The Lost Laws Of Ireland

Author: Catherine Duggan
ISBN: 9781908689214
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This book gives an outline of the main features of the laws and their history, and ultimately focuses on certain themes that are significant to the modern reader, such as equity and fairness, transparent legal process and women's rights.


Author: Martin Sixsmith
Publisher: Ullstein eBooks
ISBN: 384370869X
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Philomena Lee ist selbst noch fast ein Kind, als sie hochschwanger im Kloster Zuflucht sucht.

The Lost Distilleries Of Ireland

Author: Brian Townsend
Publisher: Neil Wilson Publishing
ISBN: 1906000093
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To give the Corn Laws their due, they were at first widely welcomed, as they
initially did save many farmers facing ruin and encouraged Britain to become
more self-sufficient in grain during the Napoleonic Wars. And, then as now,
protectionist legislation usually goes down well among those it purports to protect
. Forty years later, however, the Corn Laws were to have deadly consequences
for Ireland. Another effect of the 1779 Act was that it strengthened the hand of the

A Treatise On The Stamp Laws In Great Britain And Ireland Being An Analytical Digest Of The Statutes And Cases With Practical Observations Thereon

Author: Hugh TILSLEY
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But secondary In Pooley v. Goodwin (r) the defendant, who was an architect, and
entitled to receive certain per-centage on the money expended in a certain
building, gave the plaintiff, to whom he was indebted, an order to receive a
portion of the money due to him; the plaintiff proved that the order had been lost,
and was allowed to give secondary evidence of it, by means of an affidavit, made
by the defendant, in which it was set forth; the Court presuming that it was duly

Law And The Family In Ireland 1800 1950

Author: Niamh Howlin
Publisher: Macmillan International Higher Education
ISBN: 1137606363
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Vaughan, WE (2009) Murder Trials in Ireland, 1836–1914 (Dublin: Four Courts
Press) Vaughan, WE and AJ Fitzpatrick (eds) (1978) Irish Historical Statistics:
Population, 1821–1971 (Dublin: Royal Irish Academy) Wall, M (1967) The Penal
Laws ... From Medieval Ireland to the Post-Modern World (Dublin: Irish Academic
Press) Clear, C (2004), '“Too Fond of Going”: Female Emigration and Change for
Women in Ireland, 1946–1961' in D Keogh, F O'Shea and C Quinlan (eds), The
Lost ...

Medical Law In Ireland

Author: Deirdre Madden
Publisher: Kluwer Law International
ISBN: 9041134328
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Law Intl. 4 (1999): 1–21. 321. In Ireland, the Powers of Attorney Act 1996
provides that a person may appoint another as decision maker in case of the
donor's subsequent mental incapacity. Prior to this, the affairs of a person who
lost mental capacity were managed by the wardship procedure,1 which still
applies in the absence of an enduring power of attorney. Under this procedure
the committee of the ward (usually one person) is given limited powers to act in
relation to the ward's ...

A Statement Of The Penal Laws Which Aggrieve The Catholics Of Ireland

Author: Denis Scully
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with commentaries Denis Scully. c«ap. x. and counsels, of all these persons —
are, of p'^^f^' course, lost to their country— perhaps irre- property in COVerably.
Ireland. * - 1 The same misfortunes have prevented the return of many Irish
families, who have acquired large fortunes upon the Continent, in the Indies, or in
the Colonies, Their Personi Je- valuable capital, experience, skill, industrious
Krrrdfroui habits, enlarged views — what a treasure of improvement would they
not yield, ...

Ireland S Trees Myths Legends Folklore

Author: Niall Mac Coitir
Publisher: The Collins Press
ISBN: 1848890885
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These laws are found in the eighth-century legal tract Bretha Comaithchesa or
the Laws of Neighbourhood, but they may ultimately derive from an earlier, and
now lost law tract Fidbretha or Tree Judgements, which is mentioned in a work
dating from the seventh century. The laws recognise a hierarchy of four classes of
trees or bushes: the airig fedo or nobles of the wood, aithig fedo or commoners of
the wood, fodla fedo or lower divisions of the wood, and losa fedo or bushes of
the ...

On The Laws Of The Tides On The Coasts Of Ireland

Author: George Biddell Airy
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Thirdly, observing that where the tide is very small, the hours on successive days
occur earlier, in each of the instances where the order is well-marked (as from
June 27 to July 3, from July 27 to July 31, and from August 12 to August 14), there
can be no doubt that the same thing must hold during the interruption of
observations about July 13 and 14; and thus it will be seen that there are
certainly four high waters lost at that time. I have inserted four numbers by simple
interpolation, ...

Politics Pauperism And Power In Late Nineteenth Century Ireland

Author: Virginia Crossman
Publisher: Oxford University Press
ISBN: 1526129612
Size: 22.92 MB
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117-47 Mitchison, Rosalind, 'Permissive Poor Laws: the Irish and Scottish
Systems Considered Together', in Connolly, S.J., Houston, R.A. and Morris, R.J. (
eds), Conflict, Identity and Economic Development: Ireland and Scotland, 1600-
1939 ... 445-86 Robins, Joseph, The Lost Children: A Study of Charity Children in
Ireland 1700-1900 (Dublin, Institute of Public Administration, 1980) Urquhart,
Diane, Women in Ulster Politics 1890-1940 (Dublin, Irish Academic Press, 2000)
Vaughan, ...