The Unknown Crystals

Author: Adam Monk-Daschke
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The first adventure starts in the baby panda story, where he finds his new friend in the first short story, and then they go to find the unknown crystal in the next short story. The next short story takes place in the swamps bear planet.

Crystals And Life

Author: Celerino Abad Zapatero
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Think of the known protein structure as an asymmetrical three-dimensional object
(i.e., a right shoe). It is assumed that the unknown crystal contains a different but
closely related protein (another similar right shoe for the same person), of which
the orientation and exact position are unknown. You can see that the problem
can be separated into two stages: i) Find the orientation of the model in the
unknown crystal (three angular parameters). ii) Keeping the orientation constant,
move the ...

Lab Manual For Zumdahl Zumdahl S Chemistry 9th

Author: Zumdahl, Steven S.
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Do not heat too quickly, or your determination will be inaccurate. Watch the
crystals in the capillary tube, and record both the exact temperature at which the
crystals first begin to melt and the exact temperature at which the last portion
finishes melting. Record these two temperatures as the melting range of the
unknown. Allow the oil bath to cool by at least 20°C. Prepare another sample of
the unknown crystals in a fresh capillary tube, and repeat the determination of the
melting point.

Photonic Crystals

Author: Jean-Michel Lourtioz
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By contrast, in a boundary integral equation, the unknown function is defined at
the boundaries of the scattering objects. The number of spatial variables of
integration is therefore reduced by one with respect to the dimension of the
scattering problem. Thus, in a three-dimensional problem, the number of
variables reduces to only a couple of variables. Let us consider for instance a two
-dimensional photonic crystal with a finite size, illuminated by an incident wave.
In such a case, the ...

Crystal Identification With The Polarizing Microscope

Author: R.E. Stoiber
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Method. The immersion method permits measurement of refractive index by
comparison of the unknown crystal with liquids of known refractive index. A
determination of refractive index usually suffices for the identification of isotropic
crystals. Refractive index determinations are also fundamental in identification of
anisotropic crystals, and the techniques of this chapter are applicable to these as
well. Anisotropic crystals, however, have either two or three principal refractive
indices, and ...

Crystals And Light

Author: Elizabeth A. Wood
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Now where we are looking through both crystal plates, the colors we see will be
due to the added effects of both crystals. If by chance we have placed the "slow
vibration direction" of the test plate over the slow vibration direction of the
unknown, the retardation in the test plate will increase the retardation that was
begun in the unknown, and therefore the interference colors from the two
together will be higher interference colors, just as they are from a thicker part of a
single crystal plate.

Electron Microscopy

Author: John J. Bozzola
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This is the camera constant value to be used in subsequent determination of d
spacings in unknown crystals. Note: It is important to verify that the rings are
symmetrical in order for the measurements to be accurate; therefore, several
measurements must be made from various locations along the ring to verify the
roundness of the rings. Once the camera constant has been accurately
determined using the standard sample, one may then proceed to use one of the
possible diffraction ...

Magneto Resistance For Crystals Of Gallium

Author: François Willem Cornelis Blom
Publisher: Springer
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The rotational diagrams can also help us to see whether the other axes are
indeed perpendicular to the side faces of the crystal. For in that case the field
must be perpendicular to these faces when a minimum or a maximum is found. 6.
The method of measuring the electrical resistance. The electrical resistance has
been measured by means of a Dieselhorst compensation apparatus. The
unknown resistance is connected in a circuit with a standard resistance (normally
0.01 ...

Laser Program Annual Report

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Once an oil is found that matches the refractive index of the unknown crystal at a
wavelength of interest, the reference crystal is rotated by some angle 6 (
measured between the direction of index match and the optic axis of the
reference crystal) until its index n(0) matches that of the oil. The common
refractive index of the reference crystal, the oil, and the unknown crystal is then
determined from the equation n(9)2 = 2 2 n2 sin2f? + nl cos26 (37) This
procedure may be repeated for ...

Industrial Applications Of X Ray Diffraction

Author: Frank Smith
Publisher: CRC Press
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Another method to identify or characterize high-Tc crystals is by comparison of
the lattice parameters of the unknown crystals with the known cells. In recent
years, several developments in single-crystal methods have provided the
capability for routine industrial application, instead of limiting use to academic
laboratories. These developments include advances in lattice theory (Karen and
Mighell, 1991a, 1991b), new phase identification techniques (Mighell and Karen,
1986, 1990), ...