of a number of important sacred

Roman Law In European History

Author: Peter Stein
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Having obtained their assistance, he promulgated the Constitutio habita, in which
he conferred privileges on law ... by other Italian centres, such as Pavia, where
the old school of Lombard law developed into a school of civil and canon law.

Transactions American Philosophical Society Vol 72 Part 4 1982

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In the latter respect, the Lombard monarchy was coming under pontifical tutelage.
... the former north of Ravenna on the coast and the latter inland near the
northern border with the Lombard kingdom. ... See also Drew, The Lombard
Laws, p.