The History Of American Homeopathy

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"Exclusion of Homeopathic Physicians from the Army," American Homeopathic
Obsener, 1 (1864), 86; "Proceedings of the 13lh Annual Meeting of the
Homeopathic Medical Society of the State of New York," p. 1 15. 55. B. F. Bowers.
'The Relation of Homeopathy to Surgery," North American Journal of
Homeopathy, 12 ( 1863), 83. 56. George Worthington Adams. Doctors in Blue;
The Medical History of the Union Army in the Civil W«/(New York: Collier Books,
1961), pp. 46-47. 57.

The History Of American Homeopathy

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Greg Bedayn, “Letter to the Editor,” Journal of the American Institute of
Homeopathy, 90 (1997), 69. 63. Today, there are forty-four institutions teaching
homeopathy spread across sixteen states, Ontario, and British Columbia. 64. Joel
Kreisberg, “Trends in Homeopathic Education: A Survey of Homeopathic Schools
in North America 1998,” Journal of the American Institute of Homeopathy, 93 (
2000), 75-84. 65. JoyceFrye, “Putthe Mooseonthe Table,”American Journal of
Homeopathic ...

Shadow Medicine

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Dr. F. W. Irvine, “M. Andral's Homeopathic Experiments at La Pitié,” in William
Henderson, Homeopathy Fairly Represented: A Reply to Professor Simpson's “
Homeopathy”Misrepresented (Philadelphia: Lindsay and Blakiston, 1854),
appendix, 289–91, 295–98; “Statistics of Homeopathic and Allopathic Hospitals,”
North American Journal of Homeopathy 13 (1865): 516–21; “Hospital Reports,”
North American Journal of Homeopathy 4 (1855): 293–98; J. Hooper, “
Homeopathy: What Are ...

A Century Of Homeopaths

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Under the direction of William H. King, dean of the New York Homeopathic
College, the first public x-ray therapy clinic was opened at NYHMC in 1900.
Encouraging results with x-rays for intractable skin diseases had been reported
by Freund and Schiff in Vienna, which caused Dieffenbach to try this approach in
the treatment of uterine fibroma. He published the case as the first x-ray-induced
cure of fibroma in 1904 in the North American Journal of Homeopathy. His 1925
description ...

Pennsylvania Biographical Dictionary

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He was an associate editor of the American Journal of Homeopathy in 1838 and
a co-editor of the North American Journal of Homeopathy from 1862 to 1868. He
was a voluminous contributor to various homeopathic medical journals. He
published provings of realgar, calcarea phosphorica, cinnabaris, oxalic acid,
oleum jecorís asseli, antimonium sulphuratum auratum, cannabis indica, formic
acid, mephitis putorius, rhus fox, sanguinaria, phytolacca decandra, tarantula,
balsam of ...

American Pandemic

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155 “Many people are alive today,” one practitioner maintained, “because of the
curative action of homeopathic remedies, carefully prescribed and
conscientiously given.”156 Homeopaths also noted that their accomplishments
stood in marked contrast to the failures of other practitioners. As the editors of the
North American Journal of Homeopathy proclaimed in their October 1918 edition,
“The impartial observer who is familiar with all therapies must admit that the
homeopathic ...