The Projects Of Skunk Works

Author: Steve Pace
Publisher: Voyageur Press (MN)
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The stories behind more than 50 secret projects undertaken by the famed Lockheed Martin Skunk Works on behalf of the US Armed Forces, DARPA, and the CIA - all illustrated with official Skunk Works photography and commissioned artworks.

Lockheed Martin S Skunk Works

Author: Jay Miller
Publisher: Midland
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Having seen i attributes of the unencumbered design and manufacturing system
he d his Skunk Works teammates had created, he was determined to ain its
operating philosophy for future endeavors. By the time the P-80 was handed off
to Lockheed's Department 28- for expansion into a production program, several
other aircraft had en brought onboard under the Skunk Works operating
philosophy for ure execution. These projects, the prototypes for the Model 75
Saturn, s XR6O-1 ...

Jane S International Defense Review Extra

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Lockheed Martin's Skunk Works has been the incubator of several programs, and
itself describes classified programs as the "lifeblood of a company". Aircraft
developed in the Skunk Works include the U-2, SR-71 (fitted here with a model of
a single-stage-to-orbit reusable launch vehicle), and the F-117; black projects
such as 'Have Blue' and the A-12 have also been undertaken here. None led to
flight-test hardware, as far as is known, although Lockheed performed some
structures ...

Workforce Management

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The products are the result of roughly two years of development, and represent
Lawson's single largest investment during this period. But Dunivan left the ... An
old Lawson colleague contacted Dunivan, telling him the firm's new president,
Harry Debes, wanted to talk to him about an HR software project. Over lunch,
Debes made the ... on the new software. For months Dunivan's team acted as a
Lawson version of Lockheed Martin's storied Skunk Works, quietly going about
their work.

Composites Industry Abstracts

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The full-scale vehicle wil be called the VentureStar and win feature "extensive"
use of composites. Carbon fber/epoxy wil be used "on all of the internal structures
and all of the hydrogen tank," according to a Lockheed Martin spokeswoman. A
sub-scale, unmanned, remotely-piloted demonstrator vehicle is scheduled to
begin frying in March 1999. Design and construction of the demonstrator wil take
place at Lockheed Martin's Skunk Works facility In Palmdale, California, USA.

Jane S International Defense Review

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will have flown 32,000h by the end of the year - twice the total at the end of 2000.
RAF operations are limited by crew availability, but starting to pick up. Lockheed
Martin reports increasing interest in the program, which is timely because the
backlog of orders is beginning to run down. In all. 111 aircraft ... Northrop
Grumman, BAE Systems, the USAF Research Laboratory and DARPA (Defense
Advanced Research Projects Agency) have all played a part in this process. In
the medium ...

Jane S All The World S Aircraft

Author: Frederick Thomas Jane
ISBN: 9780710618986
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Gulfstream and Lockheed Martin's Skunk Works were revealed to be undertaking
preliminary studies into the potential of a supersonic business jet. Gulfstream
delivered 51 aircraft (22 Gulfstream IV-SPs and 29 Vs) in 1997 and 61 (32
Gulfstream IV-SPs and 29 Vs) in 1998. Total of 50 Gulfslream IV-SPs and
40Gulfstream Vs ordered in 1998, increasing year-end backlog to 1 17 aircraft
valued at approximately US$3.7 billion. Net revenues for 1998 were US$2.43
billion, with company ...

Aircraft Aerospace Asia Pacific

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Bv combining the most advanced dieo- retical analysis with an immediate
comparison of the latest experimental results, engineers have been able to cut
the total number of development tests required prior to describing the airplane's
final shape, says airfoil ... and led by former Learjet boss Brian Barents; and
Supersonic Aerospace International (SAI) is led by Michael Paulson, who has
paid Lockheed Martin's Skunk Works US$25 million to design a supersonic
business jet (SSMJ).