The Sciences Of The Artificial 3rd Edition

Author: Herbert A. Simon
Publisher: The MIT Press
ISBN: 0262691914
Size: 13.80 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Continuing his exploration of the organization of complexity and the science of design, this new edition of Herbert Simon's classic work on artificial intelligence adds a chapter that sorts out the current themes and tools -- chaos, adaptive systems, genetic algorithms -- for analyzing complexity and complex systems. There are updates throughout the book as well. These take into account important advances in cognitive psychology and the science of design while confirming and extending the book's basic thesis: that a physical symbol system has the necessary and sufficient means for intelligent action. The chapter "Economic Reality" has also been revised to reflect a change in emphasis in Simon's thinking about the respective roles of organizations and markets in economic systems.

Artificial Intelligence A Modern Approach 3rd Edition

Author: Stuart Russell
Publisher: Pearson
ISBN: 0136042597
Size: 54.13 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
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Artificial Intelligence: A Modern Approach, 3e offers the most comprehensive, up-to-date introduction to the theory and practice of artificial intelligence. Number one in its field, this textbook is ideal for one or two-semester, undergraduate or graduate-level courses in Artificial Intelligence.

Dr. Peter Norvig, contributing Artificial Intelligence author and Professor Sebastian Thrun, a Pearson author are offering a free online course at Stanford University on artificial intelligence.

According to an article in The New York Times , the course on artificial intelligence is “one of three being offered experimentally by the Stanford computer science department to extend technology knowledge and skills beyond this elite campus to the entire world.” One of the other two courses, an introduction to database software, is being taught by Pearson author Dr. Jennifer Widom.

Artificial Intelligence: A Modern Approach, 3e is available to purchase as an eText for your Kindle™, NOOK™, and the iPhone®/iPad®.

To learn more about the course on artificial intelligence, visit To read the full
New York Times article, click here.

Artificial Intelligence 3rd Edition

Author: Winston
Publisher: Pearson
ISBN: 0201533774
Size: 39.74 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
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This book explains how it is possible for computers to reason and perceive, thus introducing the field called artificial intelligence. From the book, you learn why the field is important, both as a branch of engineering and as a science. If you are a computer scientist or an engineer, you will enjoy the book, because it provides a cornucopia of new ideas for representing knowledge, using knowledge, and building practical systems. If you are a psychologist, biologist, linguist, or philosopher, you will enjoy the book because it provides an exciting computational perspective on the mystery of intelligence. The Knowledge You Need This completely rewritten and updated edition of Artificial Intelligence reflects the revolutionary progress made since the previous edition was published. Part I is about representing knowledge and about reasoning methods that make use of knowledge. The material covered includes the semantic-net family of representations, describe and match, generate and test, means-ends analysis, problem reduction, basic search, optimal search, adversarial search, rule chaining, the rete algorithm, frame inheritance, topological sorting, constraint propagation, logic, truth

Data Mining Concepts And Techniques Third Edition The Morgan Kaufmann Series In Data Management Systems

Author: Jiawei Han
Publisher: Morgan Kaufmann
ISBN: 0123814790
Size: 44.58 MB
Format: PDF
View: 6569
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The increasing volume of data in modern business and science calls for more complex and sophisticated tools. Although advances in data mining technology have made extensive data collection much easier, it’s still always evolving and there is a constant need for new techniques and tools that can help us transform this data into useful information and knowledge.

Since the previous edition’s publication, great advances have been made in the field of data mining. Not only does the third of edition of Data Mining: Concepts and Techniques continue the tradition of equipping you with an understanding and application of the theory and practice of discovering patterns hidden in large data sets, it also focuses on new, important topics in the field: data warehouses and data cube technology, mining stream, mining social networks, and mining spatial, multimedia and other complex data. Each chapter is a stand-alone guide to a critical topic, presenting proven algorithms and sound implementations ready to be used directly or with strategic modification against live data. This is the resource you need if you want to apply today’s most powerful data mining techniques to meet real business challenges.

    * Presents dozens of algorithms and implementation examples, all in pseudo-code and suitable for use in real-world, large-scale data mining projects. * Addresses advanced topics such as mining object-relational databases, spatial databases, multimedia databases, time-series databases, text databases, the World Wide Web, and applications in several fields. *Provides a comprehensive, practical look at the concepts and techniques you need to get the most out of your data

    Introduction To Automata Theory Languages And Computation 3rd Edition

    Author: John E. Hopcroft
    Publisher: Pearson
    ISBN: 0321455363
    Size: 45.93 MB
    Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
    View: 2883
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    This classic book on formal languages, automata theory, and computational complexity has been updated to present theoretical concepts in a concise and straightforward manner with the increase of hands-on, practical applications. This new edition comes with Gradiance, an online assessment tool developed for computer science. Gradiance is the most advanced online assessment tool developed for the computer science discipline. With its innovative underlying technology, Gradiance turns basic homework assignments and programming labs into an interactive learning experience for students. By using a series of root questions and hints, it not only tests a student's capability, but actually simulates a one-on-one teacher-student tutorial that allows for the student to more easily learn the material. Through the programming labs, instructors are capable of testing, tracking, and honing their students' skills, both in terms of syntax and semantics, with an unprecedented level of assessment never before offered. For more information about Gradiance, please visit

    Third World

    Author: J.L. Norman
    Publisher: J.L. Norman
    Size: 76.98 MB
    Format: PDF
    View: 420
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    James Bond meets Star Wars in this action-packed dystopian sci-fi thriller.

    2015 NEW EDITION: Revised, edited, and proofed.

    Ever since a mysterious terrorist organization called the Revenants surfaced on Panaeus, the Third World in the Eden Star System, James Fischer’s life hasn’t been the same. Haunted by his past he has forsaken everything he knows to find them and stop them.

    The only problem is that he can’t find them. After two years of searching he has found little more than rumors and campfire stories.

    Just when he is beginning to believe he might really be crazy, an ancient ruin is found that speaks of an unknown power and the Revenants come out of the shadows to claim it.

    With governments and terrorists vying for this newfound power, Fischer is thrust into a race across uncharted space to find it first. If it falls into the wrong hands, it could mean the destruction of all organic life across the system. No pressure…

    Orbital Mechanics Third Edition Aiaa Education

    Author: The Aerospace Corporation V. Chobotov
    Publisher: AIAA
    ISBN: 1563475375
    Size: 39.86 MB
    Format: PDF, Kindle
    View: 7652
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    Designed to be used as a graduate student textbook and a reference for the professional, this third edition is structured to make it easier for users to look up the things they need to know. It includes contemporary developments in space exploration (eg, Galileo, Cassini, Mars Odyssey missions). Also, the chapter on space debris has been rewritten to reflect developments in that area. The chapters cover basic aspects off orbital mechanics, from celestial relationships to the problems of space debris. The book is written in language that should be familiar to space professionals and graduate students, with all of the equations, diagrams, and graphs provided. The accompanying CD-ROM includes "HW Solutions" which presents a range of viewpoints and guidelines for solving selected problems inthe text; "Orbital Calculator", which provides an interactive environment for the generation of Keplerian orbits, orbital transfer manoeuvres, and animation of ellipses, hyperbolas, and interplanetary orbits; and "Orbital Mechanics Solutions".

    Third Exodus In The Days Of Humans Book 1

    Author: Terry R. Hill
    Publisher: Hill Publications
    ISBN: B00FLW1T0W
    Size: 23.93 MB
    Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
    View: 1989
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    No matter how deep the darkness man creates, the soul will always search for the light of a promised tomorrow.

    The days that followed the machine awakening were unlike what anyone had anticipated, and took humanity to the brink of extinction as Man and Machine embattle to gain control of their respective destinies. The Earth was devastated. But at great cost we…‘won’. Delivered by the operations that brought the AI into existence, the African continent was shielded at the time of the Great War. This refuge of humankind became the last foothold of civilization and the last chance for our future.

    One hundred years after the Great War, with the rapidly vanishing resources on Earth, scientists and the government of the United African Nations embark on a bold new plan for a select few to leave their dying ancestral planet and find the resources to build a new future.

    Col. Adamini, commander of the Yamakarā and its crew are tasked to explore and to make a new home for humankind. Millions of kilometers from Earth and faced with growing corruption within the space agency that could lead to the downfall of them all, Adamini must decide where his loyalties lie. Unknown to them, they may be Earth's last hope when forces threaten the total annihilation of the human species once again.

    A surprising twist of fate lead them to an unlikely ally that will be required for their survival. Everything Col. Adamini has known to be true and just will be tested; placing humankind on an uncertain path into the future shadowed by those who came before.

    Principles Of Artificial Neural Networks 3rd Edition Advanced Series In Circuits Systems Advanced Series In Circuits And Systems

    Author: Daniel Graupe
    Publisher: World Scientific Publishing Company
    ISBN: 9814522732
    Size: 38.64 MB
    Format: PDF
    View: 1714
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    Artificial neural networks are most suitable for solving problems that are complex, ill-defined, highly nonlinear, of many and different variables, and/or stochastic. Such problems are abundant in medicine, in finance, in security and beyond.

    This volume covers the basic theory and architecture of the major artificial neural networks. Uniquely, it presents 18 complete case studies of applications of neural networks in various fields, ranging from cell-shape classification to micro-trading in finance and to constellation recognition all with their respective source codes. These case studies demonstrate to the readers in detail how such case studies are designed and executed and how their specific results are obtained.

    The book is written for a one-semester graduate or senior-level undergraduate course on artificial neural networks.

    Tissue Engineering And Artificial Organs 3rd Edition The Biomedical Engineering Handbook

    Author: Joseph D. Bronzino
    Publisher: CRC Press
    ISBN: 0849321239
    Size: 13.21 MB
    Format: PDF, ePub
    View: 4287
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    Over the last century, medicine has come out of the "black bag" and emerged as one of the most dynamic and advanced fields of development in science and technology. Today, biomedical engineering plays a critical role in patient diagnosis, care, and rehabilitation. As such, the field encompasses a wide range of disciplines, from biology and physiology to material science and nanotechnology. Reflecting the enormous growth and change in biomedical engineering during the infancy of the 21st century, The Biomedical Engineering Handbook enters its third edition as a set of three carefully focused and conveniently organized books. Reviewing applications at the leading edge of modern biomedical engineering, Tissue Engineering and Artificial Organs explores transport phenomena, biomimetics systems, biotechnology, prostheses, artificial organs, and ethical issues. The book features approximately 90% new material in the tissue engineering section, integrates coverage of life sciences with a new section on molecular biology, and includes a new section on bionanotechnology. Prominent leaders from around the world share their expertise in their respective fields with many new and updated chapters. New technologies and methods spawned by biomedical engineering have the potential to improve the quality of life for everyone, and Tissue Engineering and Artificial Organs sheds light on the tools that will enable these advances.

    The Sciences Of The Artificial

    Author: Herbert A. Simon
    Publisher: MIT Press
    ISBN: 9780262264495
    Size: 47.55 MB
    Format: PDF, Kindle
    View: 6327
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    Continuing his exploration of the organization of complexity and the science of design, this new edition of Herbert Simon's classic work on artificial intelligence adds a chapter that sorts out the current themes and tools -- chaos, ...

    Models Of A Man

    Author: Herbert Alexander Simon
    Publisher: MIT Press
    ISBN: 9780262012089
    Size: 45.70 MB
    Format: PDF, Mobi
    View: 7652
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    Essays that pay tribute to the wide-ranging influence of the late Herbert Simon, by friends and colleagues.

    Design Thinking

    Author: Peter G. Rowe
    Publisher: MIT Press
    ISBN: 9780262680677
    Size: 72.21 MB
    Format: PDF, Mobi
    View: 4514
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    In Design Thinking Peter Rowe provides a systematic account of the process ofdesigning in architecture and urban planning.

    Biomaterials Science

    Author: Buddy D. Ratner
    Publisher: Academic Press
    ISBN: 008087780X
    Size: 26.68 MB
    Format: PDF, Mobi
    View: 5882
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    The revised edition of this renowned and bestselling title is the most comprehensive single text on all aspects of biomaterials science.

    Of Bicycles Bakelites And Bulbs

    Author: Wiebe E. Bijker
    Publisher: MIT Press
    ISBN: 9780262522274
    Size: 12.14 MB
    Format: PDF, Kindle
    View: 2078
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    The stories of the safety bicycle, the first truly synthetic plastic, and the fluorescent light bulb - each a fascinating case study in itself- reflect a cross-section of time periods, engineering and scientific disciplines, and economic, ...

    Simulation For The Social Scientist

    Author: Gilbert, Nigel
    Publisher: McGraw-Hill Education (UK)
    ISBN: 9780335216000
    Size: 60.15 MB
    Format: PDF, Kindle
    View: 5014
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    Social sciences -- Simulation methods. Social interaction -- Computer simulation. Social sciences -- Mathematical models. (publisher)

    Writing For Computer Science

    Author: Justin Zobel
    Publisher: Springer
    ISBN: 1447166396
    Size: 64.88 MB
    Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
    View: 5905
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    Based on the author's decades of experience as a researcher and advisor, this third edition provides detailed guidance on writing and presentations and a comprehensive introduction to research methods, the how-to of being a successful ...