The Uncommon Law Of Learned Writing

Author: Chinua Asuzu
Publisher: Partridge Africa
ISBN: 1482809052
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legal labour should be able to request and receive several writing samples from
every applicant. The only semiserious writing required in the training of most
Nigerian lawyers is the LLB essay. The student lawyer enters university to read
law, ...

Judicial Writing

Author: Chinua Asuzu
Publisher: Partridge Africa
ISBN: 1482862255
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They must also articulate and express those decisions efficiently and comprehensibly. This book shows how. This book will help judges, arbitrators, and other decision-writers master the art and science of judicial writing.

Brief Writing Masterclass

Author: Chinua Asuzu
Publisher: Partridge Africa
ISBN: 1482878011
Size: 72.97 MB
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They write to themselves instead of to the court. They write in chest-thumping prose and style. Advocates will do well to keep in mind that in advocacy, persuasion is all that matters. This book teaches persuasive written advocacy.

Language And Culture In Eu Law

Author: Susan Šarčević
Publisher: Ashgate Publishing, Ltd.
ISBN: 1472428994
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Nevertheless, it is not clear why the recital is written in a single extreme left-
branching sentence structure, with a large number of ... Whereas Cao (2007: 119
) suggests that a 226-word sentence is not uncommon in common law countries,
according to ... After 40 years of consistent plain language policy, the legal
profession in Sweden has learned to express legal complexity in clear writing
without ...

The Writer S Digest Guide To Science Fiction Fantasy

Author: Orson Scott Card
Publisher: Writer's Digest Books
ISBN: 1599631571
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Most of what I learned about being a commercial fiction writer, for better or worse,
I learned from Lester. ... Because a writer of fantasy is free to invent anything,
unfettered by the laws and dictates ofthis world and limited only by the depth
ofimagination and willingness to dream. ... one not uncommon with that required
ofa ship's captain charting a course at was characteristic ofmedieval Christianity.

A History Of England

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Giraldus Camhrentain involved in that profound darkness which sits mentions
itasa very uncommon thing, that an covered the face ... rhetoric, logic,
metaphysics, physics, ethics, scholastic divinity, the canon law, the civil law, the
common law, arithmetic, geometry, astronomy, astrology, and medicine. ... Some
of the learned in this period had attained a very surprising faci lity in speaking
and writing Latin.

Bibliotheca Biographica

Author: Thomas Flloyd
Size: 69.49 MB
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... persons, were no more * judges of the subjects on which he ' wrote, than he
himself was a judge * of the most crabbed points of law. ... The uncommon genius
of their son appeared betimes; for he began to learn Latin at 4 y. old, in the
knowledge of which, as well as ... In 1728, the universities of Edinburgh and
Aberdeen conferred the degree of D. D. upon this very learned writer, and
admired preacher.

An Historical And Classical Dictionary

Author: John Noorthouck
Size: 58.52 MB
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Containing the Lives and Characters of the Most Eminent and Learned Persons,
in Every Age and Nation, from the Earliest Period to the Present Time. ... He was
a man of uncommon abilities and attainments, but had nothing amiable in his
disposition ; being morose, intolerant, and unforgiving. ... He came young to
London to study the law, but instead of that devoted himfelf to poetry and writing
of plays.

Private Law In The Civil Law System

Author: United States. Department of the Army
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When there has been a consistent judicial attitude expressed on a particular
issue of law over an extended period of time, ... lies in the writings, whether in the
form of articles, textbooks or doctoral dissertations, of learned members of the bar
. Much of this writing comes from professors of law. The practice is not uncommon
for litigants in important cases to ask law professors for advisory opinions, again ...

Classic Writings On Poetry

Author: William Harmon
Publisher: Columbia University Press
ISBN: 0231503229
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Other examples will be found in Amphicrates and Hegesias and Matris, for often
when these writers seem to themselves to be inspired they are in no ... are so
anxious to escape the reproach of being weak and dry that they are carried, as by
some strange law of nature, into the opposite extreme. ... Clearly, a pedant's
thoughts, which begin in learned trifling and end in frigidity. Men slip into this kind
of error because, while they aim at the uncommon and elaborate and most of all
at the ...