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Surveys the principal events of 2002 in the United States and other countries, as well as developments in business, society, sports, and the arts, as seen in the pages of Time magazine.

The Architecture Annual 2003 2004

Author: Henco Bekkering
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10 For an account of the Kantian notions of space and time as ontological
categories, see Garnett, Christopher Browne Jr.; The Kantian Philosophy of
Space (New York: Columbia UP, 1939). Because the status of space and time is
so markedly different between Kant's 'pre-Critical' and 'Critical' writings, for a
careful exposition of this turn to Kant's philosophical project on the foundation of '
modern science', i.e. Newtonian physics, see Schönfeld, Martin; The Philosophy
of Young Kant ...

Nber Macroeconomics Annual 2003

Author: Mark Gertler
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As a rough approximation, suppose that the group-earnings transition matrix is
the identity matrix (so that all agents with probability of 1 stay in their earnings
group) and the idiosyncratic earnings process is iid over time. Then welfare
losses should vary greatly by group (because relative group earnings have
diverged over time) but should be uniform across idiosyncratic states because
everybody is equally negatively affected by the higher idiosyncratic earnings
uncertainty. Figure 12 ...

European Competition Law Annual 2003

Author: Claus-Dieter Ehlermann
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antitrust regimes for capacity building.47 The Working Group on the Interaction
Between Trade and Competition has been continued; however, it seems unlikely
that the group will seriously address intellectual property/antitrust convergence
any time soon. 2. OECD From time-to-time the Organization for Economic
Cooperation and Development (OECD) has, through its committee structure,
undertaken to examine the legal principles and extent of convergence among
jurisdictions ...

Foreign Policy Annual 2001 2009 Documents

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Clearly in Curzon's time physical frontiers were the key. His time was the high
noon of imperialism; the diplomatic history of that time is an history of competing
imperialist interests. And for the diplomatists of Curzon's ilk the task ahead was
clear. Firstly, to realize the central importance of physical frontiers, and then to
devise a compendium of knowledge about these 'frontiers'. Which is why he
lamented: "You may ransack the catalogues of libraries, you may search the
indexes of ...

Foreign Policy Annual 2001 2009 Events

Author: Mahendra Gaur
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In preparing the chronicle of events in contemporary Indian Foreign Policy we
have freely quoted from India's leading English dailies- The Hindu, Hindustan
Times, Times of India, Indian Express and Statesman and news agencies-PTI
and UNI. In their presentation of facts they are quite detailed and comprehensive.
We were immensely benefited by their coverage. For documents we have mainly
relied on the website of the ministry of external affairs. MahendraGaur Director
Foreign ...

History Of Higher Education Annual 2003 2004

Author: Torcuato Di Tella
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The president of the U of I at that time was George Stoddard, who generally
opposed expanding the Navy Pier branch, believing that it was premature and
would dilute the state's resources for the flagship campus in Urbana. This opinion
was widely shared among the Urbana faculty. Stoddard's firing in the summer of
1953 had delayed planning for the Chicago campus; making the situation
increasingly urgent by the time David Henry assumed the presidency. One of the
main reasons ...

Annual Performance Report For Fiscal Year 2003 Federal Energy Regulatory Commission

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Since litigation can be costly and time-consuming, we are always seeking to
streamline the process as much as possible. We have a centralized litigation staff
to guide the efficient handling of the unique, complex issues that arise in a pro-
competitive environment, and speed their resolution. Performance
Measurements for Management Initiatives We are focusing our human capital
activities on targeted recruiting, retraining, and the right-sizing and reallocation of
staff based upon our ...

Petroleum Marketing Annual 2003

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First Purchase (of crude oil): An equity (not custody) transaction involving an
arms-length transfer of ownershipofcrudeoilassociatedwiththephysicalremoval
ofthecrudeoilfroma property (lease)forthefirst time. A first purchase normally
occurs at the time and place of ownership transfer where the crude oil volume
sold is measured and recorded on a run ticket or other similar physical evidence
of purchase. The reported cost is the actual amount paid by the purchaser,
allowing for any ...

Greensboro Winston Salem High Point Nc Bulletin 3120 55 June 2003

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local government, National Compensation Survey, Greensboro-Winston-Salem-
High Point, NC, June 2003. 1 Earnings are the straight-time annual wages or
salaries paid to employees. They include incentive pay, cost-of-living
adjustments, and hazard pay. Excluded are premium pay for overtime, vacations,
holidays, nonproduction bonuses, and tips. The mean is computed by totaling the
pay of all workers and dividing by the number of workers, weighted by hours. 2
Employees are ...