The Marriage Lie

Author: Kimberly Belle
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Everyone has secrets.

The New York State Reporter

Author: New York (State). Courts
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... to help out the presumption of the defendant's innocence, and do not every
incident and fact, with greater or less significance, form a chain of circumstantial
evidence, which subjects and holds him to the consequences of an intentional
destruction of the life of the woman, to rid himself of whom no other way seemed
open ? I can reach no other conclusion. Unable to gratify his passion for her,
except by making her a wife, lie persuades her to a secret marriage under
assumed names.

The American And English Encyclopedia Of Law

Author: John Houston Merrill
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(Pa.) 401;; Londonderry v. Chester, 2 N. H. 268; Rex v. Birmingham, 8 B. & C. 29.
Fraud. — Where the marriage with an infant is obtained by fraud or undue
influence, it will be set aside. In Lyndon v. Lyndon, 69 111. 43, the family
coachman inveigled the complainant into marriage. lie procured the licence by
falsely swearing as to her age, and the girl never conabited with him, but
repudiated the marriage at once. The marriage was held void. Robertson v. Cole,
12 Tex. 356; Harford v.

From The Reign Of Edward Iv To The Reign Of Edward Vi

Author: John Reeves
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“If a contract of marriage lie between a man and a woman, yet one of them may
enfeoff the other, for yet they are not one person in law” (i.e., by the mere contract,
which would be for a future marriage), “inasmuch as if the woman dieth before
the marriage solemnized between them, the man to whom she was contracted
shall not have the goods of the wife as her husband, but the wife thereof may
make a will without the agreement of him unto whom she was contracted. But
after the ...

Reeves History Of The English Law From The Reign Of Edward Iv To The Reign Of Edward Vi

Author: John Reeves
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There was, it is manifest, astron distinction between a mere contract for marriage
not executed and an actu marriage by present contract executed or b
solemnization. Thus it was laid down on the authority of a case in the Year- 0k of
Edward llL: “ If a contract of marriage lie between a man and a. woman, yet one of
them may enfeofl' the other, for et they are not one person in law" (1'. e., by the
mere contract, which would for aifuture marriage), “inasmuch as if the woman
dieth before the ...

The Journal Of Jurisprudence

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Trust — Marriage Contract — Conjunct — Fee and Liferent — Appointment —
Parent and Child — Discharge. — Mr James Anstruther, "W.S., died 1 9th May,
1867. By his first marriage lie had three daughters — Mrs Maria Anstruther or
Smith Cunningham, Mrs Annie Catherine Anstruther or Mercer, and Miss Lucy
Sarah Anstruther. He married again in 1866 Mrs Annabella Agnes Anderson or
Anstruther. He had no children by the second marriage. By the marriage contract
with his first ...

Wisconsin Statutes 1919

Author: Wisconsin
Publisher: Legislative Reference Bureau
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The state registrar of vital statistics shall prescribe model forms for blank
applications, statement, consent of parents, affidavits, licenses, and marriage
certificates and other such forms as shall be necessary to comply with the
provisions of this ... Said marriage license docket shall be open for public
inspection or examination at all times during office hours. ... parties named in the
license; and if he knows of any legal impediment to such marriage, lie shall
refuse to perform the ceremony.

The Marriage Trap

Author: Jennifer Probst
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
ISBN: 1471126129
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You promised to leave me alone. No sex.” He closed the distance and took her in
his arms. The concern and tenderness on his face broke her in two. “La mia
tigrotta, what is wrong? I would never do anything you didn't want.” He stroked
her hair back from her face and tipped her chin up. “This is a lie.” She blinked
back blinding tears, enraged at her weakness before him. “We're a lie.” His
breath rushed over her lips and he kissed her gently, slipping his tongue inside to
tenderly mate.

The Marriage Agenda

Author: Christine Rimmer
Publisher: Harlequin
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Dekker answered that one with an outright lie. “No, we'll spend our entire
honeymoon here in Los Angeles. We're enjoying our visit with my brother and his
wife.” Joleen couldn't blame him for lying. No doubt the news people would
eventually track the famous Bravo Baby down wherever he might go. But why
draw them a map? Then again, she thought, maybe it wasn't a lie. Last week
Dekker had mentioned spending the second half of their honeymoon in Hawaii.
But since then, he ...

The Edinburgh Companion To Sir Walter Scott

Author: Fiona Robertson
Publisher: Edinburgh University Press
ISBN: 0748670203
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The Lady of the Lake, however, looks forward to dynamics that operate in Scott's
fiction; while the love story of Ellen and Malcolm Græme forms a significant part
of the poem the impediments to their marriage lie in the 'national' narrative that
evokes the relationship of the Douglas family with the crown and the relationship
of the Highlands to the rest of Scotland. As Roderick Dhu recognises, James's
real purpose in visiting the region is his desire to pacify the Highlands,
incorporate ...