The Lost Laws Of Ireland

Author: Catherine Duggan
ISBN: 9781908689214
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This book gives an outline of the main features of the laws and their history, and ultimately focuses on certain themes that are significant to the modern reader, such as equity and fairness, transparent legal process and women's rights.

The Lost Distilleries Of Ireland

Author: Brian Townsend
Publisher: Neil Wilson Publishing
ISBN: 1906000093
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To give the Corn Laws their due, they were at first widely welcomed, as they
initially did save many farmers facing ruin and encouraged Britain to become
more self-sufficient in grain during the Napoleonic Wars. And, then as now,
protectionist legislation usually goes down well among those it purports to protect
. Forty years later, however, the Corn Laws were to have deadly consequences
for Ireland. Another effect of the 1779 Act was that it strengthened the hand of the

Poverty And The Poor Law In Ireland 1850 1914

Author: Virginia Crossman
Publisher: Oxford University Press
ISBN: 1846319412
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Most of the assistants, Vice-Guardian William Burke commented, were drawn
from the infirm class and could not be compared with properly trained paid
nurses, 'because they belonged to the lost class in the community, and of course
would be only anxious to do the least possible amount of work they could take on
their shoulders'.34 Many ratepayers would probably have agreed with Burke's
assessment, but it was a rash remark to make publicly. Indeed his comments
appear to have ...

The End Of The Irish Poor Law

Author: Donnacha Seán Lucey
Publisher: Oxford University Press
ISBN: 0719087570
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Jones, G., and E. Malcolm (eds), Medicine, Disease and the State in Ireland,
1650–1940 (Cork: Cork University Press, 1999) Kelly, L., Irish Women in
Medicine c.1880s–1920s: Origins, Education and Careers (Manchester:
Manchester University Press, 2012) Keogh, D., Jack Lynch: A Biography (Dublin:
Gill & Macmillan, 2008) Keogh, D., F. O'Shea and C. Quinlan (eds), Ireland: The
Lost Decade in the 1950s (Cork: Mercier Press, 2004) King, C., and C.
McNamara, The West of Ireland: ...

52 George Iii To 4 George Iv A

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Subject-matter. omission. Page. 54 Geo. 3. (cont.) c. 82. - || Auction duties, Ireland
- - | Rep., 8 & 9 Vict. c. 15. s. 1. - c. 83. - Exchequer, Ireland - - - Rep., Stat. Law
Rev. Act, 1873. C. : - || Michaelmas quarter sessions, England- Re S - L Re Act
1870. ... Importation, &c. - - - ow c. 112. - | Fever hospitals, Ireland - I} lost Law
Rev. Act, 1873. c. 113. - || Site for Record office, Ireland - -( §do o s. 1. c. 114. - ||
Insolvent debtors, Ireland - - - c. 115. - Burning of land, Ireland - ..} Rep., Stat. Law

Anglo Irish Autobiography

Author: Elizabeth Grubgeld
Publisher: Syracuse University Press
ISBN: 9780815630166
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Yet recognizing this vision of exquisite peace to be "a magic mirror, reflecting
something that could not really exist," she also stops short of viewing the demise
of Anglo-Irish power as a sign of the degradation of Europe in the face of
democracy. She blames the demise of Anglo-Ireland — very pointedly in the
1964 revision — on "the quarrels, the lost law-suits, the father-and- son conflicts,
the spasms of folie de grandeur" that mark her family as typical of its class (458).
At the same time, ...

Michael Collins The Lost Leader

Author: Margery Forester
Publisher: Gill & Macmillan Ltd
ISBN: 071715761X
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He was supported in effect by General Tudor who, however, seems to have
envisaged putting vigorous measures into force without actually declaring martial
law. The Chief Secretary and General Macready also preferred to try intensified
military operations under the existing civil law, though Macready, to the end,
pressed vainly for a unified control of both military and police. Sir Henry Wilson
preferred to shoot all the Irish leaders by roster. The Government, uncertain,
fidgetted from ...

The Case Of The Suitors In The Courts Of Law In Ireland Humbly Submitted To The Legislature By The Practising Attornies Of That Part Of The United Kingdom Shewing The Expediency Of Assimilating The Mode Of Commencing Personal Actions In Ireland To The Practice In England

Author: IRELAND [Ireland -1922]. Courts of Law and Equity
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IRELAND [Ireland -1922]. Courts of Law and Equity. action. Thus the Court
maintained its original authority by supposing a trespass, and it avoided the
provifions of the statute. 13 Car. II. by expreffing in its process the true cause of
action. ... not be thought either " legal, or to answer thatstatute, then is the
greatest' " part of the practice of the King's Bench lost 5 " whereby, as in the
former case, the ancient Court " of Common Law shall be in effect rendered
useless ; " so, in the latter case, ...

The Private Enforcement Of Competition Law In Ireland

Author: David McFadden
Publisher: A&C Black
ISBN: 1782251235
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In the action fordamages, thedefendants eventually won on appealinthe
Australian HighCourton the grounds that the action was notatrue representative
actionas itdidnot meet the requirements for a representativeproceeding under
SupremeCourtRules 1970, Part8,rule 13 that 'numerous persons havethesame
interest' inthe proceedings. However, although Firmstones (andFostif) lost the
damages action, the Court took the opportunityto clarifythelaw in relation to
litigation funding in ...

A View Of The Laws Of Landed Property In Ireland

Author: U. O'Dedy
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of their leases; at the same time, that they would use every exertion to obliterate
the recollection of their own tyranny, and the conse. quent disgrace attached, in
the eyes of the empire, to the superior lords, and to Ireland. If the legislature
would interfere to check the career of the mesne or ... The greater barons prayed,
therefore, for a law, to stop this subinfeudation, by which they lost the services
due from the terre-tenant. Upon these facts the statute was made, directing, that
upon all ...