The Mousehole Forge

Author: Richard A. Postman
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A history of England's Premier Anvil Maker Ca. 1800-1860

New Edge Of The Anvil

Author: Jack Andrews
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The shape and proportions of the new style anvils are different than those of the
old style, but the results are the same. Both anvils work equally well and the
selection comes down to personal choice and availability. The most important
factor in purchasing a used anvil is the condition of the face and the edges. STEP
FOOT Plan and description of a new style anvil An old-style anvil pattem called a
Mousehole because it was made in the Mousehole Forge in England A stand
used to ...

Herapath S Railway Journal

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J. NICHOLSON is instructed by George Charles Armitage, Esq.. to SELL BY
AUCTION, at his Auction Rooms, Sheffield, on Tuesday, 2 1th Stay, 1870, at Four
o'clock in the afternoon, subject to conditions (unless previously disposed of by
private contract, of which due notice will be given), All those Two Valuable
WORKS, called "Mousehole Forge *' and " Grogram Wheel," situate at Mousehole
, near Sheffield, in the County of York, with the two BESERVOIRS and the

City Of Sheffield Part 1 Of 3

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From 1762 it was a tilt forge making farming tools before becoming a wire mill in
1901. In the 1920s it was converted to electrical power. It was one of the last mills
in the valley to close as it was still working in the 1950s. The area around the
dam has been upgraded for recreational use with a small car park and bench
seating. The dam is popular with fishermen and has a large colony of waterfowl.
Mousehole Forge Located close to Malin Bridge. The forge dates back to 1628
when it ...

American Blacksmith And Motor Shop

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Under the new process of making anvils, a great deal of the fame and business
that had for so long centered around the Mousehole Forge was diverted to the
works of Peter Wright, and the result was that the Peter Wright anvil became the
most popular in the market and is still well known in all quarters of the world.
together at the waist. This is done by jumping. The two pieces are heated in an
open fire; when the welding temperature has been reached the two pieces are
placed as ...

Anvils In America

Author: Richard A. Postman
Publisher: Postma Pub
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of my research on anvils. She took my address and said that she would see if she
could find out anything about the Mousehole Forge when she returned home. I
forgot about our few minutes of conversation, never expecting to hear from her
again. In times past I had written groups concerned with old tool manufacturing in
England and had received nothing of real substance on the history of anvil
manufacturing. I did not expect someone with no special interest in tools,
especially anvils, ...


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The apartments and the restoration were completed in the second half of
2008.256 Mousehole Forge The Mousehole Forge, is situated on the River
Rivelin just before it reaches Malin Bridge, it dates from the 1628 and pre-dates
the industrial revolution and is one of the few surviving water-powered forges in
the country. It was famous for producing anvils that were exported all over the
World and closed around 1933. The works also produced vices and various other
engineering tools.

Bought Of

Author: Mary Chesworth
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AiiMiTAr.n \ MOUSE HOLE ( ,) Va.~ b ) 10i The Armitage Family The first
involvement of the Armitage family with Mousehole Forge was through a
partnership between William Armitage and the Cockshutt family, which was
formed c.1794, and was to last for more than twenty years. When this association
began, the forge had already been in existence for over a hundred years. John
Cockshutt, sometime partner with the Spencer family of Cawthorne, and owner of
Wortley Forge, ...

The Post Office Directory Of Birmingham

Author: E.R.Kelly
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rniLADELPIIIA, 1876 | H'e wish to draw Parmoulak attestion to our PATENT
SOLID THROUGHOUT ANVIL, which it is impossible ' Feet, and TU 41)11 MARK.
M. & H.' CORPORA to break, and will not give way in any respect except the
ordinary wear of the face. The Body, . . Pike, are one solid piece of Wrought Iron,
made from, best selected Scrap KATE MARK. Iron, and faced with best Double
Shear ...

The American Blacksmith

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_ .. fi -V 1 OCTOBER. l9l4 1 ,,,,,,-,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,m_imWA1~iERicANBLAcKs1vnTii 7 ,,,,
MOUSEHOLE n some or rm? VARIOUS 1 l > l. cause he failed to furnish an
inventory stating the d of h cl of d ed h uantity an cost eac arti e mere angise on
hand at the timevof the fire an: the amount claimed thereou._ In this connection
_it should be observed that this {]l'OVl§lO!1 of the pohcy has reference to the duty
0 the ...